Hitman 2: 10 Things To Do In Santa Fortuna That The Game Doesn’t Tell You About

Hitman 2 gives players an opportunity to plan the perfect take-out, and the mission in Santa Fortuna contains several methods to pull this off.

Hitman 2 is a game full to bursting with content as each level offers an expansive playground for players to plan the perfect assassinations. The Santa Fortuna map is no exception, with a wide array of options that only become clear after multiple playthroughs.

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Several of these more obscure possibilities aren't even outlined by the game's Mission Stories, as it's left up to the players to find them in the Colombian jungle. From discovering secret passages to escaping with an umbrella to driving a man into the depths of depression, here are 10 things you can do in Santa Fortuna that the game doesn't tell you about.

10 Fix Rico's Tattoo

One of the Mission Stories in Santa Fortuna sees Agent 47 impersonating a celebrity tattoo artist in order to get close enough to target Rico Delgado to drive a needle into his neck. The game guides along the somewhat elaborate process, from poisoning the tattooist in the village bar to passing a frisk zone to getting alone with Rico as he instructs you to fix a tattoo of his that is meant to look like his wife (but, perhaps somewhat tellingly, doesn't).

Most players will simply eliminate Rico the moment his bodyguard leaves the room and the drug lord invites them to "do what [they] do best." However, you can actually fix Rico's tattoo for him instead of killing him in the chair. After activating the prompt to begin tattooing, simply wait for a little while and then leave. Rico will stand up and check his tattoo in the bathroom mirror, remarking that 47 did a pretty good job.

9 Feed The Hippo

This next entry feels like it should be one of the game's Mission Stories. It's hinted at by several characters throughout the map, who mention that Rico's pet hippo is feeling ill and a hippo expert has been called in to help. However, the game doesn't provide any direction as you uncover this opportunity, leaving it up to the player to figure out.

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If you disguise Agent 47 as the hippo whisperer, you can then feed the hippo a meaty bone (or the body of a nearby guard, if you're the "no witnesses" type of player). This brings the hippo out of hiding, at which point 47 can go get Rico and take him to the hippo's pool. At this point, it's a simple matter of making sure you're alone before heaving Rico into the jaws of his beloved pet.

8 Find The Secret Passages

Hitman levels are famous for being complex, intricately connected mazes full of secret paths and hidden avenues as you make your way across the map. Santa Fortuna has several of these shortcuts, from the path between the mansion and the coca fields and the tunnel nearby the construction site leading to the hippo pool.

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On top of these, however, are some genuine secret passages that can only be opened by pushing the correct buttons. You'll find one under the village bar as part of a Mission Story, but there's another in Rico's garage that leads beneath the mansion.

7 I'm Mary Poppins, Y'All

Hitman 2 is not a game that takes itself overly seriously. Despite the subject matter of a contract assassin murdering people and the grim cutscenes that lay out the game's story, the levels themselves are full of ridiculous and often hilarious opportunities to undermine that tone in a variety of ways.

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For instance, there is a hidden extraction point in the Santa Fortuna level that is only accessible once you've shot down a very specific umbrella. After doing this and completing the main objectives on the map, you can go to the place where that umbrella fell and activate the secret exit. Agent 47 will strike an iconic Mary Poppins pose and leave the level as the umbrella whisks him away.

6 Explore The Delgado Museum

Agent 47 is in Santa Fortuna to deal with the Delgado Cartel, although this is not the first time a Hitman game has featured a Delgado as the target of one of its levels. In 2006's Hitman: Blood Money, the second mission sees players infiltrating the vineyard belonging to Fernando Delgado and his son, Manuel.

In Hitman 2, it is revealed that Rico Delgado is Fernando's nephew, and he keeps a museum within his mansion that details his and his family's exploits, including several items that reference the events of the previous game. 47 can explore the area, listening to short sound clips of Rico explaining the significance of each exhibit.

5 Gain A Cult Following

Deep in the Colombian jungle, there lives the shaman Taita who welcomes travelers to his circle. Obtaining his disguise is a crucial part of a Mission Story that leads to the elimination of Andrea Martinez, but the outfit has other effects as well.

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Equipping the disguise and wandering around the village for a little while will reveal that when an NPC sees Agent 47 in the shaman outfit, they will stop whatever it is they are doing and follow him around the level. This can make things a little more complicated as having an entourage is not exactly conducive to carrying out stealthy assassinations, but it is an interesting thing to see a crowd of people pursuing one strangely dressed hitman.

4 Crushing Ego

Yet another Mission Story that can be modified slightly from its original purpose is the one where you can rig Rico Delgado's statue to crush him when revealed. Normally, the way this goes is that player's sabotage the statue so that when Rico pulls the tarp off, it pulls the statue down on top of him as well. But events can be altered a little to take out both Rico Delgado and Andrea Martinez at the same time.

Once the ceremony has begun and Andrea is speaking, all 47 needs to do is sneak away from the crowd and back up to the statue. If you wait for a little while and pick your time carefully, you can then push the statue over right when both Rico and Andrea are beneath, eliminating them both in one fell swoop.

3 Drive Hector Delgado To Drugs

Another somewhat complicated series of events to undertake involves driving Hector Delgado, brother of Rico Delgado, to return to destructive habits. This one takes a bit of set up to accomplish, but it results in a devastating finale.

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First, the player must retrieve Hector's love letter from the guard who  is carrying it around the mansion. Once in possession of this, they can return it to Hector, who will leave the mansion to deliver to Andrea, his love. Players will need to position themselves on the balcony as Andrea goes out to read it. At the same time, Hector will have moved below the balcony. You can then push Andrea over, killing her and making Hector believe that his words drove her to suicide. Hector will then return to the mansion, where he will fall back into a pattern of cocaine abuse as he succumbs to sadness.

2 Find The Rubber Ducks

Hitman games have a thing with rubber ducks. You can bring along explosives and concussive devices disguised as the little plastic toys, and the game's Sniper Assassin maps both have challenges that ask you to shoot all of the hidden rubber ducks you can find.

Santa Fortuna also has a few hidden rubber ducks dotted across the level that you can find and then shoot. Doing so will not have any immediately apparent effect, but venturing out to the coca fields will reveal that shooting all the tiny ducks has created one large duck floating out in the water.

1 Indiana 47

The final secret to find in Santa Fortuna sees Agent 47 living out his dreams of becoming a tomb raider. You must first take a key from a seemingly random NPC, which you can then use to unlock his house where a golden idol will be waiting. 47 must then disguise himself as the shaman and make his way back behind the construction site along a log floating on the water.

Once in the tunnels, there will be a place to slot the idol in, which reveals a secret door to a chamber where poison darts shoot out at you if you make one wrong step. Following a very specific sequence allows you to reach the far wall and pick up a unique dagger, unlocking it in your inventory and allowing you to bring it with you on other missions as well.

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