Hollow Knight's Biggest DLC Will Also Be Its Last

So you thought Hollow Knight was a jam-packed and deep adventure already? Well, granted, it was, but you haven’t seen anything yet. The game that just kept on giving is back for one last hurrah, and the team’s saved the best until last for sure.

For the uninitiated, Hollow Knight has been one of the biggest indie successes of recent times. The subject of a popular Kickstarter campaign, it’s brought to us by the small and super talented group at Team Cherry. A 2D Metroidvania action adventure, Hollow Knight is the story of a brave little insect-knight, on a quest to rid the kingdom of Hallownest of a strange infection.

The game was super well received on PC, with its fast-paced and visually arresting style (think Ori and the Blind Forest) immediately attracting legions of fans. There’s no sign of Team Cherry resting on their laurels with this one, though. When the game released on Nintendo Switch during a Nintendo E3 showcase this year, it came complete with all existing expansions. There was also the promise that it would be updated right alongside the PC edition.

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We’re not just talking throwaway content, either. The first expansion, Hidden Dreams, added two intriguing new bosses (White Defender and Grey Prince Zote) three new enemy types and an exclusive new ability, Dreamgate. Next up was The Grimm Troupe, fantastic themed content offering a similar package of new content and an exclusive major quest.

There are two major positives about this content. Firstly, it’s lavished with just as much care and attention as the main game itself. Secondly (and this really is key), it’s completely free. The team won a lot of support for this move, and those many fans are now eagerly anticipating the last content pack: Gods & Glory.

This last installment will be released simultaneously for PC and Switch on August 23. Along with the usual crop of new enemies and bosses, the team is going all out for this one. New NPCs are promised, and an all-new game mode is even teased. For a sneak peak of what’s to come, check out this brief teaser.

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