How Anthem Can Say It Is The 'Winner Of 90+ Awards,' Explained

Fans asked how Anthem could have possible won over 90 awards, here's The Gamer's explanation on the several technical and E3 accolades Anthem "earned"

It’s fair to say that Anthem hasn’t had the smoothest of launches. From lackluster reviews to the terrifying PS4 crash bug,  the game has faced a lot of challenges since its release on February 22. With so many difficulties it’s understandable that upon seeing that the game is claiming to be a “winner of 90+ awards” Reddit was somewhat skeptical to say the least.

So what are these awards and how on earth did Anthem manage to win so many of them?

Sometimes games will be released displaying a proud tally of awards, while being mostly vague about what they actually are. The vagueness is not down to the fact that they don’t exist, but rather the nature of them.

The vast majority of pre launch accolades will be minor awards, often given based on trailers and early game play footage, rather than the finished title.

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Gaming conventions in particular are often rife with awards, and many are given based on nothing more than concept art, trailers and very limited demos. Awards for best trailer, original idea, and other similar achievements which have little to do with game play, are also commonplace.

Not only are awards often given out at conventions but many gaming outlets, from websites to magazines, have awards ceremonies through the year. While some are big awards, like Best Game, many more are incredibly obscure or very specific. While the Dev with the best beard award suggested by Reddit user RealAggromemnon is an exaggeration, there are a large number of technical awards for sound, direction and writing amongst others.

These different awards all add up and as such a big name release, such as Anthem, can often pick up a large string of minor awards before it even hits the shelf.

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In Anthem’s case the “Best Action Game” award specified likely comes from E3 in 2018. The Game Critics Awards for Best of E3 included two wins for Anthem, Best PC Game and Best Action Game.

While these are great awards to win, they were awarded based on the game as seen almost 9 months prior to launch. This means that while the claim maybe true, it's not necessarily useful.

As a large number of Anthem’s issues, such as the loot system issues, were not evident in early access footage saying the final game is a "winner of 90 awards," while presumably true, still feels like a stretch to say the least.

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