Horizon: Zero Dawn Getting Board Game Adaptation With Highly Detailed Miniatures

Video games and tabletop games share an interesting trait that allow for crossing over into one another’s format. Many video game titles have become physical board or card games, while a good amount of tabletop games have made the move to the digital world.

While a considerable number of tabletop games based on video games have failed to deliver on expectations, there are a few solid titles that have enjoyed the thralls of success within the tabletop community. It sounds like the next major video game to receive the physical, tabletop treatment may fall into the latter category.

via Steamforged Games

Yesterday, Steamforged Games announced a new endeavor with Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe and Guerrilla Games to develop a board game set within the universe of Horizon Zero Dawn.

via Steamforged Games

“As huge Horizon Zero Dawn fans, we could not be more excited to be given the honor of developing a board game which will allow fans to explore this incredible world in a new and unique way,” stated Creative Director and Co-founder of Steamforged Games, Mat Hart. “Horizon Zero Dawn represents an incredible achievement in the video game world and a much-beloved universe for fans all over the world. Many of the staff at Steamforged have been in love with Horizon Zero Dawn since it was first released, and so have an intimate understanding of what makes it so appealing and enthralling. With this game we’re going to give players a compelling new way to play and experience this amazing video game.”

A release date, or timeline at all, has yet to be revealed, but the game is tentatively titled: Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game. The project will be funded via a Kickstarter campaign, though there is no word yet as to when that will be kicked off.

If news of Horizon Zero Dawn: The Board Game excites you, your excitement is well-warranted. Steamforged Games has been bringing triple-A video game titles to life since 2014, and has seen major success due to their commitment to create board and card games that are faithful experiences for fans of the games. Some of their titles include Dark Souls: The Board Game, Dark Souls: The Card Game, and Resident Evil 2: The Board Game, all of which rate highly amongst tabletop players, as well as fans of the video games.

If anyone can properly bring a physical version of Horizon Zero Dawn to our tables, Steamforged Games is certainly one of the most capable companies to do so.

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