For Honor: 5 Best Heroes For Beginners (& 5 Only Experts Should Use)

For Honor has always been known for its deep learning curve, especially on the more difficult heroes. As a new player, it can be frustrating at times being unsure of which combos flow best and whether this moment is ideal for a counterattack. A way to make this challenging game slightly easier to learn is by starting off with a more accessible hero, a sort of digital training wheels.

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After mastering the first five on this list, players can look forward to moving on to the more complicated fighters. For the more experienced For Honor player, the second five are some of the heroes that will challenge even the most masterful dueler.

10 Beginner Friendly: Kensei

Kensei is a Vanguard Samurai armed with a long nodachi, which is a sword shaped like (but significantly longer than) a katana. This long weapon provides heavy attacks that can be devastating to opponents, as Kensei's heavy attacks can be made unblockable.

While this hero is slower than many others, this is what makes them better for people just beginning to learn the game, as it is easier to form the powerful chain attacks when time is not of the essence. Kensei's simple set of strikes that transition well into simple combos will have you feeling like a pro in no time.

9 Beginner Friendly: Warden

Warden is a Vanguard Knight who uses a powerful longsword (similar to Kensei's nodachi) to form brutal heavy attacks that do a massive amount of damage. Another example of slow forming combos suiting new players, Warden is good for racking up lots of damage for players of any caliber.

While the longsword is a heavy weapon, it still feels satisfying to use and doesn't seem like too much of a weight on the character, allowing new players enough time to react as the character is fast enough to respond to most attacks.

8 Beginner Friendly: Raider

Raider is a Vanguard Viking that fights with a bone-crushing two-handed ax that - when it hits - can kill, stun or disable enemies. The ax is also used in multiple throw attacks capable of stunning enemies before the player even gets to them, allowing a quick first strike.

Beyond all the listed reasons this hero should be used, there is also the fact they look like a totally awesome Viking warrior! Combining effective range combat with devastating close quarters melee, this powerful hero will have new players feeling adept in no time.

7 Beginner Friendly: Warlord

Warlord is a heavy hero belonging to the Viking faction. Their weapon system is a little more unique from the previously listed entries, as Warlord comes with both a sword and a shield. While the shield adds a bit to the learning curve, it is easy enough to get the hang of and new players will find this as a good first step in mastering the tougher heroes.

The shield allows for an incredible amount of defense (making it the perfect class for those who like to counterattack), while the sword provides a respectable amount of offense that can still let you melt the enemy’s health.

6 Beginner Friendly: Peacekeeper

Peacekeeper belongs to the Knights faction while also being categorized as an assassin. While Warlord carries a sword and shield, Peacekeeper replaces the defensive object with a knife, substituting out the heavy shield. This deadly combo allows for a similar counter-attacking ability as Warlord but with much more damage added.

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Another way Peacekeeper cranks out the damage is through the “Bleed” mechanic that allows them to drain the enemy’s health passively while they swing madly actively. While Peacekeeper can struggle with ranged combat, they make up for it in mobility.

5 Experts: Orochi

Orochi are Samurai Assassins (which sounds like a match made in heaven) that wield everyone’s favorite blade: The katana. Orochi can be quite difficult to master, but players who achieve this feat are greatly rewarded. Their agile light attacks flow well into dodges and parries, leading into even faster counterattacks.

The skins available for the katana weapon are some of the most visually pleasing in the game. One of the best things For Honor does is stay true to the traditional fighting styles and with the Orochi, you certainly feel like a master samurai.

4 Experts: Highlander

The Highlander is a Hybrid hero type that hails from the Vikings faction. They have solid stats at 125 health and 120 stamina, but that is not the only advantageous part about playing this class.

The claymore sword they yield is so powerful it can cut through armor and stands on top of the pile as the biggest sword in the game, making it able to generate a massive amount of power. With a long range and a heavy strike, this hero relies on waiting patiently for the right moment to strike, then moving in for the kill.

3 Experts: Shinobi

Shinobi warriors are the closest thing to ninjas in For Honor and they have a move set so complicated they are worthy of this title. They wield a kusarigama, a sort of mobile scythe, that is powerful both up close and also effective as a thrown object.

The Shinobi’s mobility and speed are nearly unmatched in the field and their counterattacks can be absolutely brutal. However, players need to be careful how ambitious they get as the Shinobi only has 110 health, making it an easy target if they’re caught off guard.

2 Experts: Nobushi

The Nobushi class is a female-only hybrid type Samurai. Their naginata weapon, a wooden shaft with a long, curved blade at the tip is one of the most effective killing machines in the game. The naginata can be used for the obvious melee attacks while also allowing the player to hook in enemies to bring them within striking range.

They have the longest ranged weapon in the game and rely on keeping opponents at just the right distance, while they chip away at their health. Another perk of the Nobushi is the ‘Fast Revive’ mechanic.

1 Experts: Valkyrie

Valkyries are Viking Hybrids wielding a simple spear and shield combination. While their weapons seem like nothing special, in the hands of the right player, they can be absolutely unstoppable. Using the shield as a weapon and specializing at versatile takedowns, Valkyrie reign supreme as the most effective, and difficult, class in For Honor.

In traditional Viking lore, the Valkyrie were female spirits descending from Valhalla to choose who won the battle, and it seems they are no different in this digital representation. After mastering the combos and skill sets players will feel like Nordic gods themselves.

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