25 Cool And Weird Things You Never Found In Super Mario

The Super Mario Bros. is such a popular game series that even your grandparents might have played some of its games. Making his debut appearance as "Jumpman" in the 1981 arcade game Donkey Kong, It wouldn't be until the release of Super Mario Bros (1985), that would set the red plumber towards international success. It is now considered to be Nintendo's landmark series with nearly 600 millions sales. While the majority of the series' games are aimed at the general public, some of its contents remain somewhat disturbing for the younger audience. As such, we will take a look at 25 inappropriate things that you might not have noticed in the Super Mario Bros' series. After all, winter is the perfect season to cuddle with your video games and to read our articles (just saying). Mario definitely has a lot of dark secrets that fans don't know. Nintendo hasn't kept the famous plumber as wholesome as you might expect. Between cultural differences, and the march of time, there's no denying how creepy and bizarre some of the plumber's exploits look in a modern context.

It's time to take a look at the most inappropriate things hidden in the Super Mario franchiseAs always, feel free to share this article or to leave us your impressions. Here we go!

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25 When Mario Meets "The" Industry

via: imgur.com (Goestoeleven11)

Super Mario Bros is often credited as an inspiration for people in the entertainment industry. From current video game developers to movie directors, Mario seems to have been the influence of many successful projects. However, Mario's success also caught the attention of the adult movie business.

The Super [Redacted] Bros series was a grown up movie series based on the Super Mario Bros. game. It spawned two movies (Super [Redacted] Bros I & II) and featured Squeegie [Redacted] and Ornio [Redacted], a clear parody of Mario & Luigi. Though the movie was shot in two days, Nintendo purchased the distribution rights of the films and ceased the release of the movie. Regardless, we're sure the movie's script would 've been better than the live-action film.

24 Wario Once Attempted To End His Life

via: youtube.com (GCX 717)

Everybody knows Wario as one of Mario's grotesque rivals. While Mario is portrayed as the morally good character, Wario seems to be the perfect opposite of him. Although we thought it would only apply personality-wise, we never thought It would go beyond extreme.

There is an alarming scene, in Super Mario Strikers, in which a distressed Wario attempts to end his life with a Bob-omb, following a loss. Though it only results with Wario being knocked out with smoke in his face, this losing sequence comes a bit as a shock, knowing that Nintendo is known for creating friendly games. Remember kids: participation is more important than winning or losing.

23 Peach Might Have Cheated On Mario And May Be A Mother

via: youtube.com (icygirl9000)

We sure applaud Mario for risking his life countless times to save Princess Peach, but we can't stop to think If her "captures" were all self-orchestrated. Maybe It's a way to get Mario's attention? Maybe she secretly has an affair with Bowser? Who knows. It becomes a whole other story when you're getting exposed to your lies.

Super Mario Sunshine introduces us to Bowser Jr, Bowser's son. While masquerading as a fake Mario, he vandalizes the streets of Isle Delfino and kidnaps Princess Peach. When Bowser Jr reveals himself to Mario, he refers to Princess Peach as "Mama Peach," which leaves Mario confused. Peach also seems to be surprised, but we find It hard to believe that a mother would feign amnesia in front of her own blood. Although Miyamoto would later jokingly say that he's Bowser Jr's mother, a part of us firmly believe that Peach might have committed adultery. Poor Mario.

22 Mario Might've Cheated On Peach Too

via: twitter.com (Japanese3ds)

Despite the previous allegations, we have to give credits to Mario and Peach, for being a power couple longer than any video game loving pair. However, with the return of Pauline, we feel like the couple's days are numbered.

Before being revamped as the New Donk City mayor, Pauline was initially cast as Mario's girlfriend in Donkey Kong. While Mario is racing against time to save Princess Peach in Super Mario Odyssey, he seems to be spending a bit too much time with his ex as he's helping her complete her quests and even attends her festival show. Plus, If Peach is the main subject of Odyssey, why is Pauline featured in the promotional ads of the game? And why does Mario appear in her video? Don't do anything you'll regret, Mario!

21 Luigi Almost Fell Into A Severe Depression

via: youtube.com (Gaming Reinvented)

Being Luigi is not an easy life; he is called continuously "Green Mario," and he continually lives in his brother's shadow. Despite that, Luigi harbors an unconditional love to his fraternal twin and will do anything to save him. When Luigi gets his leading role in Luigi's Mansion, his primary objective is to rescue Mario in a haunted mansion.

The developers initially wanted Luigi to fall into depression, should he fail to save Mario. The idea was even presented onto an earlier beta of the game. However, the game programmers instead opted for the "Good Night" game over scene, as people deemed the original idea too scary. And we don't blame them; just look at the picture above. If that doesn't scare you, then we admire you.

20 Princess Peach Has A Nasty Side

via: mysticalpha.deviantart.com

Other than being saved by Mario from Bowser, Princess Peach's life doesn't seem to be "spicy." Yes, she lives a wealthy life and has a whole kingdom to manage, but her relationship with Mario appears to be a bit too Disney-ish. Though she looks like an innocent woman publicly, she seems to be quite the opposite, privately.

In Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Mario can find an item in Peach's room called "Toadstool's ???". Upon grabbing the object, Grandma will offer you a mushroom if you agree to "leave everything where it was!"

If Peach is in your party while looking at the object, she will get mad and tell you to respect her private belongings. Though the item is never revealed throughout the game, It doesn't take a genius to know what kind of object it is.

19 ...And Birdo Too!

via bowser2queen on DeviantArt

Birdo is often considered to be the first transgendered video game character (Sorry, Poison). Having first appeared in Super Mario Bros. 2, Birdo was referred as a man that thinks of himself as a woman. Though Nintendo seems to have certified her de facto as a female in the later series' entries, her gender remains a popular debate subject among fans.

Birdo's gender even served as a quest for Captain Rainbow, a Nintendo exclusive game that only released in Japan. In it, Birdo is jailed, and the player must prove that she's a female, to free her. She tasks the player to retrieve an object in her room that will confirm her feminine gender. If the player looks at Birdo's bed, they'll notice a sudden vibration. Upon taking a look at it, they'll obtain the "object that proves Birdo's feminity." Though the object is censored, we clearly have an idea of what it is. Kids beware!

18 Hmm... No Thank You, Waluigi

via: ign.com/thoughtco.com

Waluigi may not be as popular as his rival Luigi, but he's probably on our top list of controversial characters. His appearance in Super Mario Strikers is a perfect showcase of what we mean. If a player were to win a game with Waluigi's team, the character would then celebrate with a provocative crotch-chop. It sure comes as a surprise; knowing how Nintendo keeps most of his content, G-rated. However, we're not sure If Nintendo knows the origins of Waluigi's gesture.

Veteran gamers would most likely remember the old WWF days, when the wrestling crew D-Generation X were dominating the ring. Their signature moves were also the"crotch-chop," except that it followed with the words "Suck It." We don't need to explain further what Waluigi meant with this gesture.

17 Mario, A Mass Attacker?

via bryanheemskerk.cgsociety.org/

Ok, so Mario may be represented as an assassin, in Assassin's Creed II, but that doesn't mean that he's a clean guy in his world neither. In fact, Mario's body count may be the most out of any character in the video game franchise.

The Super Mario Bros' instruction booklet explains that the Koopas conquered the peaceful Mushroom Kingdom and turned its inhabitants into stones and bricks, mostly. In other words, every time Mario is breaking a block, he's killing one person. Amount it to the number of games he's featured in within the Mushroom Kingdom (Super Mario Bros., Super Mario 64, etc.), and you got the biggest killer in video game history. Next time you wanna play a Mario game, remember that saving Peach comes at a very big price.

16 There Was A Horrible Movie About Super Mario

via: slashfilm.com

Super Mario Bros. is often credited as the first movie to be based off a video game. With the hottest video game at the time being translated into a film, there is little place for failure, right? Wrong! Released in 1993, the movie was a box office bomb and was widely panned by critics. In summary, the acting was terrible, and the movie plot didn't even concord with the original Mario setting. To top it off, the enemies look nothing similar to their video game counterpart. Of course, we could go for days about it, but we'll merely advise you NOT to watch it, if you haven't, yet. Or maybe do watch it, so you can suffer like we have!

15 Assassino Mario!

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Ok, so we can live with the fact that Mario was once a villain, but what about him being an assassin? Impossible, you may say. Well, it seems that Mario's got some blood on his hands, or at least his Assassin's Creed counterpart.

Assassin's Creed II features Mario Auditore, mentor, and uncle to main character Ezio Auditore da Firenze. Born as an Assassin, Mario was known to be a skilled mercenary and has killed many people throughout Its lifetime. Though he is a full-fledged character, he seems to be a clin d'oeil to Mario Bros. as they do share the same Italian ethnicity and they do look similar. They do also share the same intro quote when players first get introduced to the characters. Sadly, Auditore was killed while trying to defend his town from the Borgia family.

14 What? Secret Levels In Super Mario Bros.?

via: businessinsider.com

Whether you've finished Super Mario Bros. or not (yes, I'm looking at you, Minecraft kids), every gamer will mostly notice the level's design that is easily a visual landmark in the Super Mario series. What gamers doesn't know is that other levels are "hidden" in Super Mario Bros.

These secret worlds are glitch levels that the player can access through multiple ways. The most known way to access it would be to perform a crouch back jump at the last pipe of the 1-2 level. By doing it, the player will be able to walk through the wall and access warp room. If the player takes the only visible pipe, then they'll end up in the rumored glitch level. Commonly named the "Minus World," there's not much to do here, except swimming underwater endlessly, while observing the different glitches in the level. Fortunately, the glitch is still present in the Virtual Console on Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Give it a try!

13 Superhuman Mario Bros. Or Different Species Mario Bros.?

via: amny.com

Super Mario Odyssey may be a success, but it is the first game that raises questions about Mario's place in the human chain. First, It is the first game that features regular humans, most commonly known as New Donkers. Though series creator Shigeru Miyamoto has said many times that Mario was human, we still find It questionable that he doesn't share the same physical traits as the New Donkers.

Mario seems very small and more cartoonish than the New Donkers; he physically looks like a chubby middle-aged man (though he's only 24 years old) and his vocabulary is very limited. On the other side, Mario's physical level surpasses any Olympic athletes. Have any of them been able to defeat enemies like Mario? Whether to consider Mario a superhuman or not, is definitely up for debate.

12 Yoshi's A Traitor!

via: youtube.com (EmptyGarbageCan)

It's only right to say that Yoshi is Mario's most trusted companion. Mainly serving as Mario's mounted dinosaur, Yoshi also saved Baby Mario a few times, in his Yoshi's Island series. With that much history, Its only right for players to assume that Yoshi will forever be Mario's "BFF." Unfortunately, It hasn't always been the case.

While Yoshi is featured as a playable character in Super Mario 64 DS, Yoshi makes a cowardly appearance in its original Nintendo 64 version. If players manage to get the 120 stars and defeat Bowser, they will unlock a cannon outside of Peach's castle. Should they propel Mario to the top right side of the castle, they'd see Yoshi walking around. Though he greets you with a special message from the staff team and 100 extra lives, we still can't forgive him for not assisting Mario in the very beginning of the game!

11 Luigi Was Once Contracted By Dracula

via: youtube.com (Cobradvs)

Part-time plumber and Part-time ghostbuster, we sometimes feel that Luigi is not properly credited. After all, he helped Mario save the kingdom a few times, and he even rescued him on many occasions. Despite that, It seems that Luigi's will forever be second to Mario, a position that also lands him with the worst contracts of the plumbing company.

In Castlevania: Lord of Shadows - Mirror of Fate, there is a Luigi easter egg that can be found in the castle's sewers. In the note, Luigi is disgusted by the look of the gutters and even describes the decaying way of the castle's pipe as something that "would perturb even my dear brother Mario." There is also a clin d'oeil to the powered mushroom from Mario, in which Luigi is curious to try them. We hope you'll make the right decision, Luigi.

10 Mario Wasn't Always A Good Guy

via: youtube.com (DarkEncodesRising)

Mario first appeared in the arcade game Donkey Kong. Initially referred to as Jumpman, Mario must save his girlfriend Pauline from the hands of his ape pet Donkey Kong. Though the player casts Mario as a hero, the backstory of the game is entirely the opposite. It is revealed that DK was motivated to kidnap Pauline as a revenge of getting mistreated by his master. Mario deserved this situation, and yet, we helped him without even questioning his intentions.

Following the events of Donkey Kong, Mario is officially introduced as a villain in the sequel, Donkey Kong Jr. Having locked Donkey Kong in a cage, Mario must be defeated by the new protagonist, Donkey Kong Jr (yup, that's DK's son) to complete the game. While we prefer to have Mario on our side, we sure hope players would think twice about helping Mario in his next game.

9 All These Fake-Bowsers

via nintendoenthusiast.com

My first encounter with Bowser, from World 1-4 of Super Mario Bros. (I was five years old, for the record), was a crucial moment in shaping my path as a gamer; it helped me understand the concept of a boss character. You can imagine my confusion when I saw Bowser appearing again in the next castle. Though I've lived under the pretense that Bowser had many lives, (thanks for the lie, uncle Chad), It would take me more than 20 years to find out the truth behind it.

The previous encountered Bowsers are fake; they're only common Super Mario foes wearing Bowser costumes to fool Mario (Goomba, Koopa, etc). If Mario throws a few fireballs at the replicas, the costume will disappear, and the real enemy will be shown, defeated. On a side note, we highly advise kids NOT to ask their uncle anything that is video-game related. Instead, ask your favorite website, The Gamer!

8 Super Mario Bros. 3 Was Just A Play

Via: Youtube (nesguide)

Despite the popularity of the original Super Mario Bros., retro Mario Bros. fans would consider Super Mario Bros. 3 as the best entry in the series. The gameplay and presentation is simply an enriched version of the previous Super Mario games at the time.

What's most surprising is that Super Mario Bros. 3 is not even a "game," itself. From the game's intro to the object's overshadows, many fans theorized that the game was simply a stage play instead of a full-fledged adventure. It would take more than three decades for Miyamoto to finally confirm this fan theory, while promoting Super Mario Maker, in 2015. Quite the idea, Nintendo! If all theatre was this entertaining, we'd never leave the playhouse.

7 Using His Fist For Fury

via thelimomon.deviantart.com

Whether it was the original Super Mario Bros. or Super Mario 64, I've always had the impression that Mario was knocking the blocks with his strong head, due to the game's emphasis on jumping. After more than 20 years of playing Mario, It is with regret that I announce to you that we were wrong, all along.

During a promotional video for Super Mario Maker, Super Mario series creator Shigeru Miyamoto took time to answer a few myths about Mario. When he was asked If Mario was breaking the blocks with his fists, Miyamoto confirmed by putting his fist in an arc position. This fact came as a shock to me, as I've always thought otherwise. If Mario fans remembered playing Super Mario 64, they'd notice that Mario would break blocks with his head. Though this fact doesn't change anything about Mario, we still feel like our whole childhood was a lie.

6 Super Mario Bros. Was Initially Supposed To Be NES' Last Game

Via: logos.wikia.com

The mid-80s were a dark period for the video game industry, due to the 1983's video game crash. Partially because of the saturation of entertainment system, many video games companies had to close shop. Miraculously, Nintendo emerged as the leader in the video game industry with the NES being the most popular console. What people often don't know is that Super Mario Bros. was initially supposed to be the last major NES title.

Nintendo was already on the verge of replacing the NES with the Famicom Disk System. The game was supposed to be the last title that would showcase the power of the console. Instead, Super Mario Bros. became one of the most successful games in video game history, with more than 40 million sales, and It helped popularise the 2D side-scroller genre. Talk about luck.

5 You Could Return To Where You Died In Super Mario Bros.

via creation7x24.deviantart.com

Except for a few titles, most NES games weren't able to save their progress. Though most games would be short to complete, It was still frustrating for players to lose their progress, after a game over (iGeneration kids will never know the struggle). The original Super Mario Bros. was no exception to the rule; only skilled players were exempted from it.

However, it is possible for players to resume their game back to where they initially died.If players were to press the A button plus Start button after the game over screen, the game would revert to the stage they died along with three lives. Pretty neat, isn't it? Though using cheat goes against the golden rules of gaming, we're ready to make an exception for this one.

4 Super Mario Bros. 2 Was Inspired By Another Game.

via: screenrant.com

We can understand the stress that many video game companies have to deal while making a follow-up to a successful game. It might have been the case for Super Mario Bros. 2. While the initial build of the game was to be similar than his predecessor, the programmers scrapped it, as the levels were deemed too complicated.

While developing Super Mario Bros. 2, Shigeru Miyamoto was also helping to develop a Japan-only game called Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic. This very game would serve as the pillar of Super Mario Bros. 2, as the stages, gameplay, and main foes, were directly taken from it. The programmers simply adjusted the difficulty to make the game easier and replaced the main protagonists with Mario's crew (Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad). Also, Shy-Guys and Birdo, two of Super Mario series' most recognizable foes, were initially introduced in Yume Kojo, before finding fame in Super Mario Bros. 2.

3 Mario Almost Became A Gun Slinger

via: fnatirfanmario.deviantart.com

Before there was Wing Caps, FLUDD, or Cappy, Mario's offensive move consisted of jumping or throwing fireballs. While these are commonly known as Mario's signature moves, you'd be shocked to know that his original was significantly different than his current look.

During an interview with Famitsu, Miyamoto revealed that Mario was initially supposed to jump into a cloud while shooting a gun to attack his enemies. The gun would have shot in an 8 axis radius, too. Quite a different Mario, isn't it? However, the idea was dropped as he wanted to keep the jumping aspect of the character. Somehow, we find It hard to think that our favorite plumber could've been a cloud commando.

2 RIP Luigi

via reddit.com

We have to admire Luigi for overcoming his fears to rescue his brother, in Luigi's Mansion. Being left in a haunted mansion with a simple vacuum would scare even the toughest of us. While we got to follow Luigi on his journey, one scene particularly grabbed our attention. While there's a blackout in the mansion, Luigi must get to the Telephone Room where they must answer to a panicked Toad. Upon talking on the phone, a bolt of lightning will light up the room, which will, in turn, reveal a shadow that depicts Luigi's hanging himself. Whether the intention of putting the shadow in the game has been much disputed, many fan theories were made to give sense to it. While some fans interpretations make a lot of sense, others seem to be too far-fetched.

1 Mario Might Have Taken STUFF

via: lalegal.cl

The Super Mario series' setting is a truly bizarre one; an Italian plumber cast as the main hero, a human princess that rules over humanoid genderless mushrooms, and an evil giant turtle that tries to kill them. To top it off, Mario gets stronger upon eating a powered-up red mushroom.

What few people know is that this mushroom is based off a fungus called Amanita Muscaria. While Its form has been watered down for the Super Mario universe, Its effect remains somewhat similar. Eating this mushroom can cause micropsia, which causes the person to perceives objects smaller than they appear. When translated into Mario's universe, it is possible that players get to control Mario, while he's under the influence of mushrooms. Either way, we're glad Mario isn't the subject of a DEA investigation.

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