Hoverloop Wants To Be Battlebots But With Drones


Hoverloop, the game about hovering drones armed to the teeth and battling it out in arena-based combat, will release on Steam and Xbox One later this fall.

Remember Battlebots? That show where teams made deadly robots equipped with buzzsaws and flamethrowers and fought to the death in an arena? Hoverloop is a lot like that, only the robots can fly and be equipped with death lasers, holographic projectors, and toilet paper. Because you never know when you’ll need a wipe.

Hoverloop comes courtesy of Belgian developer Not A Company and publisher Cronos Interactive, the same name behind the upcoming VR game Journey for Elysium. This time, instead of a story-driven adventure with 3D goggles, we get to enjoy the simple pleasures of blowing stuff up in multiplayer deathmatch.

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Released on Steam Early Access in January of 2018, Hoverloop has made great strides over the past year and a bit. Each drone can now be customized with new weapons, powers, and especially cosmetics such as hats, emotes, and particle effects.

If you're wondering how a drone can emote, it's actually from a holographic projector. The drone itself doesn't have a whole lot of character. That is, unless you give it a hat. Then it's got a whole lot of character.

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Hats include crowns, rainbows, Viking horns, and a cactus. Also, toilet paper for those worried about making a mess. Additional customizations include abilities such as a death ray, fire breath, teleportation, and an invulnerability shield.

So far the game just supports 4-player split-screen local multiplayer, but the final release will support up to 8-player arena deathmatches. It will also have other game modes such as a wave-based PvE, something that appears like a puzzle game, and a mode that definitely resembles Rocket League, only with drones.

Hoverloop arrives on Steam and Xbox One sometime this fall. Stay tuned to their Steam page for an exact release date.

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