How To Form An Online Crew In NFS Heat

Being in a reputable crew in Need For Speed: Heat will lead to big rewards — here's everything you need to know.

Being in a reputable crew in NFS Heat will lead to big rewards. Here's how to leave the one that is automatically assigned and start up one of your own.

NFS Heat has been on the market for a few days now and chances are players who spent the weekend racing will have already built up plenty of cash and rep. However, they could have racked up even more if they had been a part of the right crew. The game automatically assigns you to one when you first play online, but you probably won't want to stick with it.

It is far more beneficial to join a crew with players you know who are dedicating time to the game. That's because as other racers in your crew level up, the rest of the crew will benefit from their hard work via cash and rep bonuses. Plus, as soon as a crew member hits level 50, everyone in the crew will gain access to a Ferrari FXX-K Evo ‘18.

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First thing's first, leaving a randomly assigned crew. It will happen the first time you play online and the crew will have an arbitrary name that includes a string of numbers. As players can't be in two crews at the same time, that random one will need to be left behind before joining a new one. Go to "Members" and simply click "Leave Crew".

Now to start a brand new crew. After leaving your previous crew, a new option labeled "Create Crew" should have presented itself. Select that option and players will then be able to name their brand new crew, as well as pick a tag and logo for the group. After it has been created, invites can be sent to other players to join.

Crews can be made up of as many as 32 different players. The more players in your crew, the more bonuses all of its members will be able to reap. Just be sure you're not the passenger being carried by the rest of your crew, especially if you were the one who created it. Otherwise, you might soon find yourself as part of a random crew again, with those bonuses feeling like a distance memory.

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