Which Horror Game You Should Play Based On Your Myers-Briggs® Type

With numerous companies and indie game developers churning out horror titles every year there are now a lot of creepy titles for gamers to dive into. No matter what type of player you are there is almost guaranteed to be a horror game out there that can scratch whatever itch you have.

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This list was created based on some of the popular games being played this year and which of the Myers-Briggs® Types they would be ideally suited for. Whether you want a horror game to solve puzzles, fulfill a social need, or step out of the box, here are some great games to take a look at.

10 The Forest – INTP

After surviving a plane crash the main character finds their son has been kidnapped by a cannibalistic tribe in the middle of the woods. He then embarks on a mission to survive, fight his way through the hostiles, and locate his missing son.

The Forest requires players to be imaginative and methodical as they create a base and explore the wilderness to find tools, resources, and of course their son. There are a lot of plates in the air that need to be kept spinning and INTPs will thrive in this atmosphere.

9 Days Gone – INTJ

In this post-apocalyptic horror game you are tasked with keeping the remaining survivors alive by repelling the hostile factions and eliminating the hordes of zombies. Days Gone is a game that has you accomplishing a lot of the tasks on your own for the good of everyone.

This is the perfect game for INTJ types who enjoy accomplishing their goals in solitude but know that their work is going to help others. It also incentivizes players to be self-sufficient as a single-player survival game with RPG elements which is a big deal for INTJs who favor personal growth and independence.

8 Control – INFJ

As a new agent for a mysterious federal organization that investigates the supernatural your first day at work is crazy to say the least. Everyone’s dead, creatures lurk in the shadows and the rules of reality no longer always apply.

INFJ types will get a kick out of Control as it requires significant out of the box thinking to adapt to new powers as they become available, negotiate the twisting labyrinth of the of the facility, and come up with clever strategies for putting down bosses. There are also a lot of secrets that INFJs will enjoy digging into.

7 Man of Medan – ISFJ

In Man Of Medan, your job is to guide a bunch of teens as they explore a mysterious ghost ship called the Ourang Medan and survive the horrors located within. There are a lot of decisions to be made regarding what actions the teens take, maintaining their relationships with each other, and being aware of the consequences of every action.

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It’s the perfect game for ESJF types who enjoy social interactions, seek to negotiate interpersonal conflicts and ensure the safety of every character. It’s likely this personality type will be highly skilled at his game given their already adept at navigating social interactions in the real world.

6 Darkwood – INFP

In this interesting indie title the player wakes up in the depths of dark and mysterious woods populated by deranged villagers and a host of nightmarish creatures. It requires a lot of quick thinking, survival tactics, and almost constant scheming to live.

Darkwood is a great game for INFP types who enjoy singleplayer games that lets them dig into complicated mysteries. The game makes a point of not holding your hand which requires the player to get creative and problem solve, another win for the INFPs. If you’re someone who enjoys getting lost in new worlds with problems to solve this game is right up your alley.

5 Dead By Daylight – ISFP

In Dead By Daylight four players must creep around dark and brooding environments to find generators to open a door and escape the Killer, a fifth player who’s goal is to stop them at all costs. It’s a game that relies upon lots of teamwork, planning on the fly, and adaptability as teammates start dying.

ISFP types will surely enjoy this game given their desire to socialize in groups, make new friends, and tap into their spontaneous natures. It also satisfies that urge to try new things as there are perk combinations and Killer abilities that will change the gameplay each round.

4 A Plague Tale: Innocence – ISFJ

In this heart wrenching adventure the player takes control of two siblings who are seeking safety and a cure to the horrible plague that ravages the world. As the older sister you are tasked with keeping your younger brother alive by sneaking around villainous soldiers and solving intricate puzzles.

A Plague Tale: Innocence is the kind of game that will tug at ISFJ types’ heartstrings as they leave the younger brother alone and vulnerable to solve puzzles before quickly hurrying back to him. The story will be much more impactful for those that seek to nurture, protect, and care for others in their day to day.

3 Remnant: From The Ashes – ENFP

In Remnant: From The Ashes creatures have infested the world and eradicated most of humanity. As one of the few remaining survivors your mission is to explore other dimensions to find the origin of the Root and ways to defeat them.

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It’s a unique game that provides brutal challenges which ENFP types will relish. The run and gun nature of the game with difficult foes, tough choices, and optional multiplayer makes for a great experience for ENFP types.

2 Graveyard Keeper – ISTJ

Graveyard Keeper is what would happen if Stardew Valley embraced its subtle horror undertones. As the keeper of the graveyard you are tasked with maintaining the town’s cemetery and expanding your business into other ventures.

This horrific title is great for ISTJs who need to scratch that entrepreneurial itch and look for ways to create maximum efficiency and order. Find ways to recycle the dead bodies, gather resources, and summon forth the undead to automate tasks, as you work towards building an effective business that any ISTJ would be proud of.

1 Resident Evil 2 - ESTP

The remake Resident Evil 2 put players into the familiar shoes of Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield as they seek to unravel the origin of the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City and put a stop to the madness before it consumes the planet.

ESTPs will enjoy the constant danger as zombies don’t stay dead, Lickers lurk around the police station, and the unstoppable Mr. X relentlessly pursues the player. This game requires action and players who would rather figure it out as they go will do well as sitting around to come up with a plan is a great way to wind up dead.

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