15 Inappropriate Things In Pokémon That Scarred You

The Pokémon games have become some of the most popular in the world for all kinds of gamers. Though the series is primarily aimed towards children, many older fans who grew up with the franchise still play the new entries and keep up to date with the goings on of the Pokémon world. But for as much joy and wonder as it's brought us, the games have also given us some pretty questionable, frightening, and downright strange moments. Just because they’re for kids doesn’t mean that some pretty inappropriate stuff won’t find its way in at times – though this often goes over people’s heads upon first experiencing it.

While it’s not terrible, there are some things you can find in Pokémon games that make you think they were put in just because it would be easy to pass by children. But as they get older and replay these games, people have been noticing stranger and stranger occurrences that really could freak you out. These games are supposed to be light hearted fun, but one thing that makes them so interesting is how you can come across something completely unexpected at any given time. These are 15 inappropriate Pokémon moments that scarred you.

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15 The Distortion World

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While Pokémon Platinum did do a lot of great things for the Pokémon franchise as far as gameplay goes, it also gave us some pretty creepy things to deal with as well. One of those skin crawling additions was the Dragon/Ghost-Type Pokémon Giratina. As if the nightmare fuel inducing monster wasn’t enough to send you straight to the bottom half of your covers, the dungeon it resides in is even worse. The Distortion World is a weird, strange and incredibly unsettling place that just doesn’t seem like it fits in with the otherwise innocent and cheery Pokémon world. Though this is a kids game, it’s weird enough to make even the most grown up of us feel just the slightest bit uncomfortable – so you can imagine how younger fans felt about it.

14 Ghetsis Trying To Kill You

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Of all the things you can say about Ghetsis, you have to admit that he was one of the most intriguing Pokémon villains we’ve ever seen. His slow, unsettling descent into madness is something of a darker and somewhat mature subject that doesn’t seem that it would belong in a Pokémon game at first glance, but really had a memorable impact on players. We’re saying all this, but let’s not forget that Ghetsis is a bad guy, and he tried to pull off one of the most heinous crimes imaginable right in front of the player. Though it was censored with him trying to freeze the player in the American version, the Japanese version sees Ghetsis trying to kill the player. We can only imagine what those poor Japanese kids playing the game were thinking as this was happening.

13 The Ruins Of Alph Strange Radio Frequency

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The Unknown have long been one of Pokémon’s strangest and greatest mysteries. Though we’re still not sure just what they are (that would most probably defeat the entire purpose of calling them the unknown), we can’t help but be intrigued by this nearly two-decade old mystery. The Ruins of Alph house the Unknown and while it’s a pretty creepy place on its own, it’s not all that scary of a place – just eerie. But the story changes once you turn your radio on to channel 13.5, and some strange noises begin to plague your speakers. While it might not be the most well-known thing in the Pokémon universe, these strange sounds can really make you feel uncomfortable and send you towards the nearest exit.

12 The Old Chateau

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The Old Chateau is pretty well known by Pokémon fans because it’s the only place you can find yourself a Rotom. The chateau is located deep in the forest and is pretty isolated from the rest of the Sinnoh region. As you’d expect, there are some pretty weird things that go on there, and most players have experienced the bulk of it – much to their dismay. The whole feel of the place is eerie, and it’s pretty clear off the bat that the place is deserted. So as you go through each room scavenging for items, imagine your surprise as you come across a floating little girl in the room opposite you. She’ll turn towards the player and then float off screen never to be seen again.

11 Orphaned Cubone

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There are plenty of strange and terrifying things in the Pokémon universe, which might take some by surprise seeing as the games are mainly aimed at a young audience and horror doesn’t tend to sell well with children. One of the most disturbing and saddest side stories to come out of Red & Blue was the tale of the orphaned Cubone who had lost its mother after it was murdered by Team Rocket. While they seem pretty aloof in the anime, Team Rocket is actually a pretty terrifying group in the game. This hits so hard because it’s one of the first introductions to death in the Pokémon world we get, and for most of us it came at such a young age.

10 Strange House Ghost Girl

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The aptly named Strange House has a pretty eerie atmosphere that most Pokémon fans know pretty well. While in the house, players encounter a ghost girl who has a penchant for rearranging furniture and creating obstacles for the player. One quick side note here – what is it with the Pokémon series and ghost children? You wouldn’t think to see something so morbid once in this kind of series, let alone several times. After visiting all the rooms the girl wants you to, the player receives a Lunar Wing. The dialogue with this departed NPC suggests something pretty tragic and terrible. Though it’s all optional, this is definitely one of the darker things you can find in a Pokémon game.

9 Possessed People In Pokémon Tower

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Well, as if it wasn’t already clear, Lavender Town is one of the scariest and out of place towns in the entire Pokémon universe. There’s plenty to discuss about the place — seeing as most of what happened within it came right out of left field for most of us. No surprise: it left a lasting impression. It’s a disturbing place that’s chalked full of horrifying content some would say was a little inappropriate for a children’s game. One of the more subtle things regarding Pokémon Tower is how most of the people you fight in there are possessed. What’s not subtle is the frightening way they talk to you. These guys are really off their rockers and might’ve been a little too much for the game.

8 Burned Alive

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The Legendary Dog trio found in Gen II are some of the toughest Pokémon to track down and catch in the entire series. While it can prove to be pretty frustrating – especially as you go through multiple Ultra balls – it’s well worth the effort. Half the fun of catching these things is the effort you put in it after all. But aside from the challenge of collecting them, these Pokémon are also notable for another reason. The Legendary Dogs are said to have emerged from the charred remains of Pokémon caught in a massive blaze. Think of that for a second, these things were essentially Pokémon that died in horrifying ways. That’s disturbing on a whole other level.

7 A White Hand On Your Shoulder

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We’ve said it before, but the whole sequence you go through while you’re visiting Lavender Town does not feel like it should be in a children’s game. Between the ghosts, and sudden implication of death and tragedy that surrounds the whole town, it kind of feels out of place. But it’s because of this that it’s such a memorable and interesting location. One of the most well-known interactions you can have in Lavender Town is a seemingly innocent conversation with a little girl (again) that has some pretty startling implications. At one point in the brief conversation the girl says, “Hahaha, I guess not. That white hand on your shoulder is not real.” While it could be nothing its good enough to send a chill down your spine.

6 Celadon City Pervert

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Alright, well here’s one that might’ve slipped past you when you first saw it. Admittedly it seems pretty innocent until you really put two and two together. In Celadon City, you can find an elderly man peering into the Celadon City Gym’s window. When you approach him he turns to you and says, “Heheh! This gym is great! It's full of women!” Now that’s usually something you’d just ignore once you heard it, but some people thought about it a little more and it really does just seem like an old man taking a nice long look at some teenagers in their swimsuits. It’s a classic pervy old man trope at its finest but it's still pretty weird to think about.

5 Slowpoke Tails Are Delicious

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It’s something that’s glossed over in the games and only used for comedic purposes in the anime, but the question of what people eat in the Pokémon world has long been on fans minds. In the anime, we’ve seen them eat meat and fish but never once considered it to be actual Pokémon on the menu while the games don’t really suggest at this all too much. After all, Pokémon are companions and you can’t possibly eat your companion. Well, we learned early on that that’s not exactly true. Slowpoke tails are apparently pretty sweet tasting, and people love them enough for Team Rocket to have smuggled them around for cash. While the tails do grow back, you can’t help but feel bad for all the Slowpoke out there.

4 Pokémon Mansion Diary Entries

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First up on our list is something in direct relation to one of Pokémon’s most popular monsters, Mewtwo. Cinnabar Island might not look like much but in once housed an incredible experiment facility that saw one of the strongest Pokémon ever breathe its first breath. As you explore the Pokemon mansion, you can find journal entries that detail the process of creating Mewtwo along with its eventual escape. The last entry details how the researchers ultimately “failed to curb its vicious tendencies” and abruptly ends there. Well, the mansion is pretty much a wreck at this point and has been abandoned for quite some time. It wouldn’t be too far a stretch to think that something really terrible happened inside those walls.

3 N’s Room

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You don’t get villains like N all that often in Pokémon games. He might be a bad guy, but he’s pretty well developed, and his reasons and motivations for his actions are pretty clear and actually make some sort of sense to the player. One thing about N is that he’s incredibly innocent, especially when it comes to Pokémon. His room reflects that, and we have to say, a grown man should not have this kind of decor in his room. It looks completely child-like. It’s a wonderland-esque decor scheme with some eerie toy box music playing on in the background. The music only gets slower and more distorted in Black 2 and White 2, which only adds to the eeriness of it all.

2 Final Battle With Wally

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Up until the third generation games, your Pokémon rivals (Poké Rivals?) were pretty unlikeable, crass characters that didn’t really garner any sort of feeling but anger and annoyance. But hey, that was their job. You don’t want to feel bad for them, you want to beat them. Well, Wally changed that. For the first time, we actually cheered and felt for our rival. The only problem was you had to kick the kid's butt. One thing that’s established early on is that Wally is a sick child and that your introducing him to Pokémon training gives him the hope and energy to push through. Too bad you completely destroy his ambitions during your last match and send him packing. You can’t possibly name a more bitter-sweet victory in the Pokémon games.

1 Lumiose City Ghost Girl

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One of the many mysteries to come out of the Pokémon series is the Lumiose City ghost girl. The event hasn’t been explained and like many of the other creepy instances on this list likely won’t ever be. It happens when you enter the Fighting Dojo’s building in Lumiose City and go up the elevator. Once you get out the screen goes to black, and a creepy girl that resembles a Hex Girl appears behind you then literally glides across the screen, coming to a sudden stop to say “No, you're not the one” and leaves. That’s it. No explanation other than that and it happens without any warning. The fact that everything still seemed so normal while this was happening somehow makes it all worse.

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