How To Run No Man's Sky Beyond VR Smoothly On PC

Thanks to the just-released "Beyond" update, No Man's Sky now has two key features that will help it become the game it was meant to be. TheGamer covered these earlier this month, but the gist is that the game now has expanded multiplayer and virtual reality capability. The multiplayer is pretty self-explanatory. Just play the game and you'll run into more people than before. The virtual reality, however, is proving to be less intuitive.

If you look at the official website for No Man's Sky Beyond, you'll see the promise of "Virtual Reality without compromise." It will then go on to further state that you can switch seamlessly between VR mode and standard play. You can even play online with both VR and non-VR players. Unfortunately, it seems that players are not having that seamless experience. Even those with powerful computers are having issues with VR. This prompted one user on the Oculus subreddit to create a guide of sorts.

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The main issue seems to be the frame rate, which is why lowering the graphics settings helps. According to several commenters, this configuration helped the game perform better. Another useful tip is turning off Anti-Aliasing.

One thing the majority of the commenters agree on is that the PC version of No Man's Sky VR performs terribly no matter what your specs are. This guide does help, but it doesn't totally erase the issues. The frame rate is still hard to lock down and some find the compromise in graphics required to maintain it unacceptable. That's especially true when you consider the fact that many who previewed No Man's Sky Beyond praised the VR. The issue might lie in the fact that previewers tended to see the game on PlayStation VR. Sony might have required a certain quality from the VR that PC platforms did not.

The other theory is that the shoddy PC VR is simply a bug that will be patched very soon. Hopefully that's the case, and the issue really is resolved quickly. Until then, use the above guide to adjust your settings and get what you can out of No Man's Sky Beyond in its current form.

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