25 Incredible Fan Reimaginings Of The Avengers Characters (That We Didn’t Expect)

The Avengers characters have been put into brand new situations by talented fan artists, and we have the best ones.

The Avengers. Over the years this group of heroes has grown in popularity with each Marvel film that they appear in. From the original six members to the newer members that have cropped up with the latest films, there are many different characters that fans have come to love. And with different characters comes all sorts of fan art.

The biggest thing to be found with Avenger fan art, other than funny, cute, and emotional situations, are ones that transform the characters. Whether it be them as the opposite gender or them as cute animals, there’s no shortage of photos that feature reimaginings of these popular characters. Still, with so many photos you tend to expects things like Steve Rogers in modern clothing or Spider-Man with a redesigned costume.

Oh, there’s nothing wrong with these pieces; they all give great looks for the characters that should be appreciated. However, it’s also nice to have photos that shake things up a bit. It may not be big but designs like Hawkeye as something other than an agent or archer always makes for an interesting photo. Any photo that takes a different step from most is always interesting and can inspire all kinds of fun ideas. Whether it be Tony Stark as something other than an inventor or Iron Man or the Hulk in a different style, photos that give a twist or a surprise to any character is always fun. Here are some photos that prove it.

25 Behold The Mighty Butcher, Thor!

via: shootingnova2.tumblr.com

There have been different modern designs and renditions of this blond haired character, but to have him as a butcher of all things seems strangely fitting out of everything. Really, think about it: the guy is from a warrior community. That, and he’s been noted as a hunter as well; the idea of him having this job is strangely fitting. Kudos to shootingnova for coming up with this clever idea. The image of him being this cheerful butcher who would remember every one of his customers while ending up as having the best cuts around works so well.

24 It's One Ant-Man

via: shamserg.deviantart.com

Out of all the characters that could have been styled as the impossibly strong character from One Punch Man, Ant-Man is not the first one to come to mind. And yet, shamserg somehow managed to make him look perfect in that cape and pose. Just looking at the photo you can already hear the One Punch Man theme going. The idea of him being a hero that can literally be an ant while also being able to take out incredibly large enemies with a single punch just seems like the perfect idea.

23 He’s Ready To Give A Beat

via: andresmoncayo.com

Steve Rogers has had his fair of artists giving him a modern look. And with him having the nickname “Punk,” photos featuring him with tattoos and a mohawk isn’t a surprise. Andrés Moncayo, however, clearly decided to shake things up by turning the soldier into a full-on rocker. Oh sure, he’s not the only hero to get this rocker transformation, but having the man out of time as a drummer seems strangely fitting. Drummers basically control the rhythm and tie the band together; it’s the perfect role for him.

22 He’s Styling Some New Wings

via: celestedoodles.tumblr.com

Now, this just isn’t far. Sam Wilson, a.k.a. The Falcon has already charmed quite a few fans with his loyalty and cheeky attitude; Celeste just added on this by turning him into this stylish figure. Seriously, only he would pull off that tattoo and jacket. And let’s not even get started on that hair. Still, the way that the artist combined both the old and new version of this hero and pretty much turned him into a model is some great work on their part.

21 Those Spikes May As Well Be Weapons

via: vylla-art.com

For a character who’s mainly known as a straight-laced soldier, War Machine, and Tony’s best friend, pulls off the punk look a little too well. Seriously, the way that Vylla designed him makes him look even more dangerous than he normally does. That jacket and belt may as well be styled armor and weapons. Just look at those spikes and studs; they could take out somebody if they’re not careful. And then there’s the whole look he has going on here. It’s the perfect look to show how the soldier can be one tall, dark, and intimidating figure

20 Ain’t That A Familiar Looking Shield

via: j-garou.deviantart.com

There’s all kinds of versions of Spider-Man, given the whole multiverse factor. So to have a photo of an alternative version of him without it having been done before ain’t easy. So instead, how about having the hero in a completely different role like J-Garou did here? Well, technically, this is supposed to be a Spider version of Steve Rogers, but the idea of Spider-Man having his own shield and jumping into battle is a rather awesome image. Can you just imagine him using a gun? The artist dished out a rather solid fusion here.

19 A Perfect Vintage Look

via: terryshinigami.deviantart.com

You know, there aren't enough photos that really explore this character. Sure, he isn’t the biggest of names among The Avengers characters, but he’s a character that’s got some solid design potential. Just look at this piece by terryshinigami: he looks like some sort of robotic type of vigilante. Obviously, this is meant to be a sort of steampunk look for the character, but the way his mask and glove looks really paves some solid ideas of him being this out of time hero with gear that could be called vintage but is obviously not.

18 A Truly Bold Samurai

via: pinterest.com

There’s something both wrong yet right with this picture, and it’s not because the Captain was transformed into a Samurai. In fact, the look is some quality work. It’s the fact that there’s no sword in sight that makes this image seem... off. Seriously, when you think about a samurai, you would think of a sword and armor. The idea of a samurai character only battling with a shield is rather epic. Can you just imagine a single samurai leading a whole army to victory with only a shield? Now that’s a legend in the making.

17 He’s Got His Claws Upgraded

via: reza-ilyasa.deviantart.com

First off, let it be made clear that Black Panther’s original look is an amazing piece of work that suits the character and his background… but look at this. Reza-ilyasa basically made a version of the king with larger claws. Just look at that shoulder blade; pun not intended. With this look, he looks less like a slick panther and more like a beast that could take you out with a single swipe. Heck, he wouldn’t even have to do much to cause damage to his opponent.

16 Embracing The Name

via: chasingartwork.deviantart.com

There are all kinds of reimaginings of this red and blue hero. Many photos that transform him aren’t that big of a surprise. With ChasingArtwork’s piece here however, they took a whole other kind of route. It’s meant to be a robot version of the webbed hero, but it looks more like a mashup of him getting a robotic upgrade and gaining mutant abilities. With this look, he pretty much has the image to match the name. And you can already hear the conspiracy theories from fans going wild as a result.

15 Something Is Off Here

via: pixiv.net

Okay, who else is feeling weird seeing Hawkeye without his usual bow and arrow? Like, Nego had meant for this to be an alternate universe version of the two, and they’re clearly meant to be types of soldiers, but this picture just seems wrong.

Seeing Hawkeye not using a bow and arrow is just plain weird.

It’s like seeing Cap use a sword instead of a shield or Thor using magic instead of his hammer. They would look awesome, sure, but it would make for an odd picture as well. Certain things just fit.

14 It’s Jekyll And Hulk

via: tarusov.com

Looking at this, it’s like seeing three different but similar ingredients being dropped into a pot, then mixed into this weird yet fascinating fairy tale image. Seriously, this looks like it would make for a perfect book cover or poster. Andrew Tarusov basically brought a new look into a well-known story. It’s not news that the Hulk’s story holds a slight similarity with the Jekyll and Hyde tale, but the idea of the Hulk’s story being a Tim Burton-like animation holds a whole lot of story potential.

13 He’d Own The Skies With Those Wings

via: mechinaries.tumblr.com

Sam Wilson may as well be known as the man of the skies, given his story and his role in the group. Now, giving him wings is no surprise. Giving him three sets of wings and turning him into a guardian angel, though? That’s pretty much jumping outside the box and then painting over it with something new. Just looking at him here, you can tell he would be one cheeky angel who’d have a surprisingly soothing singing voice and would basically rule the skies. Kudos to mechi for their creative flair here.

12 Anyone See A Difference?

via: bear-in-the-box.tumblr.com

Seriously, Loki is a shapeshifter, so it’s a surprise that not that many people jumped on this wagon. Sure, it’s understandable that more people find appeal with the emotional and funny side of the character, but Bear in the Box here gave a perfect non-human looking form for the god without touching his Jotun side. Sure, there are some aspects that would not apply to his character, but the idea of Loki causing mischief and chaos via dreams and achieving this kind of form is something he would definitely do.

11 A True Fan Image

via: maxkennedy24.tumblr.com

There’s symbolism going on here, but we’re not going to touch on that. What we are going to touch on is the fact maxkennedy24 hit a rather interesting concept here. Throughout most of, well, all of his time in the films, Bucky basically went through a constant battle. It’s easy to see that Bucky would see himself as a demon at one point. And then there’s the whole thing with Steve. This might as well be a summarized image of not only their journey but how fans perceive them.

10 You Can Just Hear His Roar

via: briannacherrygarcia.deviantart.com

As amazing as this Gargoyles-style rendition of Thor is, he also looks like a sort of humanoid dragon with the way those claws and wings are. Either way, this look is way too fitting for the Thunder God.

Just imagine him having an actual roar.

Then there are those claws and talons; heck, he may as well be some sort evolved version of himself. If you think about it, briannacherrygarcia gave a perfect alien/beast look to the royal.

9 Someone Reached A Whole New Beast Level

via: lyntonlevengood.deviantart.com

If he wasn’t dangerous enough as a raging mountain of muscle, then he’s pretty much a walking hazard sign in this form. Usually, fans would have the green man as something cute or funny. To have him as not only something completely different, but a dragon no less, is reaching new heights of epicness. And we have LyntonLevengood to thank for this rather awesome piece. Honestly, The Hulk doesn’t have enough images that give him a different look, and to see him with wings that could crush anything seems perfect.

8 A Truly Fearsome Bird

via: artstation.com

There are little to no renditions of Hawkeye without his bow and arrow. A fantasy rendition that gives him a completely different look is an interesting step, done by Daniel Kamarudin. Just look at him here; he looks some sort of bird creature from the shadows and mist.

He might as well be a walking bad omen.

It doesn’t help that we can’t tell if he’s wearing a mask and those are clearly not normal arrows. Now imagine if he could control birds, somehow.

7 He's Got Some Extra Features

via: artstation.com

So basically, Daniel Kamarudin added more fiction to the science fiction figure that is Vision and came up with something pretty epic. It’s pretty surprising that there isn't more art exploring this character. The artist clearly showed he would make for a solid looking mage and basically upgraded his look. With that armor, he may be able to surprise his opponents by being able to do close combat. Really, there needs to be more exploration of this character; there’s so much that could be added to him in fan art.

6 He’d Be The Red Iron

via: ironfries.tumblr.com

You all know if we ever imagined the Avenger characters in an older time, we would imagine Tony as some sort of blacksmith or inventor. Well, clearly marr decided to take a different route here and went with something not many would think of first.

For sure he’d have a pirate name with red or iron in it.

The way that he looks here, Tony would make for one high rate pirate. And with Steve Rogers being an authority figure, you can just see these two have some sort of cat and mouse game.

5 Breaking The Norms, As Expected

via: kevinwada.tumblr.com

There is definitely no way that Natasha Romanoff would be a normal lady in the world of Hamilton, and kevin wada clearly knows that. While she would have no trouble integrating as a noble lady, she’d definitely find a way to do or be more.

She’s a spy and assassin, she ain’t going to be idle in war. Her somehow finding a way to become a soldier is definitely something she would do. And hey, it helps that she looks like she fits right in with that uniform. The little web mask is also a nice touch.

4 Different Show, Same Idea

via: annmarcellino.tumblr.com

Over the years, Sailor Moon has had its fair share of mashups and crossovers with all kinds of fandoms. For Loki of all characters to get the scout transformation treatment is a pretty expected surprise. Of course he would look fabulous as a Sailor Scout, and we have Ann Marcellino to thank for this image. There’s so much personality going on with this image, and the way the artist mixed Loki’s armor into the scout is a nice touch. Now just imagine a transformation sequence for her; now that would be amazing.

3 The True Red Queen

via: rdjlock.tumblr.com

Out of all the male Avengers, of course it would be Tony who would be able to pull off the Red Queen’s outfit and still look fabulous. And okay, the way he’s pulling off that makeup is so not fair. It doesn’t help that with RDJlock’s design, he pretty looks good as any male or female character. Pretty much any scene where he enters with his suit or his suit comes on, it’s like he’s setting a stage and the crowd is going wild. He’d for sure rock this role.

2 Now We’ve Got Confused Animal Names Here

via: pinterest.com

We all know that Marvel is a part of Disney now, and there are all kinds of crossover possibilities to be made. This right here, though? Say what you will, but this is one mashup that goes beyond ambitious. Honestly, would she even be able to have the Black Widow name in this form? Heck, what would even be her code name or regular name for the matter? This is one solid transformation but it raises a whole lot of questions.

1 More Winter Than Soldier

via: 4steex.deviantart.com

To have a character be turned into an animal and have them be cute and funny is not something new. Having a character be turned into an owl and look this majestic is an achievement in itself. Courtesy of 4steex, this seems like the perfect spirit animal for Bucky Barnes, and it’s not because of his title. The way those eyes pierce into you and the realism of the photo really drive in an intimidating factor for this character. And while the hair is weird, the whole vest and metal wing really tie the whole look together.

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