Lab Zero Shows Off Its Gorgeous Anime Opening For Indivisible

Indivisible, an action RPG platformer by Lab Zero Games and 505 Games, has just released a new animated trailer and it's glorious.

505 Games, a subsidiary of Digital Bros, was founded in 2006 in Milan, Italy. Since its founding, 505 Games has gone on to work as a publisher for many well-known titles including Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Dead by Daylight, Hawken, Payday 2, and Control. Aside from publishing, 505 games also developed a wide variety of Nintendo DS titles, though none of them really seemed to capture the public's interest.

Lab Zero, the developer behind Indivisible, is best known for their work on Skullgirls, a fighting game that would become the best-selling title on Xbox Live Arcade upon its release in 2012. With the launch date for the game only a few weeks away, 505 Games has decided to release a new animated trailer for the game that showcases its characters in fantastic detail.

The fact that 505 Games has decided to publish Lab Zero Games latest title says a lot about its confidence in the games' eventual success. If Indivisible sells well, it's likely 505 will have more confidence taking risks on niche games from small teams.

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Information on the game's latest trailer comes from Anime News Network who reveals that Yoh Yoshinari, the creator of the worldwide phenomenon Little Witch Academia, is serving as the game's director. As for the animation, it was handled by North American animation studio Titmouse who is best known for working on the animated series Venture Bros and Metalocalypse for Adult Swim. When Lab Zero reached its Indiegogo campaign goal for Indivisible, 505 Games stepped in and matched the total amount raised, helping to fund the game's latest animated trailer.

Within the trailer, we see beautiful character designs and landscapes with flawless rendering that's evocative of heavily funded animated series. Indivisible will release digitally in North America for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on October 8th, with its worldwide release slated for October 11th. While the game isn't currently available on the Switch, it's expected to become available on the platform at a later date.

Given the art style used in Indivisible, this latest trailer does a great job of giving consumers an idea of how cutscenes within the game might look. If the level of quality displayed within the trailer is applied throughout the game, it has a real chance of becoming another hit for the developer.

Investing in games is never an easy process, but it's clear from 505 Games track record that they understand the kinds of games that the public is interested in. Regardless of a developer's background and experience, 505 always seems willing to provide funding to projects it feels will be successful. The industry depends on fresh ideas and experiences in order to grow and evolve, and 505 Games is leading the way.

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