Hitman 2: The 5 Most Powerful Weapons (& 5 That Are Useless)

One thing that all assassins need to be aware of in HITMAN 2 is which weapons are worth taking on your missions and which you should leave behind.

Getting inside Agent 47's head is a terrifying prospect. What lurks inside that murderous, tattooed skull? Luckily, the HITMAN games are fun enough that it's a very enjoyable experience.

One thing that all professional assassins need to be aware of is which weapons are worth taking on your missions (or picking up), and which are plain useless. While not all of these are quite fit for the silent assassin type, they're all up for consideration. Now you're going to find out which ones are worth a darn! Think we've got anything wrong? Then you can let us know in the comments!

10 Powerful: Custom 5mm

Power is relative. Demanding headshots, this pistol might be fairly weak in terms of damage, but it does have a couple of tremendous advantages. Firstly, it's essentially silent, making just a tiny bang. Secondly, it won't be detected during frisks.

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It's the perfect stealthy firearm, capable of being carried through any security checkpoint before it is put to its malicious work. The only real downside to this gun is that it only has five rounds in it, and cannot be reloaded. Despite this, it is an essential bit of kit for any would-be silent assassin.

9 Useless: Bartoli 75R

Absolute garbage. The default guard pistol for many missions, it has a solid fire speed, and ammo is plentiful, but it's still not worth picking up. The amount of damage it deals is absolutely pitiful, taking around three shots to the body to down an enemy permanently. The only good thing about this pistol is that its ammo can be used in other guns. Avoid at all costs, unless you have literally nothing else.

8 Powerful: Expired Can Of Spaghetti Sauce

This can is far, far better than the usual soda cans you find knocking around. It has two distinct purposes. It's a melee weapon that is non-lethal and never breaks, but, and the game doesn't make this immediately obvious, it's an emetic poison. If you can't be bothered to find the rat poison, and find one of these, then just pop it on your target's food or drink, and they'll soon be paying the bathroom a visit. An understated weapon, Molto Bene sauce will soon become your best friend.

7 Useless: Fiber Wire

Oh, this is going to annoy some of you. Yes, it's one of 47's signature weapons, but since Hitman 2016, it's been useless.

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You can just subdue people with a chokehold with much of the same results. It's ever-so-slightly quicker, but if your timing needs to be that tight, you're doing something wrong anyway. It essentially takes up a slot in your inventory that you could fill with something better. Just ignore it.

6 Powerful: Striker

There are two ways to access this weapon in Hitman 2. You either need to have the Legacy Pack, and beat the Dexter Discordance Escalation in Hokkaido, or find the golden version, El Matador in Santa Fortuna. However you acquire it however, you're bound to love this. It's a non-silenced version of the Silverballer with a muzzle brake, which fires stupidly powerful rounds. One shot to the body of any enemy with this will take them down. The bullets also penetrate bodies, allowing two people to be taken out at once. Stealthy? No. Fun? Assuredly.

5 Useless: TAC-SMG Covert

Unlocked by completing five escalation missions, this feels less like a reward and more like a kick in the teeth. The gun is so pitifully underpowered, good lord.

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It can't be concealed, has 25 rounds in its magazine, and requires several shots to the head to take out a target. Why would you even bring this with you? There are so many more fun options available. Just ignore this "reward."

4 Powerful: Krugermeier 2-2

Unlocked by reaching level 20 mastery on Bangkok, this is by far the most silent weapon in the game. Modeled on the Welrod pistol, made famous by its inclusion in the Sniper Elite franchise, this gun is not only suppressed, but also fires subsonic ammo.

While it's still detectable on frisk, it does have a much higher ammo count than the Custom 5mm, which evens that out somewhat. If you're looking for the most stealth-friendly firearm in the game, this is what you'll need to be packing.

3 Useless: Remote Breaching Charge

This item has one use, and that's speedruns. This charge is able to blow open safes and cracked walls, but the only cracked walls in the game are in Sapienza.

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If you're trying to be stealthy, this is practically useless except as a distraction, and if that's what you're after, just carry the regular remote explosive, which is louder. I'm very unsure as to what this tool offers that a regular explosive or a scrambler/lockpick don't. There's no real reason to ever carry this.

2 Powerful: Concealable Baton

Unlocked by getting to level 10 mastery on Colorado, this baton is absolutely fantastic. It can't be detected during a frisk and gives you a reliable weapon that can quickly knock out any target you've got your eye on. About the only problem with this weapon is that it's illegal to carry, so you've got to be careful where you get it out. If you want to start any mission with a solid, non-lethal weapon that you can take absolutely anywhere, then the concealable baton is a must.

1 Useless: Sedative Poison Vial

I really have no idea just who this is for. The lethal poison already exists if you just want to take someone out, and emetic poison is far more useful, as it makes the victim run to the bathroom where they can be taken out in privacy.

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This just makes the victim drop where they stand, which, as they'll likely be eating or drinking in a public area, means they'll get woken up again. It's a halfway house that might have been useful in earlier games, but in Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2, offers nothing that isn't by other, better bits of kit.

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