Images Of Gears 5's Official Controller Have Leaked Online To An Icy Reception

Gears 5 Controller

Gears 5 Xbox One controllers have leaked on social media to an icy reception.

And we mean icy because they look cold, not because people didn’t like ‘em. Anyway.

Most people are probably going to play Gears 5 with their regular Xbox One controller, but superfans will want the full experience. And that experience can only come from having a branded controller between your mitts. Or maybe you just need a new controller and you really like the Gears of War franchise. Either way, here's what's in store.

The leaked images come courtesy of Idle Sloth over on Twitter. We’re not sure where they got the box art from, but what we see definitely looks official what with all the Gears 5 art plastered all over.

The controller itself is colored an icy greyish white, perhaps pertaining to the expected setting in Gears 5. There is a Gears of War logo on the front under the Xbox button, with another logo appearing on the back.

A better image can be seen from Twitter user WalkingCat which actually shows the controller in real life. You can see the thumbsticks have their own blue plastic inserts while the charging station has another Gears logo on it. The entire controller has been painted up to appear like stamped metal rather than textured plastic.

Gears 5 is set just after the events of Gears of War 4 and will focus on Kait Diaz as she uncovers more of her family’s past. Prior game characters JD Fenix and Delmont Walker also return, as does original trilogy protagonist, Marcus Fenix.

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In addition to the standard campaign mode, Gears 5 will also feature an Arcade with several different game modes. Arcade Deathmatch will pit two teams of 5 against one another in a race to 50 kills, while a map editor will allow players to create their own multiplayer maps.

You can get more details on the multiple game modes from Game Informer's coverage. Gears 5 releases on September 10th for Xbox One and Windows PC.

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