Horizon Zero Dawn's Aloy Is Returning To Monster Hunter World With Her DLC Armor

Horizon: Zero Dawn protagonist Aloy is once again joining Monster Hunter World as part of a new upcoming expansion.

Horizon: Zero Dawn protagonist Aloy is once again joining Monster Hunter World as part of a new upcoming expansion.

Capcom's popular Monster Hunter title is getting the Iceborne DLC early next month, bringing various new monsters to battle and plenty more. Among these additions is Aloy, who'll fit right in Monster Hunter World's snowy new landscape, per Twitter. With her expertise in hunting, tracking, and surviving while hunting down vicious enemies, Aloy will feel right at home.

This isn't the first crossover between Horizon: Zero Dawn and Monster Hunter World, as Aloy was also part of The Frozen Wilds event in 2018. It gave players the chance to obtain special equipment, such as Aloy's armor, by completing special quests. It's currently unknown what you'll need to do exactly to obtain Aloy's armor this second time around. But players will likely have to once again complete specific quests.

The one downside here is Aloy will only appear in the PlayStation 4 version of Monster Hunter World. Unfortunately, if you own the game on either Xbox One or PC, you won't be seeing Aloy anytime soon. PS4 players can try to get Aloy's special equipment when Monster Hunter World: Iceborne comes out on September 6.

Some of the other big additions coming to Monster Hunter WorldL Iceborne include the return of Barioth, a returning beast from Monster Hunter 3. There's also a new water-based Elder Dragon named Naielle whom players will have to take down. Naielle will boast powerful elemental attacks that'll force hunters bring extra defense against water.

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Leading up to Iceborne's release, players will have the opportunity to grab the free Guardian Armor set on September 4. The armor set will help lower-level players progress from the start of the game so they can join the fight in Iceborne. A ton of new information about the upcoming DLC was recently released, including an hour-long break down from the developers themselves.

If you're looking to get into Monster Hunter World for the first time, then you're in luck. The Master Edition, which comes with the base game and the Iceborne expansion, will be available for $59.99.

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