Hotline Miami Collection & SUPERHOT Are Now Available On Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is about to receive a few new indie titles, as both the Hotline Miami Collection and SUPERHOT will be available on the eShop today.

Nintendo revealed several new indie titles that will be coming to the Switch in the future as part of today's Indie World Showcase livestream. Two of the most exciting titles that were revealed were indie hits that have been available on other platforms for some time but can now be played on the latest Nintendo system.

Hotline Miami Collection contains both of the Hotline Miami games in a single package. The Hotline Miami series consists of violent top-down shooters in which you must break into hideouts owned by the Russian mafia and slay the inhabitants with a mix of stealth and head-on assaults.

SUPERHOT is a fast-paced action game that is told in slow motion. The world of SUPERHOT only moves when the player does, which allows you to make strategic decisions during gunfights. The weapons in SUPERHOT only have limited amounts of ammunition, so you need to keep stealing guns from enemies in order to take down the next wave of foes. The fact that SUPERHOT is coming to the Switch isn't too surprising, as an update for the game was discovered on Nintendo's servers a few days ago by a data miner.

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The Switch has become a haven for indie developers, as Nintendo wants to avoid the mistakes of the Nintendo Wii U and has made it easier for games to appear in the eShop. There is already an amazing collection of indie games on the Switch and the system's portability means that a lot of people have been choosing Nintendo versions of games over those on the PC platform.

Hotline Miami Collection and SUPERHOT will be available for the Nintendo Switch on August 19, 2019.

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