Hours After Demo Launch, Anthem's Servers Were At Max Capacity And Players Booted

The VIP demo of Anthem went live yesterday, but the release has not gone nearly as smoothly as Electronic Arts and BioWare probably would have liked.

Users who were playing the game started getting kicked for no apparent reason, while others were unable to enter the event entirely.

The problem was related to EA’s servers simply not being able to handle the massive amount of players that tried to access the VIP demo. Login issues even extended into other games and services, leaving players unable to access online features from other EA titles.

Roughly an hour after the initial notification of issues being reported, EA Help’s Twitter profile followed up with a post stating that they were adding more server capacity to allow more players to gain access. After eight hours, the team reportedly resolved the “main issues” that were plaguing PC and PlayStation 4 users, while Xbox One users had to wait an additional five hours before being able to play.

EA posted a recap of the issues, noting that the team was still working to resolve some of them:

“We’re currently tracking issues for the Anthem VIP Demo and the team is working very diligently to quickly resolve them.

Here's the current list of the most reported and known issues affecting some players.

  • Infinite loading screens when launching the game or entering an expedition.
  • Unable to get past the Anthem title screen.
  • Some Xbox One players are unable to access the Anthem VIP demo.
  • Some players are unable to access their Anthem VIP demo friends codes.

We will continue to update this thread with new information as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience.”

via GamingBolt

Clearly, EA wasn’t ready for the amount of people wanting to play the Anthem demo, which is a bit of a head-scratcher considering the massive buildup and anticipation surrounding the upcoming game. The entire situation will likely be spun as a success considering how many people wanted to play the demo on launch day, but let’s be honest: Anthem’s VIP demo launch was a failure.

Hopefully EA will have everything sorted out and actually be prepared for Anthem’s full-release on February 22nd - especially considering that every activity in the game will utilize a matchmaking system - but we won’t be surprised if delays and similar issues plague launch day.

At any rate, stay tuned to The Gamer for our review of Anthem when it is released on February 22nd for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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