HomeAdvisor's Tribute To Video Games Turns Classic Game Locations Into 3D Voxel Art

HomeAdvisor's Tribute To Dark Souls Turns Classic Game Locations Into 3D Voxel Art

There’s something we don’t do enough in video games, and that’s appreciate the incredible amount of work that goes into creating the buildings and structures that populate our fictional universes. They either serve as the backdrop in which we defeat the evil genius and save the world, or they mark a significant loot location where the player is bound to get something incredibly rare and powerful.

Or it’ll blow up at some point. Which is a shame, since it takes a lot of work getting these 3D buildings to look right.

To pay tribute to the great architectural creations that litter every game we play, HomeAdvisor decided to showcase a few of them in voxel form. They tapped voxel artist Pratama Maulana to create these voxel art pieces that serve as a walk down memory lane. So let’s have a jaunt, shall we?

First, we arrive in the infamous world of Dark Souls. Here, the city of Anor Londo serves as an excellent example of the game’s gothic architecture combined with ultra-dense urban planning. The whole city is like one giant cathedral, which makes sense considering Anor Londo is the home to the last remaining deities in Dark Souls’ dark world.

Comstock House

From BioShock Infinite, we have the Comstock House. This house bears the faces of the three founding fathers, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Ben Franklin, but instead of the usual disarming smiles, each face features a dark and terrible scowl in keeping with the game’s dystopian theme.

Mass Fusion Building

Fallout 4 had an entire Commonwealth full of ramshackle and post-apocalyptic buildings to explore, but none were as impressive as the Mass Fusion Building. It’s roof is the highest vantage point in the game, while inside there were countless treasures to scavenge. It also served as a frequent mission location for radiant quests as well as a main story point for both the Institute and the Brotherhood of Steel.

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Gold Saucer

The Gold Saucer Zone from Final Fantasy VII served as a brief respite from a depressing time in the game’s plot. You race Chocobos, meet Cait Sith, and gamble. Those are all fun things, right?


And finally, the Shrines from Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might number in the dozens, but each one has a similar presentation. Each one contains at least one treasure for Link to find guarded by a challenge of brain or brawn.

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