Incredibly Annoying: 15 NPCs We Seriously Want To Kill

Whatever your take, we can all admit that there are video game NPCs we’d like to see killed off.

Video games are great, aren’t they? They introduce us to fantastical new worlds, coveted loot drops, and characters that we can relate to and enjoy. Right? Well, that’s usually correct. It seems like most developers always pair an incredibly well-developed character with an annoying, cliché NPC that we just want to drop. It would just take a single well-placed arrow or a quick turn of the wheel to run them over. Then they would be gone for good. We wouldn’t have to listen to high-pitched voices, quirky catchphrases, or constant bickering that gets us killed. Some just get in the way and get us killed, which is the absolute worst. Imagine a stealth mission involving Roman Bellic. These NPCs are the real enemies, not the antagonists we’ve all beaten.

You’ll most likely recognize these characters from your favorite video games. We’ve scoured the industry, looking for any NPC that was annoying. Simply rage-inducing. Just thinking about Tom Nook and his pestering, loan shark ways makes my blood boil. I’m sure the same can be said for you. Furthermore, there may be some characters you find yourself actually liking. We know Claptrap is a mixed bag. Some people hate the annoying robot, while others enjoy his crazy antics and commentary. Whatever your take, we can all admit that there are video game NPCs we’d like to see killed off – whether it’s by our hand or not. Let’s all band together and rid the gaming world of these 15 NPCs we all seriously want to kill.

15 Skyrim – Children

Via: ESO Forums

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is currently one of the most significant RPG achievements in the industry. So much, in fact, that Bethesda refuses to let the game die off. What the community really wants to kill off, however, are the annoying children running through the streets of Whiterun. They are pestering, dirty kids who always must get the last word in. It’s annoying. We want them gone!

Thankfully, the modding community feels the same. Found on various modding websites and through Steam, players can download ‘Killable Children’ – a unique mod that allows all children in the game to be taken care of. Of course, don’t let other people catch you slashing a child with your sword. It’s still a crime, after all.

14 GTA V – Simeon

Via: GTA Wiki

You’ve probably seen the massive amount of backlash surrounding Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar, and Take-Two at the moment. It’s pretty rough to witness the gaming community tearing apart a beloved open-world achievement, though Take-Two has indeed brought this against themselves. Anyway, GTA V’s single-player campaign remains a steadfast, endorphin-fueled ride. Unfortunately, one early character mars the whole experience: Simeon.

Simeon – your early-game boss – is a skeevy businessman who has only his own interests in mind. He wants money and you’re going to get it for him, one way or another. His constant phone calls in GTAV certainly don’t help either. They make us see red. We don’t have time to steal cars for this conman. We have our own crime to pursue, dang it!

13 Animal Crossing – Tom Nook

Via: My Nintendo News

You could argue that without Tom Nook, the Animal Crossing experience would never happen. You see, he gives you your home, its upgrades, and a thriving community to enjoy. He does it all for an immense number of Bells, though. That’s right; you’ll be paying off this shark for years to come. Millions of Bells will leave your bank account and enter his, and yet he always wears the same clothes. What a sicko!

Furthermore, Nook has an immense amount of money and yet he hires his nephews to run his stores instead of an outside employee who may need the job. That’s nepotism, pure and simple. Just one more shady business practice Mr. Tom Nook performs on the job. In the most recent game, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Nook goes above and beyond by opening Nook’s Homes. This little shop is useful, but overpriced. Would you like a new fence around your home? How about thousands of Bells. Do you want a blue door? That will be thousands of Bells.

12 Duck Hunt – The Dog

Via: TheWolfGalaxy

The Dog (occasionally called the Laughing Dog) in Duck Hunt is an infamous NPC. He is an icon of hatred and rage in many a video game player. His entire role in the NES game was to pop up, laugh at the player for missing their shots, then disappear without a trace. Many a time we all tried to shoot him in his laughing face. For some reason (probably because this is Nintendo we’re talking about), you could never actually hit him. That would be too graphic or too satisfying, I guess.

Thankfully, the modding community has once again risen to the occasion. Several unofficial titles have released online, allowing players to shoot the dog finally. These are pretty graphical adaptations, of course, so play them at your own risk.

11 The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time – Navi

Via: Zelda Dungeon

The Legend of Zelda is often touted as one of Nintendo’s largest achievements. The long-running franchise has been a significant part of the gaming world since 1986, on the Famicom Disk System. Each entry has had one, maybe two characters that are just super annoying, though. In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, that character is Navi.

Navi, you see, was supposedly an essential character introduced to the game to guide the player. What actually happened, however, is we received an annoying, unhelpful fairy companion. While her canonical voice acting is an achievement to the series, we could have done without the pestering, bickering, and childlike demeanor. Thankfully, Navi is only involved in a couple of games and they’re much older entries.

10 Dead Rising 2 – The Bailey Twins

Via: Pinterest

The entire premise of Dead Rising 2 is, let’s all be honest, quite ludicrous. A game show that involves the undead, stunts, and makeshift weaponry? Come on, seriously! That’s just never going to happen. Of course, we all secretly want something like that to become a reality. In this game, it is.

Amber and Crystal Bailey – twin co-hosts of Terror is Reality – are two incredibly obnoxious antagonists. The pair of psychopaths are wholesome fun for the entire family, with a side of crazy and murder. You do get to kill one of the sisters, thankfully. The other, however, is complete distraught and kills herself while being annoying the entire time. The incestuous couple have numerous ill-written lines, annoying voices, and quirks we just cannot get past. Provocative or not, they’re annoying, and we want them gone by our hand.

9 Infamous – Zeke

Via: Play-Mag

Zeke Dunbar – Cole MacGrath’s best friend and companion – should be a significant, unique character that coincides with our newfound superpowers in Infamous. In reality, he’s a troublesome, annoying individual who tends to get himself into trouble, block our abilities, and take the moral high-ground throughout the game. We don’t want a chubby Elvis imposter second-guessing our every decision and move. That’s not the superhero/supervillain way of life.

In the end, Zeke destroys our friendship and crosses a line. He only wanted powers all for himself. His greed and jealousy cost him everything. We’re okay with that, though. The little rat gets what he deserves. Depending on your moral choices in the game, Zeke may no longer be an annoyance, or he may be the biggest of all.

8 Red Dead Redemption – Irish

Via: Red Dead Wiki

Irish is a major character in Red Dead Redemption – the fantastic western from developer Rockstar. An immigrant to the United States, Irish retains his thick brogue accent. While he appeared crazy and filled with heart, he’s actually just a cowardly alcoholic who shies away from hard work and any signs of danger. This, of course, leaves our hero, John Marston, to pick up the slack.

The main reason why we’d like to kill Irish is for his cowardice. When it comes time for the battle of Fort Mercer, Irish is nowhere to be found. Despite his promises, the Irishman fails to back us up. Instead, he claims he woke up with a prostitute and felt he needed to be with her instead. His betrayal can never be forgiven.

7 LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game – Jar Jar Binks

Via: Throneful

We all know Jar Jar Binks – the iconic Gungan from Naboo. He basically ruined the Star Wars films single-handedly. In fact, his cowardly nature is iconic with fans of the franchise. He even forms a life debt with Qui-Gon Jinn, which is pathetic in its own right. Without people like you, the player, Jar Jar Binks would be dead long ago. He really shouldn’t be alive at this point.

In the video game, Jar Jar Binks retains his annoying traits and piercing voice. All throughout your time with the alien being, he blocks your path, gabbers on constantly, and is just a nuisance. Furthermore, the video game managed to dumb down the character even further. We’re talking, worse than the live-action movies. Can you imagine that?

6 Tony Hawk’s Underground – Eric Sparrow

via mobygames.com

Do you remember Tony Hawk’s Underground? I mean the PlayStation 2 versions. The most recent release is all wrong. In fact, completely ignore it for now. Back in the day, though, this skateboarding game was the absolute greatest. Most of us probably remember loading it up after school most days. The one constant, however, was Eric Sparrow. We all hated that back-stabbing douche.

While claiming to be your best friend, Eric regularly betrays you repeatedly. Furthermore, when not backstabbing those close to him, Eric gets himself into trouble and then leaves you with the repercussions of his actions. Seriously, this type of person is the absolute worst. Lastly, Sparrow stole your skate tape. Your one chance at becoming famous. This guy ruined your career and your life. Never forget that!

5 Pokémon – Rival (Gary)

Via: Amino Apps

Gary Oak. Oh, man, do I hate Gary. Since they were both young, Gary and Ash Ketchum were neighbors and childhood rivals. At one point, the two appeared to be friends. Shortly after, it was a feud for the ages. In the video game series, he’s only named “Rival” or whatever you choose. Sure, you could call him Gary. Deep down, we all know it’s Gary.

This purple shirt-wearing ginger undermines you at each step in your journey. You think you’re safe after wading through chest-high grass and fighting a dozen wild Pokémon, and then he appears at the end of the road. He wants to battle. It doesn’t matter that your party is nearly dead or incapacitated. Gary wants to fight now! Oh, we’ll fight him.

4 Resident Evil 4 – Ashley Graham

Via: Resident Evil Modding

Okay, let’s be honest, Resident Evil 4 will always be considered the best in the series. It combined the perfect setting with the right amount of horror. The controls were a tad clunky at times and the “quests” were tiresome, but the gameplay was top-notch. Ashley Graham, on the other hand, is an absolute tool. The daughter of former United States President Graham, Ashley is held captive by Los Iluminados. You, as Leon, are tasked with retrieving her.

That’s where things go wrong. Ashley is a weak, annoying character who consistently gets in the way. Do you really think you’re going to headshot the infected walking towards you with a chainsaw? Nope. Not with Ashley in the vicinity. To put things lightly, Ashley is useless. If she’s not getting in the way, she sits in the corner and quivers.

3 Borderlands – Claptrap

Via: Shacknews

If you’re ten-years-old, Claptrap is a hilarious trip. His little quips, repeated radio calls, and the way he’s shunned by everyone in the world. It’s somewhat pathetic. We almost feel sorry for the robot. But not really, though. It’s not that he’s a major nuisance. Sure, following him anywhere can be tiresome. In all actuality, Claptrap is more of a low-level irritant. He just scratches the surface of your skin until you swat him away.

The primary argument most players have against Claptrap is that he feels forced. They’re right, in some regards. Claptrap seems like a last-minute addition where the writers were simply trying too hard to be relatable. They knew children would see this colorful robot, hear his gimmicky voice, and fall in love with the series.

2 Grand Theft Auto IV – Roman Bellic

Via: Sixth Axis

Roman Bellic, the cousin of protagonist Niko Bellic. Born in Yugoslavia, Roman moved to Liberty City in 1998 to live the “American Dream.” His dream, as it turns out, is to run a gritty taxi service in the city. His lies, of course, paint a unique picture. He entices Niko to pack up everything and come to Liberty City, where Roman is living with two woman, hot tubs, and sports cars. All false.

Roman is a very self-centered ass. He thinks of money and getting ahead in life, at all costs. He’ll even screw over his own cousin for the chance of a lifetime, so to speak. His gambling habits and brushes with various lowlifes put everyone in danger, including us. But he cares not.

1 Mario – Princess Peach

via screenrant.com

Princess Peach is a stereotype, pure and simple. Ever since the introduction of Mario, Princess Peach has found herself as the damsel in distress. When Bowser comes stomping in, she falls into the victim role and is whisked away. The entire point of the series is to rescue her. Seriously?! We’ve got better things to do, Peach!

She has few unique powers. She has minimal personality if any at all. Princess Peach is a useless character. Sure, without her, the franchise may fall apart. She was the end goal of the game. Today, though, she needs to be fleshed out more. We still want her gone, though. For example, in Mario Kart, she claims she should win simply for being the princess. Not for being good or even trying very hard. That sense of entitlement is devastating.

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