22 Incredible Fan Reimaginings Of The Family Guy Kids

The Family Guy kids have been constantly reimagined by talented fan artists. Here are some of the best works we found.

At this point, Family Guy has done a ridiculous amount of parodies, satirical references, and obscure cutaway gags. The main character, Peter, has worked many different jobs and had many different life experiences, most referenced in the famous cutaway scenes. Sometimes his three unlucky children play a part in these. But they don’t often get their own space in the spotlight.

Okay, baby Stewie does, as possibly the most popular character, but the teenage Griffin children are often given mundane or contradicting storylines compared to the adventures of the rest of the family. These fan arts show what adventures the Griffin children are having alongside their father’s weird activity! And boy, are they up to a lot.

Although the show certainly isn’t what it used to be, the older episodes still make me laugh as if I were watching them for the first time. Even the occasional newer episode can be a hilarious gem (but I’ll admit that it’s rare). So, it’s nice to see that fans still pay tribute to it through their artwork. It’s amazing that after all these years, fans can still have fun with these characters despite the dramatic change in the quality of the show. This art is all high quality, some of them as funny as the old episodes of the show. Most of these imaginings are just really fun, but a few are quite sweet. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is which.

22 Why So Stewie?

via deviantart.com/orbitalwings

This just looks so perfect, doesn’t it? Despite how much his character has evolved since the show first aired, I always remember the scheming little baby from the early season.

These characters have a lot in common. Their only interests are in destruction and domination. They can’t really be reasoned with.

Stewie, even if he is just a little toddler, has packed so much villainy into his life. He doesn’t even have a nemesis like Batman! I’m sure the Joker would be very proud. Or maybe see him as a threat! It’s all about perspective.

Artwork by OrbitalWings.

21 Stewie Of Thrones

via dailydot.com

You thought Cersei was a villainous ruler? You haven’t seen anything yet! Game of Thrones is probably the most parodied modern show. Scenes from it have been parodied in Family Guy multiple times, including the famous “shame” scene. These programs are both popular for very different reasons and share a lot of the same audience. This feels like a really good idea for a fanart as both characters are villainous in similar ways. If you compare an image of Cersei on the throne to this, Stewie looks way more devilish. That smirk will only lead to destruction.

Artwork by E Lasorda.

20 Witchy Meg

via: edenleo.deviantart.com

I can definitely appreciate this new look for Meg. Meg is a lot tougher than people give her credit for, having to survive her childhood in a very cruel household. So why can’t she be a tough witch? Although this character does look like a typical “femme fatale,” I like that she wears glasses. Since they’re still associated with being “nerdy,” even when so many people wear them. This Meg looks like someone that I wouldn't want to mess with.

Artwork by Edenleo.

19 Sailor Chris

via deviantart.com/jadgirl666

Sailor Moon will always be one of the best anime shows I’ve ever seen. Just so long as you’re watching the English subtitled version and not the dub version that denies the existence of LGBT people.

I’ve seen a lot of character parodies of this show, but this is one I never thought I’d see.

The contrast between the characters here; Rei being confident and independent, while Chris is awkward and crude, is part of what makes this fun. The outfit has been adapted for the new character so well that I can’t help but laugh.

Artwork by JADgirl666.

18 The Smith-Griffins

via deviantart.com/yeldarb86

This is a reimagining of a different kind. Even though Family Guy is a cartoon and a comedy, the Griffin family’s treatment of Meg really makes me uncomfortable at times. Even in animated form, that level of wrong can’t possibly be funny.

So, I like to imagine her with a happy future. Where she is safe, loved, and where nobody can hurt here. It is, however, a little weird that neither Hayley or Meg have changed their style after so many years. But so long as they are comfortable it doesn’t really matter.

Artwork by Yeldarb86.

17 Leader Stewie

via deviantart.com/leeroberts

Given that, as a toddler, Stewie is already a genius, building machines and weapons grown-ups haven’t developed yet, there is no doubt that he will be a bigger genius when he gets older.

With experience and hard work, there is no reason why he couldn’t end up as a leader.

(Mind you, recent years have proven you don’t need genius, experience, or even a soul.) But when he does rise to power, the world is going to have some tough years ahead of them! As we’ve already established, Stewie is smart but villainous!

Artwork by LeeRoberts.

16 Chris Snow

via dailydot.com

As if there would only be one Game of Thrones-themed entry on this list! Like the last Chris entry, Chris and Jon Snow are polar opposites. Which, in their defense, is probably due to their very different backgrounds and upbringing. Even so, Chris has on many occasions shown passion, compassion, and empathy. Traits he shared with Snow. They’ve also both been forced into bravery at times. I love the Brian sword so much! I feel like the artist could make those and sell them at any nerdy convention in the world.

Artwork by E Lasorda.

15 Pharaoh Meg

via deviantart.com/napoleonxvi

While I certainly don’t condone the commercialization of the ancient Egyptian culture, which has been mocked and simplified by the modern world for decades, I do appreciate the effort put into this fan art. If this is some sort of costume party, they’ve certainly put a lot of effort into their dressing up.

There are plenty of Family Guy episodes where they tell stories or have flashbacks of the Griffins in different eras, but Meg doesn’t play a big part in these. But it’s okay because she has fans to create her own stories for her.

Artwork by Napoleonxvi.

14 Magical Griffins

via deviantart.com/elaineperna

Meg probably has a lot more in common with Harry Potter than Hermione. They both grew up in bad households. Harry was forced to live in a broom cupboard and Meg a basement.

Perhaps a letter to Hogwarts would have given Meg the life she deserved. Perhaps in the alternative Harry Potter universe, she attended the American equivalent of Hogwarts. I don’t think she would have been a Gryffindor, though (who are pretentious jerks at the end of it). Maybe a Ravenclaw, since she is pretty smart or a Hufflepuff.

Artwork by ElainePerna.

13 The Legend Of Chris

via pinterest.com

Okay, so I know Peter is in this one, but Stewie and Chris just look so cool here I couldn’t help but include it. It’s quite creepy how perfect Stewie looks as Ganon, but it’s nothing compared to how good Chris looks as Link.

They match up pretty well.

Not because they’re both blond, but because I can totally imagine Chris running around cutting down the grass with a sword and getting excited about finding the shiny things he finds. I’m picturing him more as the Wind Waker Toon Link than Twilight Princess Link.

Artwork by Eve the Strange.

12 Meg Of Gray-Skull

via deviantart.com/napoleonxvi

Doesn’t this bring back so much nostalgia? This fan art portrays Hayley and Meg as Evil-Lyn and Shadow Weaver, villains from the He-Man franchise. Despite neither character having very creative names, they at least were memorable characters. Evil-Lyn was one of the more intelligent villains in the franchise and Shadow Weaver was pretty awesome.

It’s a cute reimagining to see of Meg, given that we see so little of her face. It’s a lot more of her face than we ever saw of Shadow Weaver’s, yes, but with just the glasses we know that it’s Meg.

Artwork by Napoleonxvi.

11 Stewie Lightyear

via deviantart.com/adsta

Some of my favorite moments in Family Guy come when Stewie is just playing with his toys like a normal kid. Whether that’s coming up with weird scenarios for Rupert or telling Brian that he can’t be He-Man, it’s just nice to bring this villainous genius back to childhood for a little while.

That’s what Toy Story was all about, wasn’t it?

The bond we as children form with our toys and how much they mean to us, even if they are just made of plastic. So, for this one, I see it as Stewie playing Toy Story more than anything else.

Artwork by Adsta.

10 The Real Meg Griffin

via pinterest.com

After all the stupid jokes about Meg, I’d really like to see a live-action version of the character. Not that attractiveness should be considered a factor in anyone’s worth, but I’d like to see who is so unattractive they would get the amount of flack Meg gets.

I think if I were to see the real Meg Griffin, she would look more like this. Just like a normal teenage girl.

At this point in Family Guy, I’d love it if Meg stood up to her family again but didn’t take it back this time!

Artwork by Alice.

9 Emo Stewie

via: twitter.com

When I was a teenager, I was definitely emo. And I’ll stand by that with no shame! Being a teenager sucks and emo was no worse than some of the other styles of history.

If Stewie had aged normally, being one in 1998, he would be twenty or turn twenty this year.

That’s a weird enough thought as it is. But he probably would have missed the emo trend of the noughties. It’s not a bad look for him either way. He’s certainly a dark soul and his emo friends would love to hear his stories.

8 Megan Kitten

via deviantart.com/napoleonxvi

This reimagining shows Meg Griffin and Hayley Smith as Pussycat and Catwoman from the classic 1960s Batman tv show. Even though you probably couldn’t have a character called “Pussycat” on television these days, the character was really cute, and the name suited her perfectly. Meg’s excited expression in this just captures all of that. Meg probably would really admire Hayley, most of all her ability to stand up to her father. Perhaps she could teach Meg to be more confident and to have more faith in herself.

Artwork by Napoleonxvi.

7 Stewie Skellington

via deviantart.com/halloweenbloodyqueen

This is by far my favorite Disney film. Occasionally, I’ll accidentally spell “skeleton” as “Skellington” out of habit. Perhaps underneath his desire for world domination and lack of empathy for other humans going through things, Stewie wants a vacation.

Why can’t he take a break from being villainous just for a few months and become a good guy Santa Claus type character?

Take a break from building weapons and bring joy to people for a change? Probably because Stewie isn’t quite bored of it yet. Mind you he has a lot more darkness than Halloween.

Artwork by HalloweenBloodyQueen.

6 Warrior Meg

via deviantart.com/napoleonxvi

This show was silly and a little cheesy at times, but it was always fun and will be remembered as such. I also didn’t realize before how popular the Hayley and Meg pairing was, but more so I didn’t realize how many fans Meg had.

I’d love for Meg to be taken away from her current living situation and become more of a Gabrielle character, going on adventures with someone who will both protect her and teach her how to fight. I know it’ll be very different from her current situation, but hey, it’s Family Guy. There are no rules here!

Artwork by Napoleonxvi.

5 Kickin' It

via deviantart.com/sithvampiremaster27

Chris certainly isn’t the best brother in cartoon history. He is as mean to his sister as the rest of the family are and has never proven to be a good babysitter to Stewie.

I’d actually forgotten about Kyle’s game in recent years.

I guess South Park has moved on a lot since then. I’d always remembered Kyle as a good big brother, but I don’t think Ike would forget this. But this doesn’t shock me. After Brian Griffin's House of Payne, none of the family should be allowed near Stewie.

Artwork by SithVampireMaster27.

4 Mutant Stew

via nathansmuscleblog.blogspot.com

Sorry to include a Peter one again, but I really enjoyed this Stewie one. This just proves that you can put Stewie in any scenario, reimagine him as any character, but you’ll still recognize him. It’s more than that weird football-shaped head, which I always found a little disturbing. At least in Hey, Arnold! everyone’s heads were weird shapes. All other babies in Family Guy have normal heads. But those eyes and memorable scowl will always be Stewie’s. Perhaps this is one of the projects Stewie is developing.

Artwork by Nathan’s M.U.S.C.L.E.

3 Sailor Meg

via deviantart.com/jadgirl666

One thing I love about Meg is how smart she is. It’s revealed in the show that she gets mostly As and Bs, she is in a lot of advanced classes and has the potential to become a good doctor one day. But I like that it isn’t all she is as a character.

Sailor Mercury was my favorite Sailor Senshi until I discovered Sailor Uranus, but all she seemed to be was the “smart girl.” (Yet not smart enough to know that Mercury is a very hot planet, being the closest to the sun.)

Artwork by JADgirl666.

2 Chris Simpson

via deviantart.com/adsta

I know a lot of people did like the Family Guy-Simpsons cross-over, but it didn’t feel like the right move for The Simpsons. Moments of it felt too dark for Springfield.

I honestly felt like The Simpsons creators had more dignity than that.

But both shows are adult cartoons that have been around for so long, weird just familiar with them and always entertained by them. So, connecting the two comes easy. The shows are too different to exist together, but we’re glad that they both exist.

Artwork by Adsta.

1 Justice For Meg

via deviantart.com/napoleonxvi

I’m so happy to know that so many artists out there are Meg fans. There aren’t a lot of Chris fans, but there are lots of Meg fans. Meg gets wronged a lot by her family, such as when she was left out of the Justice League line-up. So, this fan decided to do things right and give her the parody she deserves! The rest of your family might have gotten that lame title sequence thing, but this you have all to yourself. (And Hayley as Wonder Woman. But she comes with love.)

Artwork by Napoleonxvi.

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