10 Horror Movie Villains We Want To See In Mortal Kombat


Ah, my favorite time of the year—no Christmas tunes or egg hunts, and no fireworks or love letters. Just a time where you don't have to come up with excuses to go on multiple horror movie marathon or sneak in a few handfuls of candy while doing so. Halloween is an all-around perfect holiday, and it's followed by a good runner-up in Thanksgiving. Truly there's no better time of the year, especially for horror.

When it comes to video game horror it wasn't too surprising to see the Mortal Kombat franchise extend to actual horror films. It's exhilarating to be able to play as classic characters like Jason Voorhes and Leatherface and unleash absolute terror and gore in a game. So, who's next? Let's speculate, shall we?

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10 Michael Myers


Some might argue it's Jason, others maybe Freddy, and even a weird few might say it's the Gremlins. They're all wrong—well, I actually sometimes like to be counted in those weird few for Gremlins, but I digress.

Michael Myers is a king of horror. The mask, demeanor, and John Carpenter score backing all of his gruesome murders are just a few of the reasons why you can't beat the boogeyman. We really can't imagine a world where video game developers, NetherRealm Studios don't bring this guy over as DLC.  He's just too perfect and is arguably the most iconic horror character of all time.

9 Pennywise


Don't get me wrong, this guy is annoying and has all the traits that have made horror annoying in the last few years. Loud and intense music? Check. Jumpscares up the wazoo? All the checks, please. Still, Pennywise is iconic, and, if there's one thing every horror fan knows, it's that iconic can also mean terrible.

There's probably only one and a half good Friday the 13th movies, and the same can be said about Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Horror doesn't always stick the landing. In fact, it probably falls on its face more than any other genre. But, I digress... again, Pennywise the dancing clown is a shoo-in for DLC.

8 Ghostface


Ghostface, from the iconic movie franchise Scream, would be just so much fun to play as. He doesn't have any powers, no in-human strength, and not even any intimidating weapons. Just his (or her) small toy-like knife and a mask that has been eternalized as horror itself.

Sure, Ghostface's moves wouldn't be flashy, but they could still bring all the gore that Mortal Kombat is famous for. I might've already said this, but he'd just be so much fun! One of his fatalities could incorporate his iconic phone call, and there could be a voice changer too—the possibilities are endless.

7 Ash Williams

There's no one better at creatively wiping out waves of evil than Ash Williams. Too bad horror game Dead by Daylight already stole Ash (Ghostface, too) to feature in their ever-expanding roster of characters. Hopefully sharing is caring when it comes to the rights of this iconic horror character, because Ash would be a perfect fit into the Mortal Kombat franchise.

His chainsaw arm and shotgun arm already give him a classic move set and don't even get me started on his fatalities. The fact that we could hear Bruce Cambell's witty one-liners as he piles a chainsaw through Sub-Zero's chest is just too juicy an opportunity to pass up.

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6 Pyramid Head


Speaking of video game cross overs, this could be the best thing since sliced bread—actually, this could be the best thing since bread itself was invented. Despite horror being a very lucrative genre, there just aren't too many characters that Netherrealm Studios could pull and make work in Mortal Kombat.

So, I've got a good guess that one day they'll decide to work with horror games, as well, and there would be no one as perfect a fit as Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill franchise. He's the Michael Myers of horror games, and seeing him brought to life in beautiful HD/4K would put a tear in the eyes of many older horror game fans.

5 Jigsaw


This is where we start reaching toward the bottom of the barrel and hope Netherrealm Studios have their creative caps on. Ideas like the shark from Jaws, or Black Phillip from The VVitch may be a bit of stretch, so enter Jigsaw.

How would this character work, you may ask? Well, let's start with a tension-filled entrance of the puppet riding in on his trike. Then we either have you play as John Kramer, the original man behind the puppet equipped with a bear trap or maybe even with his pig mask on. There's so much with this character that we're sure Netherrealm could find a way to make this work.

4 Carrie White


Yeah, we're going full-on bonkers with this one—but it could actually work. Carrie White would bring some much-needed diversity to this cast of characters and a move set that would differ radically, as well. Just imagine playing as a bloodied Carrie in her prom dress slamming foes with her psychic powers. She could be the female Ermac, and that in itself would be pretty cool.

I'm not sure what her fatalities would be, but Netherrealm has never been one to not get creative. Somehow, we're going to assume that her infamous scream would play a crucial part—maybe even that alone could cause an enemy to implode during a fatality.

3 Pazuzu From The Excorcist


Oh, you thought the rabbit hole would end with Carrie? Nope, we still got plenty of digging to do, and you can't spell horror without The Exorcist.  Or maybe you can, who knows for sure.

Modern horror was built off the backs of movies like The Exorcist, and it would be crazy if Mortal Kombat paid homage to it. It's another character that wouldn't be hard to portray when you really think of it; just have a possessed Linda Blair be the character and she can do all the work. It must have move has to be throwing up on your foe, and maybe Pazuzu can come out for a fatality.

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2 Chucky


Originally, Chucky was going to be left off this list; there was already enough nonsense, and somehow Chucky just seemed like overboard. But, have you seen this list? Chucky is moderate compared to the likes of Carrie White and our next entry. We also didn't want Chucky stepping all over the toes of Jigsaw, but he's definitely in his own lane.

While the puppet wouldn't fight in the case of Jigsaw, Chucky could definitely make it work. His size might prove to be an unfair advantage, but, if Netherrealm could get over this hurdle, then he could be a great addition.

1 Norman Bates


Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece Psycho introduced us to what I consider to be one of the greatest horror villains of all time, Norman Bates. Just look at that stare, it's the same as I said with Michael Myers—there's nothing flashy about him, he just is horror. The best part with Bates is that he's just a guy, no mask required.

This would be hard to pull off, but he does have one of the most iconic weapons in film history, so we think that Netherrealm could pull something off if they put their best minds to work. Now, if you'll excuse, me I have some horror movie marathons to get started on.

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