Hitman 2: The 10 Best Elusive Targets Of All Time

One of the best new features from the recent Hitman games is the introduction of Elusive Targets. These are limited time events, featuring new targets for Agent 47 to eliminate before they vanish for good. As part of their challenging nature, Elusive Target missions can only be completed once, and if players die or fail to complete an objective, then the opportunity is gone forever.

Hitman 2 introduced a set of brand new Elusive Targets into the mix, and also brought back some old favorites from the first game. Now, a year after its release, the game has built an impressive library of these slippery characters. Let's take a look at the 10 best Elusive Targets from Hitman 2.

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10 The Entertainer

First on our list is actually a Legacy Elusive Target who actually first appeared in the first Hitman game. Mr. Giggles, aka "The Entertainer,"  was the last Elusive Target from the original title, and he returned to Marrakesh in the Legacy Pack of Hitman 2.

Mr. Giggles's distinctive facial tattoos made finding him fairly easy, but that wasn't all players had to do to complete this mission. They also needed to find his client list, which detailed the patrons of his underground circus. That plus the fact that he tended to roam the crowded city center made him quite the challenging target.

9 The Serial Killer

Next up on our list is the most recent Elusive Target from Hitman 2. The Serial Killer was hinted at in the Whittleton Creek level long before he ever actually appeared. Players could find references to him in the news broadcast playing in the level, describing the unique ways he carried out his murders as he graded his victims.

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Actually isolating The Serial Killer proved to be difficult as well, as he was attending the Wilsons' garden party. As an additional aspect of the contract, there were more enforcers present, and more guests roaming the house, limiting opportunities to get The Serial Killer alone.

8 The Politician

The Politician (real name Dame Barbara Elizabeth Keating) was the Elusive Target for the Hawke's Bay level in Hitman 2. While Hawke's Bay itself is rather small and doesn't have much to it, this presented an interesting challenge when trying to get the Politician away from her guards.

On top of that, The Politician seemed to have anticipated attempts on her life. Because of this, she used a body double to divert attention away from her, making it all the more difficult to take out the real Elusive Target.

7 The Chameleon

The Chameleon was another Legacy Elusive Target, this time from the Colorado map. While this level may not be everyone's favorite, the Chameleon was a solid Elusive Target, described as a man who could take on any role due to his plain facial features.

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The Chameleon could be found inside the house, roaming the upper floor as he prepared for his next mission. As an additional challenge, players couldn't just shoot The Chameleon - the contract had the additional requirement that he die in an accident, whether electrocution, falling, or fire.

6 The Appraiser

The Appraiser was Hitman 2's first Elusive Target on the remote Isle of Sgail. Given the elite nature of those arriving at the Isle, the target was equally elite as an art curator who controlled the artistic world with an iron fist and even drove the artists she ruined to suicide.

To complete the Elusive Target, players had to take out The Appraiser and find her personal notebook. However, the game also threw a wrench into the works by requiring that players finish these tasks before an art show began, putting them under even more pressure to finish the mission quickly.

5 The Black Hat

The Black Hat was named after black hat hackers - malicious computer hackers who exploit systems for their own benefit. This Elusive Target first appeared in the Paris level in Hitman, and returned as a Legacy Elusive Target in Hitman 2.

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Part of the challenge of stopping The Black Hat was simply finding him, as he was tucked away in the remote attic area. In addition to that, players had to be sure that they actually took out the Black Hat and not his partner, meaning that identifying him using the information provided was equally as important.

4 The Deceivers

The Deceivers were an interesting Elusive Target that technically debuted in the first Hitman game. However, they were separate targets labeled as The Guru and The Congressman, and were travelling to Sapienza at different times for their own reasons.

Hitman 2 put an interesting twist on these two Elusive Targets by having you take out both of them at the same time. The mission briefing even changed to reflect a new story about the two of them working together. While individually, these two targets were a challenge, combining them led to some very interesting new possibilities.

3 The Fugitive

The Fugitive was one of the final Elusive Targets from Hitman, and a very unique challenge as well. He appeared in the game's Hokkaido level as a facial reconstruction patient, looking to escape authorities who knew what he looked like.

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This particular target wasn't as simple as finding the bad guy and shooting him in the back - players also had to contend with the wide variety of other patients around the hospital. Given that the game randomized which of them was The Fugitive each time the level was loaded, it became a game of figuring out which patient to kill and which ones to leave alone.

2 The Fixer

The Fixer is an upcoming Legacy Elusive Target (as of the writing of this article) arriving in Marrakesh. When he was first released back in the first game, he was an extremely challenging target that many players failed to defeat.

This is largely because the mission has an unusual requirement. The Fixer is involved in a deal that cannot be interrupted. Players also can't kill or pacify anyone involved in the deal, or the mission fails. It makes for a difficult task, as 47 has to wait until the deal is finished in order to actually take out his target.

1 The Undying

Finally, our pick for the best Elusive Target from Hitman 2 is its very first - The Undying, from the Miami level. This Elusive Target, played by Sean Bean himself, has a convoluted backstory where he has repeatedly faked his own death, only to reappear later.

The Miami level where he appears presents a number of interesting and creative ways to take him out, including making contact with an asset in the building, sneaking in through the elevator, or sniping him from the race stands. On top of this, a followup Elusive Target called "The Undying Returns" was later released, implying that he managed to somehow fake his death the first time around.

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