Horizon Zero Dawn: 10 Quotes That Will Stick With Us Forever

Horizon Zero Dawn tells a wonderful story full of meaningful dialogue, and we've narrowed it down to the 10 best quotes.

Sometimes developers can put a low priority on the quality of the writing in a video game, but then games like Horizon: Zero Dawn come along and show how important it is. This game has an excellent story with wonderful characters, deep moments and some rich dialogue.

Some of the lines of dialogue you’ll hear in the game are inspirational, though-provoking, funny, and a bit disturbing at times. There are certainly a lot of great lines to hear in this game, but here are some of the better ones that stick with you long after you’ve beaten the game.

10 Change

The Carja kingdom is one that has had its fair share of bloodthirsty rulers and horrific moments. They’ve certainly made the world safer for the other tribes, but have also carried out great evils. The current ruler Sun King Avad recognized his father’s villainy in carrying out the Red Raids.

Now that he’s taken the throne he’s dedicated to making the kingdom and the world a better place, but as his statement to Aloy acknowledges, this won’t come quickly, “Change will not come in a single sunrise.”

9 To Hunt A Machine

Guardian and adopted father to Aloy, Rost dedicated his life to ensuring her safety and training her properly so she could handle herself if anything ever happened to him. Under his tutelage, Aloy became a strong and caring person who shaped things for the better.

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Even when she was a little baby Rost would teach her little lessons and pass along sage advice in the hopes that some of it would stick and form the habit for himself for when she was older. This one came as Rost was taking Aloy to the naming ceremony and came across a herd of machines, “It is one thing to hunt a beast. Another to hunt a machine. You must learn to respect their power.”

8 When Something Terrible Happens

Diplomat of the Sun King Avad, Erend is a compassionate soul who seeks to bring peace to a troubled world. His own world comes crashing down at the death of a loved one and it leaves him inconsolable for quite some time.

Aloy attempts to bring him out of it by relating her own losses, but Erend isn’t comforted by the attempt at sympathy. He brushes it away saying, “Why is it, every time something terrible happens, everyone tells you the worst thing that ever happened to them, as though that makes it easier?”

7 Confidence Is Quiet

Aloy is known for having some great one liners and snarky responses to the people she encounters in her quests. Honestly, this whole list could be filled with the things she says, but other characters needed a voice too.

Her best lines often come when she is dealing with particularly prideful people. After hearing Bast boast about his training for the Proving and how he wasn’t afraid of anything Aloy gave this great retort, “Confidence is quiet, you’re not.”

6 Be Curious

One of the game’s most quoted lines of dialogue comes between the communication between Elisabet Sobeck and GAIA. GAIA marvels that Elisabet often speaks fondly of her mother and how important she was in her life but didn’t bother having children of her own.

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When asked what she would have wanted for her children had she had one Elisabet gives this great line any parent should be writing down to tell own their son or daughter, “I would have wanted her to be… curious. And willful, unstoppable even… but with enough compassion to… heal the world… just a little bit.”

5 Not Insurmountable

After the world started tilting towards apocalypse Dr. Patrick Brochard-Klein was desperately trying to find a way to ensure humanity’s survival going forward. The task he was assigned was incredibly challenging and considered nearly impossible at the time by the world’s top scientists.

Yet the doctor was convinced it was possible given all of mankind’s other achievement and wouldn’t accept defeat. He gave this inspiring line during an explanation of the purpose of his program, “The practical challenges that lie before us are staggering in both scale and complexity, but not insurmountable.”

4 Think You Can Stop Me?

After fighting through a massive siege on the Nora by corrupted machines, Aloy was confronted buy the tribal mothers as she tried to enter Mother’s Heart. Lansra in particular is not at all pleased to see the outcast and heretic return to the mountain and tries to bar her path.

Aloy isn’t having any of it and in a strong response to her efforts states, “I fought my way past an army while you cowered in this cave, do you really think you can stop me?!”

3 The People Opener

Nil is certainly one of the more colorful characters in the game. Aloy is fascinated and a little concerned by the former war criminal who turned bandit hunter to keep his blood lust sated. Much of their dialogue is dark and players have found his honesty and morbid sense of humor enjoyable in the safety of a video game.

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During one interaction outside a Bandit Camp Aloy is a little unnerved and in disbelief to his unique description of a knife, “Did you just refer to the knife as the people opener?”

2 Make The World Better

In that same dialogue between GAIA and Elisabet mentioned earlier is another great line that Elisabet recalls her mother giving her as a child. She had been attempting to charge a piece of technology and accidentally started a fire that burned a large pine tree down and a bird’s nest filled with baby birds nestled in it.

After claiming she didn’t care her mother reinforced the need for her to care, “being smart will count for nothing if you don’t make the world better. You have to use your smarts to count for something, to serve life, not death.”

1 Before The World Ends

It can often seem like there isn’t much hope in the world with all its evil and heartache. The world in Horizon Zero Dawn is no stranger to this concept having already once gone through a devastating apocalypse and on the brink of another.

Yet Sylens believes that even if there isn’t much hope that doesn’t mean some joy and wonder can’t be obtained before everything seemingly ends. The response she gives to Aloy captures that sentiment perfectly, “There’s so much more to discover before the world ends.”

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