Horizon Zero Dawn: A Guide To All The Cauldron Locations

Horizon Zero Dawn is an action roleplaying game that was released in 2017 on the PlayStation 4. Since being released on this console, Horizon Zero Dawn has become hugely popular with gamers because of its graphics, storyline, and the fun side quests that players can choose to solve as they control Aloy and make their way through the world of the game.

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One of the side quests that players can choose to take on is locating and solving each of the Cauldrons in the game. In Horizon Zero Dawn, a Cauldron is a special dungeon that combines a platforming puzzle with a boss fight, making each one fairly challenging. But these challenges offer a pretty great reward for the players.

In total, there are four Cauldrons in Horizon Zero Dawn. These Cauldrons are known as Cauldron SIGMA, Cauldron RHO, Cauldron XI, and Cauldron ZETA. The Cauldrons are marked on the map with a special symbol and each Cauldron gets more and more difficult as the player makes their way through the game and completes each one. Clearing a Cauldron unlocks the ability to override new machines, meaning that these challenging dungeons offer a pretty nice reward for any player brave enough to seek them out and complete them.

Want to know how to find each of the four Cauldrons in Horizon Zero Dawn? Keep reading!

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4 Cauldron SIGMA

Cauldron SIGMA is the very first Cauldron that the player will be able to solve after starting the game. This Cauldron is basically the introduction to Cauldrons for the rest of the game, so it's recommended that it be the very first Cauldron that a player tries to solve after they reach level eight or higher. In order to find Cauldron SIGMA, the player just needs to go just north of Mother's Crown.

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After completing this Cauldron, the player will receive 4000 XP, one Skill Point, and unlock the following overrides: Sawtooth, Scrapper, Grazer, and Lancehorn. This Cauldron is a fairly simple one in comparison to the rest of the Cauldrons that Aloy will encounter in Horizon Zero Dawn, but the rewards that the player gains from these Cauldrons makes taking them on totally worth it.

If you find yourself feeling stumped in this or any of the other Cauldrons, use Aloy's Focus to help figure out what you need to do.

3 Cauldron RHO

Cauldron RHO is one that's a little tricky to solve when it comes to the platforming puzzle that the player has to guide Aloy through before they reach the boss fight. After entering this Cauldron, Aloy will be met with Sawtooths that are wandering around inside the Cauldron, so prepare to be stealthy and just try to walk around them instead of fighting them. In order to find Cauldron RHO, the player needs to go just south of the center of their map and look a little East of the Greatlands Camp.

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This Cauldron becomes accessible to the player as soon as complete the A Seeker at the Gates quest in the main questline. Along with completing this quest, players should make sure that they've already knocked out Cauldron Sigma before they make their way over to Cauldron RHO. Because this Cauldron is a little bit trickier than the first one, players shouldn't attempt this Cauldron until they're at least level 12, so try some other side quests in the area first.

This Cauldron gives the player 6000 XP, one Skill Point, and unlocks Trampler, Shell-Walker, Snapmaw, Longleg, and Ravager.

2 Cauldron XI

Cauldron XI is the third Cauldron that a player should do when they're making their way through Horizon Zero Dawn. This Cauldron is totally different from the other Cauldrons, so it's important for the player to know how to prepare themselves to take on the unique challenges that this Cauldron is going to be presenting them with. In order to find your way to Cauldron XI, go to the jungle in the southwestern part of the map. This Cauldron is located directly south of Meridian and can't be missed.

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Unlike the other Cauldrons, most of the enemies that Aloy will be encountering in this Cauldron are going to be the human cultist enemies that are featured in Horizon Zero Dawn. This is different because the other Cauldrons will pit you up against monsters like Watchers. But that change will definitely be rewarded! Be sure you have plenty of inventory space because this Cauldron is full of loot for the player to collect. Don't get rid of any armor-crafting resources, though! You'll need those to battle against these Eclipse members.

For completing Cauldron XI, you'll receive 8000 XP and unlock these overrides: Glinthawk, Freeze Bellowback, Stalker, Behemoth, and Fire Bellowback.

1 Cauldron ZETA

After completing the other three Cauldrons in Horizon Zero Dawn, it's finally time for the player to take on the last Cauldron in the game. Cauldron Zeta should only be attempted after completing the other three Cauldrons in the game and it's recommended that the player be at least at level 20 or higher before they make their way to Cauldron Zeta in order complete this final Cauldron. Before you go, craft some Tearblast Arrows in order to help you take out the boss inside Cauldron Zeta. This Cauldron is located in the northwest corner of the map, just slightly to the southeast of Maker's End.

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This Cauldron is completely different than the last three. While the past three Cauldrons had some interesting platforming puzzles that the player needed to solve before they could make their way to the boss battle, this cauldron has no puzzle and as soon as you make your way inside, the boss is right there, ready to fight. Make sure that you take plenty of health items because the Thunderjaw and the Watchers in this Cauldron can be pretty tough and do quite a bit of damage to the player with every hit.

After completing Cauldron Zeta, the player will be rewarded with 10,000 XP, one Skill Point, and will unlock the following overrides: Stormbird, Thunderjaw, and Rockbreaker.

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