Hitman 2: The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Challenge Packs

Agent 47 may take himself pretty seriously in Hitman 2, but these challenge packs definitely help to take some of the edge off.

For a game about murder and assassination, Hitman 2 doesn't take itself too seriously. The levels are full of wacky, zany, and altogether ridiculous elements, from flamingo costumes to eccentric NPCs. These provide a nice contrast to the game's overly serious protagonist, Agent 47, and allow for some hilarious opportunities.

Some of these opportunities are encouraged by Challenge Packs that are added to the game every so often. These challenges encourage players to undertake humorously, and, aptly enough, challenging tasks, rewarding them with a new item when completed. These challenges can sometimes be hit-or-miss, though, so let's examine five of the best Challenge Packs, as well as five of the worst, from Hitman 2.

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10 Worst: Spring Breaker

This first Challenge Pack isn't necessarily bad, and, in fact, rewards players with their very own blue flamingo outfit when completed. Spring Breaker tasks 47 with engaging in a few amusing endeavors such as knocking out a target with a didgeridoo, tossing sugar into the aquarium, and shredding a target in the weed chipper.

The issue is that there really isn't that much to these challenges, and they are mostly fairly straightforward to complete. Even though one of the challenges is redacted, meaning its description is hidden, Spring Breaker really doesn't feel like it has much going on.

9 Best: Fishy Business

Our next Challenge Pack also takes place in Miami, and this one has a bit more style to it. Fishy Business is centered around obtained a fish as a melee weapon and completing a variety of aquatically themed objectives. You'll dump bodies into the aquarium, drop sharks onto guards, and return fish into their pools.

Fishy Business has a lot of the trademark Hitman flair for the ridiculous to it. This, alongside the unique and interesting approaches required to complete several of the challenges, are what makes it a solid Challenge Pack.

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8 Worst: Breaking And Entering

The Breaking And Entering Challenge Pack was released fairly recently and involves various criminal actions in Whittleton Creek. 47 will steal keys, knock out the sheriff's deputies, and pry his way into houses over course of this pack.

However, that's really all there is. While the pack does reward you with your own crowbar to use on other levels, this Challenge Pack really just feels like ticking off boxes on a checklist as you collect specific items, pacify specific people, and open certain doors, without all that much of a twist.

7 Best: Muffin Man

Also happening in Whittleton Creek is the Muffin Man Challenge Pack. Unlike Breaking And Entering, Muffin Man requires 47 to use specific weapons (namely, muffins) and disguises as you discover secrets, eliminate the muffin servers, and, of course, bash people over the head with delicious pastries.

Completing these challenges unlocks the blueberry muffin for use in other levels. With all the inventive and interesting ways that this pack asks you to approach the characters in Whittleton Creek, it's absolutely one of the better Challenge Packs in the game.

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6 Worst: Thriller Night

The Thriller Night Challenge Pack was released on Halloween and as such its challenges all reference various horror or suspense films. The challenges involve pushing targets to their deaths, assassinating them with scissors, and shooting guards with an unsilenced shotgun.

However, Thriller Night does suffer a bit from taking place in Hawke's Bay, the tutorial level for Hitman 2. There really isn't much to the level besides the open beach and the small, confined house, limiting creative opportunities. This means that Thriller Night just isn't as great as it could have been on another map.

5 Best: I'm With The Band

Our next Challenge Pack, I'm With The Band, takes place in Santa Fortuna and is all about hanging out with the local music talent. This can be as simple as sitting down to have a drink with them after the performance or as tricky as getting them all back to the drummer's house while still breathing.

This Challenge Pack introduces a variety of interesting objectives that are complicated by requiring that players use the drummer disguise. It's overall an interesting pack that will require some solid problem-solving skills to complete.

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4 Worst: The Culinary Trip

The Culinary Trip Challenge Pack from Mumbai, somewhat understandably, involves poisoning food and cuisine as you make your way across the map. This includes poisoning gang members, knocking out targets with cans of spaghetti sauce, and frying some fish in a furnace.

However, there are only three challenges here, and none of them are all that difficult. Players can easily just rush through them, without much effort or attention, and that makes the whole thing just a little bit forgettable, especially when compared to some of the other Challenge Packs.

3 Best: Mumbai Master

Also in Mumbai is the Mumbai Master Challenge Pack, which tasks your hitman with dressing up as the Holy Man. You'll then complete a series of difficult objectives such as sniping rival assassin the Kashmirian, pushing the Maelstrom to his death, and taking on the Crows gang.

The variety of challenges included in Mumbai Master is great, as you'll need to work well both at a distance and close up as well as causing accidents kills alongside going full John Wick in an underground hideout. It's a great experience and a great Challenge Pack for Mumbai.

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2 Worst: The Butler Did It

Our pick for the worst Challenge Pack is The Butler Did It, from the Isle of Sgail. This pack involves dressing up as the butler and then performing various feats around the island such as stealing a dagger, knocking people out, or poisoning drinks.

While this Challenge Pack is certainly inventive, it can be a little repetitive. Several challenges require you to pacify a large number of people, which can get a bit boring once you've done it a few times. While the other challenges are interesting, it's still not enough to save this pack from out choice for the worst Challenge Pack in the game.

1 Best: Best Case Scenario

Finally, our pick for the best Challenge Pack is also on the Isle of Sgail - Best Case Scenario. This pack is themed around the briefcase, which can be used to carry items but can also be used to pacify people. Your objective includes taking out all the guards on the pier, concealing explosives in briefcases, and carrying a briefcase from one specific location to another.

The challenges are all very nicely done, but what truly sets this Challenge Pack above is that it rewards players with a briefcase that, when thrown, homes in on its target. Originally a glitch, this bug returns as a feature here and makes this Challenge Pack the best in the game.

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