Horizon Zero Dawn Producer Patrick Munnik Passes Away At 44

Patrick Munnik, the lead producer at Guerrilla Games and an important figure in the development of numerous recent games, has passed away at the age of 44 on June 10.

The news came initially from a Twitter post by Guerrilla Games with a memorial and other tweets to the producer. The message simply read that “It is with great shock and sadness we inform you that our lead producer Patrick Munnik is no longer with us. We are eternally grateful to have had our greatly valued and much loved Patrick on our team.”

Mr. Munnik worked most recently on Horizon Zero Dawn, which was released in 2017 and has since been considered a critical and commercial success, is one of the console’s bestselling titles, and garnered the Best Sony Exclusive of 2017 award from Game Informer. His other well-known projects include Killzone: Shadowfall from 2013.

It is not clear what project Mr. Munnik was working on at the time of his passing, which is an expected industry norm with non-disclosure agreements until a project is formally announced. Still, he was considered to be an active member of the industry in speaking about the creative processes in the creation of Guerrilla’s titles.

Over his eight years at the company, he made many friends and was respected among colleagues. Herman Hulst, the managing director for Guerrilla, Tweeted that, “My heart aches for Patrick’s wife and children. His reassuring presence, his great humor, and most importantly, his friendship will be sorely missed by our entire the team.”

When the news appeared on Reddit, one top comment simply reads “I'll be honest, i didn't know who he was but i loved the game, terrible loss.” The sentiment is likely common among most consumers of video games. There are countless individuals who pour their time and energy into the development of a game in its development, coding, artistic design and creation, writing, sound, testing, and surely other aspects before what began as a vision turns into a tangible reality with a game’s launch.

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Although most people had never heard of Mr. Munnik until recently, he touched everyone who played his games through his contributions to the project. Horizon Zero Dawn, like all other games we play, are the result of large-scale collaboration, and although we do not know each person involved, for they are many, we believe that everyone would join us in simply saying thank you.

So, thank you, Mr. Munnik, we love your games and every bit of you that lies within them.

Mr. Munnik is survived by his wife and children.

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