Fort-Dang: 20 Really Cool Fortnite Cosplays That Win Victory Royale

It seems like Fortnite went from being a pretty decent zombie defence game to an extremely popular Battle Royale-style game, pretty much overnight. Fortnite has gained the attention of younger gaming crowds, specifically due to its fast-paced nature and its customization. The art style is super fun to look at, as the animators clearly chose a cartoonish, fresh look.

Not to say that it is a game intended only for kids, because plenty of us adults love this game as well! Compared to PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, another very popular Battle Royale game, Fortnite can be much faster-paced and its unique building mechanic really sets it apart from the more realistic PUBG. 

The two games are actually similar, in that the goal of each round of play is to be either the last player standing or the last team standing. The games also share a continually shrinking play area in which being outside the play area will cause defeat. Perhaps the biggest similarity is the extreme feeling of pride of being that last one standing! Many streamers have used this game to boost themselves into stardom because of its extreme popularity.

With such exposure, it is no wonder that people would love to cosplay as the characters from the game or as versions of multiplayer costumes. It is important to note that Fortnite is mostly well known for its multiplayer mechanic, and that there is less room for developed and varied characters. That being said, the following cosplays exhibit amazing dedication, skill and in-game knowledge!

20 Ready To Go

Via twitter.com (zonzonzonbi)

The character costumes in the multiplayer Battle Royale portion of the game are a huge reason people play. When you have a unique look, it becomes part of your play experience. Whether people look at the outfit in awe or surprise is up to the player.

Even the pickaxe that players use in the in-game fights is customizable, and we love that level of personal investment.

From what we can tell, this is a twist on the Renegade Raider skin that you can buy in the Season Shop. The pickaxe seems to be a twist on a few different kinds of other pickaxes you can get, but hopefully the developers will add this weapon to the game as well. This cosplayer is really brave to take the costumes available and make something that fits into the world so well.

Cosplay by Zonzonzonbi

19 Suit Up!

Via reddit.com (SilentPillar)

Take one look at this cosplay and you will probably wonder how he would be able to wear this for more than a few minutes without being a sweaty mess. This outfit is a nearly perfect rendition of the Raptor skin that is available for purchase in the game. One could argue that the yellow color would hamper your ability to hide, but you can't deny how awesome you look in it.

No matter how warm it is, you know you look super cool! Even the SCAR weapon he is holding has become a staple of the game, due to its unique design compared to most modern assault rifles. The game's art style, of course, has slightly changed the traditional design to be slightly more cartoon-like appearance which is not depicted here. But, who doesn't love to see their favorite games come to life?

Picture by SilentPillar

18 At Attention!

Twitter.com (Anastasya Raider)

You know what we love the most about this? Those grenades, they are awesome! They are probably the best example of the cartoon style that Fortnite's art depicts. Ramirez's character look is very popular among cosplayers as it is easy to make and easy to recognize, so we've displayed quite a few of them on this list.

Is she really saluting? Or is she keeping the sun out of her eyes? I guess if she was blocking the light, she would not need sunglasses. Unlike the other cosplays we have seen, it is a shame that she does not have an awesome pickaxe to complete the look. With details like that on the rest of the outfit, maybe she'll pick up an equally awesome weapon of some kind. Well, besides those amazing grenades.

Cosplay by Anastasya Raider.

17 The Dreaded Skeleton

Via reddit.com (altaviC137)

Oh man, the dreaded skull trooper outfit is awesome! Seeing a player with this outfit can often send shivers up your spine because you know they have been playing for awhile and bought the skin during Halloween. That, in combination with the pink flamingo pickaxe which has been recreated perfectly, lets you know this cosplayer is a huge fan of the game.

We wonder if this is the outfit he uses in the game.

Though obviously homemade, this cosplay is nearly perfect in every way and is very impressive. If you see this guy in game, you better be careful. If he is willing to go this far with his cosplay, you can bet he plays the game enough to have a high win ratio.

Cosplay by AltaviC137

16 Who Needs Juice?

Via deskgram.com (@anastasyazelenova)

The strategic use of Slurp Juice is crucial to victory in any Fortnite round, as it heals 25 points and restores 25 shield. It should be used to heal when required, but also just to top yourself off. This Ramirez, unlike the one lower on this list, has opted to go without the blue-green healing fluid.

Ramirez looks awesome enough to leave her Slurp Juice at home. The cosplay itself is a great recreation of Ramirez, as even if it is not as professional as some of the other cosplays, it is always nice to see these homemade outfits. We love that this cosplayer left the pickaxe at home and opted for a more effective weapon. She will be sure to win this round of Fortnite!

Cosplay by Anastasiya Zelenova.

15 Taking A Break

Via twitter.com (@warpandacosplay)

Building things is a huge part of this game and, when you see a class called the Constructor, you know that class will be integral to the game. Penny is one of these constructors and cosplayer Chelsea Berry totally nails this look, not only with the costume but with that awesome hammer. Who wouldn't want a hammer like that hanging over the fireplace?

You gotta love the dedication when you can even see the wear on the metal. 

This waiting pose makes me wonder: if Fortnite were real, what would the characters be doing before the big fight? Well, we can assume that they would be hanging out and waiting for everything to get put in motion. Just like the pre-game waiting area, except probably much more intense.

Cosplay by Chelsea Barry.

14 Winged Glory

Via socialix.com (logan-paul)

Ignoring some of the other decisions in Logan Paul's past, he does make an amazing Love Ranger cosplay. If you look him up nowadays, he does a lot of streaming and he also streams himself playing Fortnite, which we love to watch.

This just goes to show that, with enough money and time, you can make a fantastic cosplay. The whole outfit is a bit of a mix of many things you can earn in Fornite and the bullet belt is a nice touch. We are especially curious about those gauntlets! Are they made of wood? Were they originally something else before being made into armor? Either way, they are pretty sweet. It is also the first time we have seen a real pickaxe in this list, so that's awesome.

Cosplay by Logan Paul.

13  Mistaken Identity

Via twitter.com (SaftigesGnu)

Apparently, the internet seems to be confused about the similarities between Ramirez cosplays and Lara Croft cosplays, as research shows. We can see how that could be an easy mistake to make, but that would take a mixture of modern and older Lara Croft games. Even so, the pickaxe really should give it away.

Now if Lara Croft had an ice pick, it would probably confuse a lot of people. Regardless, as previously stated, this character is cosplayed a lot and you are sure to find many more out there. The added touch of the pistol holster and real pickaxe are really nice. We're confused as to why she has sunglasses on and sunglasses hanging from her shirt? Seems a bit overdone.

Cosplay by Saftiges Gnu.

12 Outlandish

via swedishballerina.deviantart.com

If you do not know what an Outlander is, we can help! They are the supporting characters in the game who have the power to make additional resources, or even to create the TEDDY robot to easily defeat enemies. Their look can always be recognized due to them having a gas mask hanging from their face, and various gadgets attached to their arms.

This rendition attempts to take things in a more realistic direction with modern clothing instead of the cartoonish look. Strangely, the pistol holster located on his left hip confuses us! The pistol is in the right hand, and the rifle is on the same side as the holster.

A small oversight for an otherwise great cosplay, especially the look to that unique rifle. Then again, the cosplayer may prefer to cross-holster for easy aim?

Photo by Swedishballerina.

11 Raiders Of The Lost Battle

via picbear.club (@Nadilesca)

We have another awesome rendition of the Renegade Raider costume and the attention to detail is quite impressive. It's easy to see why cosplays are harder to find in a game that focuses on multiplayer, seeing as most cosplayers decide on the same few character options.

We love the red leg plates, and the super well-made copper chestplate!

Details like the pilot cap and the goggles really sell cosplays like this, and the cosplayer is to be commended for her efforts. If you look carefully, you'll see that the cosplayer also replicated the cool in-game lens flare visible on the reference photo on the right. The dedication is great, and we really hope to see more like this!

Picture by Nadilesca.

10 De-Luxe Ramirez

Twitter.com (laura lux)

We know, there are a lot of the Ramirez cosplays out there, but we think this might just be the best one. It has the complete package with the skull printed on the shirt, with the balanced pickaxe and the handy Slurp Juice, just in case of an emergency. Not that the other cosplays were not awesome, but this one just seems to have the most items, as you would normally see it in the game.

It is a little strange to us that no cosplays that we could find show Ramirez holding a blueprint, since we know building is a huge part of the game. Perhaps we will see more of that in the future, as this game is relatively new and is still evolving as time goes on. As more people get into the game, the cosplays will get more and more dedicated.

Cosplay by Laura Lux.

9 The Gang's All Here!

Twitter.com (Tabith Lyons)

What is a game of Fortnite without friends? We would not go so far as to say that it is not fun alone, but it is certainly not as fun as having some friends along for the ride. Whether you play the campaign or the Battle Royale, you will always have more fun in a group.

For any group to succeed, you will need a diverse set of skills to cover your bases. Different character classes have different benefits that can be used in lots of varied situations. These cosplayers show that it takes a full team to achieve victory. Their costumes are awesome and to see such a complete cosplay is rare, but to have four together with this level of quality is like finding a unicorn in your rose garden.

Cosplay by Chelsea Barry, Tabitha Lyons, Amiko Chan and one other unknown cosplayer.

8 Like A Whisper

Via twitter.com (Amiko_chan)

Did you think we were going to make this list without a ninja class? Think again! Now looking at this, you would almost think it was computer generated, but surprisingly it is not. This is just so well done with the lighting, cosplay, and background that it really  resembles something from in-game.

Hats off to her for this extremely well-done ninja cosplay. We do not know how long a costume like this would take to make, but we guess that all the handiwork alone would take at minimum a few weeks. I wonder if she made the costume alone or got help?

This very well may be the best Fortnite cosplay out there, but we will see if it may be topped in the coming years.

Cosplay by Amiko Chan.

7 Better With Two

Via youtube.com (Sftiges Gnu)

Sometimes you just can't get a crew together to play a game. Sometimes you don't feel like playing with someone you don't know. Well, that is why they have the Duos option because if you are like us, we always have at least one friend online somewhere. As previously stated, playing with a good friend is always better than playing alone.

You could argue that playing duos will make the game harder as teams are harder to take down than when you're just playing solo, but the same goes for the enemy. If they have not downloaded the game yet, tell them it is free and convince them to get it. If no one will play with you, playing with a random person on duo is always easier than a random, full team.

You could even make a new friend!

Photo by Sftiges Gnu.

6 The Man Himself

Via reddit.com (PennState67)

Constructor Kyle is one of our favorite Constructor class characters and it is a huge shame that this outfit is not part of the game, yet. It would seem that the developers of the game are a fan of the cosplay due to their response to another fan's rendition on their Twitter so we may see this in a future content update. We love the Stop sign vambrace!

If you are going to create something to fit into the universe, you have to do it right. We have been able to identify the cosplayer as PennState67, who has done an amazing job taking from the source material and making an amazing version of what he would want his character to look like in the game. Awesome!

Cosplay by PennState67.

5 Like Father, Like Son

Via twitter.com (Olive189)

Want to be the coolest dad ever? Well, consider studying the art of prop fabrication and make this stunning cosplay for you and your child. The two costumes are replicated versions of the Reaper outfit and the Rust Lord outfit. I wish we all had a relative that could help us look this awesome at any Con of our choice.

These outfits are perfect in every way. The talent must run in the family!

The Reaper outfit itself has become famous in the game as it was made to look a lot like John Wick, from the movie of the same name. The Rust Lord looks almost like a boss from the game Borderlands or even Marvel's Star-Lord. Either way, both of these are well done. Oliver Geist, the Reaper, has made many awesome cosplays over the last year and you can check him out at the link below.

Cosplay by Oliver Geist

4 Looking Good

Via youtube.com (DooM H1GGSY)

Emotes in games have become somewhat of a prominent phenomenon within the games they have been added to. They have become a way to quickly and silently point in directions or even a way to tease others without having to actually speak to your opponents.

InFortnite, dancing has become the most popular emote, as dancing over your enemy as they watch is somewhat embarrassing. This was not entirely the intended use of the emotes, but it has become a staple of the game.

DooM HiGGSY's video of him cosplaying the Raptor and dancing through the streets shows you how people would react to this behavior in real life. However, the people he dances around do not entirely care for his behaviour.

Video by DooM HiGGSY

3 Did You Hear Something?

Via twitter.com (@SwedeBallerina)

Any cosplayers out there will know that outfits that look this good take a lot of hard work and even sometimes a little luck. This Assassin vest and hood are pretty impressive, but it is hard to tell if it was sewn to be that way, or if the cosplayer found a vest with a hood that somehow worked perfectly for their use. Either way, it is a great use of the material you have at hand.

We love the included Supply Llama, it really completes the look.

The details of this cosplay are impressive, to say the least. We especially love that belt and pouch, as it is such a small detail that really ties the whole costume together. The shoes throw us off a little, but they reflect how the artwork of the game is directed, so it's only a personal thing.

Cosplay by Swedishballerina.

2 A Popular Look

Via imgur.com (thesarcasticginger)

As we've previously mentioned, there are a lot of the Ramirez cosplays out there. We covered that it may be because of the ease of creation, but at least we get to see some variation in the formula with this one. Different camo style, new details like the red armband, and of course the most obvious detail: her hair is red instead of the classic black.

It is sometimes better to make something your own, instead of following the crowd. As you might be able to tell, we enjoy seeing details such as the scratches on the pickaxe and the armor piece on the wrist of this cosplay. This just goes to show you that making an outfit that shows your creativity can be just as good as making the outfit as identical to the character as possible.

Cosplay by Thesarcasticginger.

1 Just Go For It

Via twitter.com (@Gloomy Kassie)

Remember when we said to take inspiration from the game you like and to make the cosplay your own? Well, this maybe has gone a little bit too far. If you were to look at this picture and wonder just what this is based on, you would be right to be a little confused. Gloomy Kassie made this to be a Fortnite cosplay but took little inspiration from any pre-made characters.

Do not get us wrong! The cosplay is great, but you have to take a second to identify the classic Fortnite style in it.

The Nerf gun is pretty awesome as well, as some of the guns in the game can be pretty intense renditions of their real-life counterparts. However, it may be just a little too obvious that it is simply an unchanged Nerf gun. We totally encourage creativity, so this is awesome!

Cosplay by Gloomy Kassie.

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