Hitman 2: The 10 Best Escalations Of All Time

The Hitman games have always been about finding ways to creatively take out your targets in the complex clockwork layers of their maps and levels. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the newest installment in the series, Hitman 2, which introduced six new sandbox locations for players to roam around in as they found the best way to execute the game's missions.

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One new mission type added in the recent Hitman games is the Escalation. These challenges have several levels to them, with each level ramping up the difficulty of the previous one by adding new targets, twists, and complications. Let's take a look at some of the best Escalations from Hitman 2.

10 The Aquatic Retribution

First on our list is a rather fishy Escalation from the Miami level. The Aquatic Retribution task players with pacifying the guards roaming around the map's aquarium, then dumping them into the fish pools. On top of this, players must also retrieve a fish and use that to knock out the guards.

Further levels of this Escalation ramp up the difficulty by adding more cameras, as well as the requirement that you delete evidence quickly if recorded. This becomes quite a problem as more targets are introduced, and the whole endeavor is both rewarding and amusing.

9 The Hirani Evacuation

Our next Escalation takes place in the city of Mumbai - specifically in Rangan Tower, which is an active construction site. This area is an absolute deathtrap, with accidents around every corner, so it's no surprise that the Hirani Evacuation tasks 47 with creating some of those accidents.

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Each level of the Escalation adds a new target that players need to dump down the Rangan Tower elevator shaft. The later levels also add the stipulations that you not be seen committing any illegal actions, and then that you not change your starting disguise. This all adds for a very interesting challenge to navigate.

8 The Batty Tranquility

The Batty Tranquility takes place in the quiet town of Whittleton Creek and sets you about some less than tranquil tasks. The first level asks you to take the mailman's outfit, and then hit James Batty in the head with his own package in a strange take on "express delivery" - and it only gets better from there.

Players will have to pacify multiple targets in the Escalation's later levels in very specific ways - using a rake and a newspaper alongside Batty's package - and then dump them into the river. Isolating the targets is one challenge, and finding a way to surreptitiously dispose of the bodies is a whole other undertaking.

7 The Aelwin Augment

The Aelwin Augment is another fishy Escalation, although this one takes place on the Isle of Sgail instead of Miami. The mission starts with a restricted loadout, and 47 trapped in a prison cell. After breaking out, players need to obtain a fish, and then proceed to knocking out a variety of people with it.

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Later levels require you to not only pacify a specific target, but also to take out a number of civilians. This is on top of requirements that you not change your disguise and, in the final level, that you at no point drop the fish.

6 The BigMooney Flamboyancy

The BigMooney Flamboyancy is named after a YouTuber who was invited to design the mission. It tasks players with taking out a number of Kronstadt employees located on the top floor of the building - all while disguised as a flamingo.

This can prove a little difficult at first, given that you're trespassing while wearing the flamingo suit, but later levels make it even harder. They add the requirements that players use an unsilenced shotgun to take out one of their targets, and then that all targets be eliminated within a small timeframe.

5 The Dubious Cohabitation

This next Escalation is centered around "helping" fellow assassin the Kashmirian. You will need to use a sniper rifle in order to take out your targets, along with the interesting requirement that you eliminate everyone from inside the chawl building.

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This can be rather tricky as players must find alternate angles and routes for sniping, making them think creatively. The final level further complicates things as it requires you not to pacify the Kashmirian, meaning that you'll need to be extra careful when sniping from his perch.

4 The Merle Revelation

The Merle Revelation takes place in Santa Fortuna where players will need to take on the role of the Shaman as they assassinate their various targets. This is relatively simple in the early levels, as there are few targets to take out and no additional requirements, but the Escalation soon mixes things up.

Later levels introduce more targets, as well as additional kill requirements. One target needs to be eliminated with poison, and two of them require that you have used the Shaman disguise to attract a number of villagers as followers, further adding to the complexity of the contract.

3 The Dalton Dissection

The Dalton Dissection occurs in the first DLC location for Hitman 2, the Bank. This particular Escalation sees you starting with a restricted loadout and taking on the role of a bank robber making your way through the level. Players start by only having to eliminate one target by electrocution, but this ramps up to five total targets. You'll also need to steal weapons from around the bank to meet the kill requirements, alongside the condition that you not change your starting disguise or eliminate any non-target characters.

2 The Delgado Larceny

The Delgado Larceny is an interesting Escalation in that unlike most others on this list, its name actually makes sense. This Escalation sees you stealing "El Matador," a powerful hand cannon, from Rico Delgado's safe and using it to take out a number of targets.

The mission starts off with players trapped in the Delgados' interrogation room, with they must escape from. Later levels introduce new twists, such as locked doors, additional kill methods, and the requirement that you eliminate two of your targets with 80 seconds of each other.

1 The Mills Reverie

Finally, our pick for the best Escalation in Hitman 2 is the Mills Reverie. Released as part of the Halloween content for the game, this Escalation changes its level the most dramatically, completely redesigning elements in order to simulate a spooky nightmare.

Later levels of the Escalation seem straightforward at first, but have hidden objectives that must be met before you can exit the level. On top of this, the last part of the Escalation requires you to take out literally every single guard, making it a true challenge and just the best Escalation in the game.

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