• Are streamers good or bad for gaming in the long term? We explore both sides 1 / 9

  • On the positive side, streamers provide entertainment in a broad way 2 / 9

  • Experienced and performing at high levels of play can also teach you how to be better 3 / 9

  • As most people are sometimes busy, streamers offer a way to still experience the game 4 / 9

  • On the downside, many streamers now are paid to endorse products or play games 5 / 9

  • This can be misleading, as was the case with World War Z in its launch 6 / 9

  • Some streamers complain, and so do their viewers, leading to an incorrect perception of general dissatisfaction with the game 7 / 9

  • Overall, both sides are important, but streamers are likely to stick around in the future 8 / 9

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