20 Incredible Custom PlayStation Consoles (And 10 That Should Never Have Been Made)

To some people, the way they play and what they play on says a lot about them as a person. It, at the very least, shows what a gamer has a preference over. Handhelds to PCs, PCs to consoles. Which console a person picks tells a lot about them too, especially since certain series are exclusives to certain titles. Anyone who is a fan of Mario or the Legend of Zelda series probably stands hard for Nintendo, Halo fanatics are usually loyal to Xbox, and then there's PlayStation that has a number of exclusive games that can range from God of War to something more "family-friendly," like Spyro.

Gamers take their consoles seriously, and why shouldn't they? Just for the amount of money, we drop on Next Gen consoles and games one could consider a console to be an investment worth several hundreds of dollars! So, of course, most gamers are pretty proud of their consoles, some are even proud enough to want to show them off.

How does a gamer show off their console? But customizing it! Whether its adding simple decals, painting it another color or pulling out all the stop and giving the whole console a "facelift," gamers have been customizing their consoles for years. And one of the most customized consoles is the PlayStation. Sometimes a customization can turn out really cool, and other times it can turn out pretty... bad. Here is a list of 20 incredible custom PlayStation consoles and 10 that should have never been made.

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30 Incredible: Tomb Raider PS2

via: vaduamka.com

This custom Tomb Raider PS2 looks awesome and begins our list. The Tomb Raider series is a classic PlayStation game following its protagonist Lara Croft as she travels the globe looking for lost artifacts that are often connected to otherworldly powers. The game and Lara Croft herself got a reboot in 2003 but the original Lara and Tomb Raider games still hold a special place in our hearts. And this PS2 makes us relive all the action-packed moments of past games, looking like it belongs in one of the tombs Lara herself has adventured in.

29 Incredible: God Of War PS4

via: vaduamka.com

This custom PS4 God of War console is one of our personal favorites. The God of War series follows Kratos, a former Spartan soldier that finds himself on a dark path of anger and vengeance against the Olympian gods. Without giving away too many spoilers, the newest God of War game finds Kratos in a new environment with a new weapon and (the most surprising) a son named Atreus. The design of the consoles gives simple but cool nods to the game's Norse environment and incorporates the God of War logo in a nice shade of Kratos red.

28 Never Should Have Been Made: Spyro The Dragon PS1

via: samuraismufette.deviantart.com

We love Spyro. It's one of the classic PlayStation games. So its a real shame to see a custom Spyro the Dragon PlayStation turn out bad. We see the thought process behind the design, an image of Spyro with one of his cocky little looks.

But the art style just doesn't really work for us.

It's kind of flat and we're pretty sure Spyro never had blue eyes in any rendition we've seen him in. And the blue painted sky (what we assume is the sky because of the two clouds) is kind of flat and boring too.

27 Incredible: NES Inspired PS4

via: gottabemobile.com

Retro has been making a comeback lately, especially within the gaming community. Gaming companies have been bringing back old classics as they are or reinventing them for Next Gen consoles. Nintendo had even, according to The New York Times, released the NES console that fits in the palm of a gamer's hands, and already loaded with 30 classic games like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. So we thought this NES inspired PS4 was a nice little homage to the classic gaming console. It is very simple in design but sometimes the simplest of things are the best.

26 Incredible: Mortal Kombat PS1

via: gamingkick.wordpress.com

For most gamers who enjoy fighting games, the Mortal Kombat series probably ranks high on their list. Known for its violence, especially in the case of its finishing moves known as "Fatalities," Mortal Kombat is a nitty-gritty fighting game that doesn't pull any punches. And this PlayStation might be simple in design but, in our opinion, perfectly captures the spirit of the series. The dragon symbol that has been the logo for the series since the first game and the controller with a bit of blood-splatter are simple but nice touches that really show what the series is all about.

25 Never Should Have Never Been Made: Dark Souls III PS4

via: dorkly.com

Readers might think we're being a little nitpicky with putting this Dark Souls 3 custom PS3 on the "Should Have Never Been Made" side of the list but we have our reasons. The reason we have a problem with this PS3 is that we can't see any correlation to Dark Souls at all. The series, in general, has a number of things that could have been incorporated into the design. Like locations like Firelink Shrine or Anor Londo, characters like the Shrine Maiden or Blacksmith Andre. Even putting just the bonfire on it would have saved it.

24 Incredible: Assassin's Creed PS3

via: pinterest.com

The Assassin's Creed series follows the amazing story of an epic rivalry between two secret societies, the Knights Templar and the Assassins. The player both takes control of Desmond Miles and his various ancestors during different timelines. In Assassin's Creed III the game is set during colonial times and around the events of the United State's Revolutionary War.

And this awesome custom PlayStation 3 is inspired by the game's logo and theme.

The top really looks like it had been taken off a colonial ship and screwed into a PlayStation 3 with how realistic the wood looks.

23 Incredible: Fallout PS4

via: pinterest.com

Fallout 4 is the fifth installment of the Fallout series, set ten years after the events of Fallout 3. The game follows the character known as the "Sole Survivor" as they travel the post-apocalyptic world to find their son and avenge their spouse. And we think this custom PlayStation 4 based on the game would fit right in the nuclear Massachusetts wasteland. It's in a nice shade of green and not only has the game's title but the smiling face of Vault Boy, the mascot for the Vault-Tec corporation.

22 Should Have Never Been Made: Final Fantasy VII Midgar PS1

via: dualshockers.com

Final Fantasy 7 is probably considered one of the most popular games of the series and ironic considering that it not only is it getting a remake, according to Express.co.uk (it'll come out at some point in 2019), but has spanned a number of spinoff games, shorts, and movies featured in the same game setting and with the same characters. Anyone who is a fan of the game will recognize what this PlayStation is modeled after: Midgar, one of the major locations in the game. Though Midgar is detailed, the rest of the console looks a little sloppy.

21 Incredible: Metal Gear Solid PS1

via: vaduamka.com

Metal Gear Solid was the first Metal Gear game released on the PlayStation. It follows the iconic Solid Snake as he goes to take down the renegade special forces unit known as FOXHOUND. Many considered it to be one of the greatest games in video game history as it helped create the stealth genre we see in many games today. And this PlayStation makes for the perfect homage to the series with its design. It looks like it's made up of worn and weathered metal really captures the grittiness of Solid Snake and of the series.

20 Incredible: Dragon Ball FighterZ PS4

via: vaduamka.com

It might come as no surprise to our readers that here we really like Dragonball Z. The anime has been a hit around the globe and has spawned many games. The newest game Dragon Ball FighterZ has been one of the most anticipated games by fans. So its only fitting that a custom PS4 in celebration for the game was made and we're total geeking out over how it looks!

The stadium for the World Martial Arts Tournament is a great way to capture the spirit of the game.

We love the attention to detail of the battle damaged ring!

19 Should Have Never Been Made: Pink Graffiti PS2

via: ebay.com

The shade of pink is a pretty muted color that looks like the shade of bubblegum once it has been chewed for a while. The graffiti on top is so random and jumbled together that we can't really make out what its supposed to be. Are these brand logos or just a bunch of random "cool-looking" stickers? And the fact that the buttons on the side and the slots to plug in the controllers were left black when the rest of it is either white or pink or really puts us off.

18 Incredible: Pro Evolution Soccer PS4

via: custom-art.blogspot.com

This PlayStation 4 console is another work of Vaduamka's. It is another simple but really cool design. We were blown away when we realized all the words not only make up a soccer field but they make up the logo for the 2015 Pro Evolution Soccer. We think (it's a little hard to tell), that the field and the logo are made up of all the players' names featured in the game, and the tagline for the game "The Pitch is Ours" right in the middle of the in bold red really pops against all the black and white.

17 Incredible: Megaman PS1

via: custom-art.blogspot.com

Mega Man has been around for a long time. He's one of Capcom's star players since 1987. The games feature Mega Man battling other robots who are usually under the control of Dr. Willy. Starting out on the NES, Mega Man has crossed over onto other platforms including the PlayStation. And we love this custom Mega Man PlayStation that features our hero front and center with two classic enemies behind him. It's done in a mix of the original Mega Man art style and something a little bolder. The shading and the splashes of white behind the characters really make the whole image pop.

16 Should Have Never Been Made: Castlevania PS1

via: azazealalterconsole.deviantart.com

Castlevania is probably one of the most popular vampire-themed games of all times. The series is about a bloodline of vampire hunters who fight against Dracula and other supernatural threats that arise from Dracula's lair, Castlevania. This Playstation features the protagonist Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. There are a lot of nice details to Alucard in the center of the PS1 but the same details weren't given to his flowing cape and make it looks like whoever painted it rushed at the end. And the paint job makes the console look like its covered in a layer of dust.

15 Incredible: PS1 Inspired PS3

via: imgur.com

While this custom PlayStation 3 is one of the more (and probably the most) simplistic in design, it shows that something simple could go a long way. This PlayStation 3 console is paying homage to the original PlayStation. It's in the classic PlayStation white with the PS3 logo painted in red, yellow and blue, in the colors of the old PlayStation logo.

It might be simple but it is bound to bring back a lot of nostalgia for gamers who had the original PlayStation.

Gamers can even play the old PlayStation games by streaming them from the PlayStation Store.

14 Incredible: Borderlands PS4

via: imgur.com

Borderlands 2 is the sequel for the 2009 game, Borderlands. It features both old and new "Vault Hunters" on the planet Pandora five years after the events of the first game. The president of the Hyperion Corporation, "Handsome Jack," rules the planet and the new valuable resource called "Eridium" with an iron fist as rumors of another Vault spread across the planet. This sick looking PlayStation console captures the feel of the game with a really cool looking ombre effect with the orange and yellow, and the lights behind the game's title that really illuminate it.

13 Should Have Never Been Made: BioShock Infinite PS4

via: pinterest.com

BioShock Infinite is the third installment of the BioShock series. It's set in an alternate timeline for the United States in 1912. It follows the main character Booker DeWitt as he goes to rescue a girl named Elizabeth who has been imprisoned in the airborne city of Columbia. This BioShock Infinite console is a bit sloppily done. We can see what the modder of this console was going for as they tried to make the flag look like it was made from actual material instead of painting it on, but it looks vaguely melted.

12 Incredible: Grafitti Skull PS3

via: custom-art.blogspot.com

As far as we know, this sick looking skull isn't the logo for particular game series, but that doesn't stop it from being looking really cool and making it onto the list of Incredible Custom PlayStations. Vaduamka, or rather Vadu Amka is the artist behind this and many of the custom gaming consoles on this list. Vaduamka makes great use of the negative space of the PS3 to make the shading within the skull and the bright white and gold really pop against the black of the console. And the words "PlayStation III" in red is a nice added touch.

11 Incredible: Wipeout PS1

via: custom-art.blogspot.com

Wipeout came to the original PlayStation back in 1995 and then came back for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable in 2007 through the PlayStation Network. It's a futuristic racing game set in 2052 where the players play as racers in an anti-gravity racing league. This Wipeout-inspired custom console really gives us the futuristic techno vibes that come from the game. All the red, yellow, blue, and white really pop against the black PlayStation and makes us feel like the racing craft is really coming towards us!

10 Should Have Never Been Made: Metal Gear Rising PS4

via: pinterest.com

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a spin-off of the Metal Gear series. It follows Raiden, who was in both Metal Gear Solid 2 and 4, who must fight against a private military company known as Desperado Enforcement. The console is modeled after Raiden's new cyborg body and the glowing lights are a nice touch but the gears look more like plastic than metal. And while the glowing lights are a cool concept the letters in "Metal Gear Rising" are so squished together it is hard to really read it.

9 Incredible: R2-D2 PS1

via: picclick.com

With the popularity of the Star Wars movies, the series has spread across other media including gaming. Star Wars has a number of games across many different platforms, with the newest game, Star Wars Battlefront II, coming out for the PlayStation 4. Now we can't play that game on this custom creation but we can certainly admire the looks of this R2-D2-themed PlayStation.

It's in R2-D2's color scheme of blue and white and features the design of the top of his head in the middle.

It's almost like having our own miniature droid around, neat!

8 Incredible: Call Of Duty: Black Ops PS3

via: pinterest.com

In Call of Duty Black Ops II, players get to take on the role of both the original main character of the previous game and his son David. The game is split into two time periods, one happening in the late 1980s and the other in the future in 2025. Players actions while playing in 1980 have an effect on the story and gameplay with David. And we can't think of a better console to play the game on then this cool looking PlayStation 3. Gamers can even game in the dark with the glowing red lights along the console.

7 Should Have Never Been Made: Final Fantasy VII PS1

via: twitter.com

Final Fantasy 7 follows the story of Cloud Strife, a mercenary who works together with the organization AVALANCHE to take down Shinra. In a nutshell, this console looks very bland.

The center of the console features the Meteor logo, which is the strongest offensive spell in the entire game.

As cool as the spell is, and as crucial as the impact of this spell is to the game (no spoilers here), just having it on a plain white PlayStation with the buttons on the console colored differently doesn't make for a very cool looking design.

6 Incredible: Doom PS1

via: twitter.com

In Doom, players play as an unnamed space marine that has to fight through a high tech military base on Mars that had been overrun by monsters and demons. And this PlayStation console perfectly captures the feel of the game as it depicts our hero literally fighting off demons. The console is on a nice shade of ombre-like red, orange, and yellow, and we love that the title of the first episode of the game "Knee Deep In The Dead" is on the front of the console.

5 Incredible: Call Of Duty: WWII PS4

via: vaduamka.com

We think this custom console is pretty cool. Inspired by Call of Duty WWII  that came out in 2017 and had, according to Kotaku.com, "a rocky start." It takes players to the battlefields of, as implied by the title, World War II, with players experiencing everything through the perspective of Private Ronald Daniels. This console, done by the talented Vaduamka, captures the feel of the game perfectly with the worn and weathered metal and the bullet holes peppered along it. The controller is nice as well, in a shade of army fatigue brown that pairs well with the console.

4 Should Have Never Been Made: Assassin's Creed PS3

via: pinterest.com

Here is an example of a custom console having a pretty good concept but going too far. With the Assassin's Creed series there is a lot of cool concepts that can be used to customize a player's console, and we definitely have seen an example of it done right previously on this list. The line between what makes a console cool and what makes it not gets drawn when its functionality is hindered by "style." It's got a lot of "cool" elements to it but sometimes less is more, and this is one of those times.

3 Incredible: Crash Bandicoot PS4

via: vaduamka.com

For a lot of gamers, the news that the Crash Bandicoot games were coming back was a dream come true. The N. Sane Trilogy is sure to bring back a lot of nostalgic feels for 90s gamers, and what better way to play the re-mastered game than on a custom Crash Bandicoot console like the one shown above? This console by Vaduamka looks great with weathered stones, the vines, and the beautiful detailed Aku Aku decorating it. The controller has a nice touch to it as well, not sacrificing functionality for looks.

2 Incredible: Hogwarts PS4

via: vaduamka.com

So we just might be a bunch of fanboys and girls for the artist Vaduamka and most of his custom consoles, but who could really blame us when he creates works of art. One of his last pieces on the list is this PlayStation 4 with the Hogwarts castle decorating it.

It really is one of the most incredible custom builds with all of its intricate and beautifully crafted details.

The grass and water look so real and we're half expecting to see little wizards and witches zooming around the castle on broomsticks.

1 Should Have Never Been Made: Mortal Kombat PS1

via: pix3lparadis3.deviantart.com

And we end our list with a classic PlayStation and someone's attempt at creating the Mortal Kombat logo. Unlike the one previous listed, this one falls short on the awesome scale and lands somewhere in the 'awful'. We can see what the person was going for and the got the right color scheme but we're pretty sure the Elder Gods would not pleased with this adaptation of their symbol. The dragon symbol looks like it fits into a more light-hearted game series than the brutal fighting series that Mortal Kombat is.

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