UPDATE: IGN Takes Down Dead Cells Review Over Plagiarism Accusation From Youtuber

UPDATE: IGN has released a statement on the situation, in which they apologize for the plagiarism and say they have terminated the employee involved.

International games powerhouse IGN is under fire today after a YouTuber accused one of their reviewers of plagiarising his video.

The game in question is Dead Cells, the indie sensation Metroidvania that just got released after being on Steam Early Access since May of 2017. Even before its release, Dead Cells was getting rave reviews from critics for its incredible blend of the Metroidvania and Rogue-like genres in an extremely tight package filled with near-endless replayability.

It’s also been a game that’s been getting tons of hype from all angles--even the smaller gaming channels on YouTube. One such channel is Boomstick Gaming. They’ve got about 16,000 subscribers and average around that many views per video. Sometimes they strike it big and hit 100,000, but overall they’re pretty small-time by YouTube standards.

The guy needs to work on his vocal skills, but he’s got good writing and editing skills, which is half the battle on YouTube.


Now enter IGN. According to a few Reddit users, they hired another YouTuber named Filip Miucin about 10 months ago and judging by the 10-month lapse on Filip’s YouTube channel their story checks out. Previously he focused on engaging, if slightly derivative, reviews of Nintendo Switch games.

Both Boomstick and IGN are naturally going to cover one of the biggest indie games out there, but Boomstick got his review out of July 24th using an early review code, while Filip waited until August 6th. Boomstick got wind of the review and noticed some shocking similarities--enough that he did a side-by-side comparison vid that is, frankly, pretty damning.

Maybe not every word was taken from Boomstick’s video, but enough of them were, and the structure of the content is almost identical.

To be fair to IGN, their editors (like most editors) rely on their reviewers to be honest people and not plagiarize their content, but they don’t have the time to go over every single document that crosses their desk with a fine-toothed comb. And to IGN’s credit, they’ve already pulled their video review and issued a statement saying they’re investigating the allegations.

The most likely outcome here is that Filip gets the boot while IGN issues an apology. We’ll keep you apprised as this story develops.


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