Ranking Every Character In Injustice 2 From Worst To Best

Injustice 2 is one of the best fighters to come out in years, it's game that's bursting at the seams with both single and multiplayer content. NetherRealm Studios had already established the art of adding a worthy story mode in a fighting game through the Mortal Kombat series. They would repeat this success again with the Injustice series, using a worthy comic book storyline that rivals both the live action and the animated movies.

Injustice 2 features a diverse set of superheroes and supervillains to choose from, some are easier to use than others, but there's an argument that could be made for each character being as dangerous as the next the next in the right hands. However, many characters can be organized into categories ranging from S Tier being the best followed by A, B, C, D and F being the worst. A lot of this data is collected through competitively played ranked matches and characters' 'base stats' before upgrades (which can be adjusted through the use of gear). So here is a list of ranking all the current Injustice 2 characters from the worst to the best.

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29 Cheetah

Via NetheRealm Studios

The villain Cheetah was formally known as the archaeologist Barbara Ann Minerva. Minerva betrayed Wonder Woman to claim the powers of a God, unaware that she would be cursed forever in the physical manifestation of Cheetah. Cheetah somehow blamed Wonder Woman for everything that went wrong, and became obsessed with drawing her out into the open so she can kill her once and for all.

Cheetah has some amazing combo chains and tremendous speed. Unfortunately, this speed and agility does come at a cost, because she deals very little damage and is extremely vulnerable, due to having low durability and health stats. It's a shame too, because the character is still well rendered in the game itself.

28 Black Canary

Via NetheRealm Studios

Black Canary is the alter-ego of Dinah Laurel Lance and the wife of Green Arrow in the Injustice universe. Fans of the DC television show Arrow will also be familiar with Black Canary character portrayed by Katie Cassidy, Caity Lotz, and Juliana Harkavy. She’s an expert martial artist, a member of the Justice League and the Birds of Prey and has the Canary Cry as her super power which allows her to create supersonic vibrations from her mouth.

Black Canary’s moves and speed are quite easy to utilize in battle, and her Super Power move is one of the most effective to pull off in the game. However, despite the speed and move-set her normal attacks don’t deal a lot of damage and just like Cheetah, this can leave her very vulnerable.

27 Atrocitus

Via NetheRealm Studios

Atrocitus was once a struggling psychologist from the planet Ryut, who survived a massacre at the hand of the Manhunters a race of robots who were built punish criminals. He vowed to take revenge on the Guardians of the Universe which would eventually lead him into becoming the leader of The Red Lanterns. Atrocitus arrived on Earth after the events of the Regime in hopes of recruiting more Red Lanterns, sensing the rage building inside of Hal Jordan he intended to corrupt him first.

Atrocitus is a character with excellent strength and health stats, and has fast combo chains when you unleash his feline companion Dex-Star. However, the player needs to be on the offense all the time, because his defense and easily telegraphed attacks will stop him in his tracks before setting up a chain of attacks.

Having said this, in the right hands, Atrocitus can be truly devastating (as seen in a recent tournament), and over time as players truly get to grips with the Injustice 2 it is expected that Atrocitus will gain a few tiers.

26 Catwoman

Via NetherRealm Studios

Catwoman is often seen as something of an anti-hero in the DC Universe and is sometimes seen as both an annoyance and a help to Batman. This often prevents The Dark Knight from completely trusting her, but she has had his back more often than not.

Catwoman can be a joy to play and has an excellent amount of speedy moves coupled with good range through the use of her whip. However, she is in the lower tier of fighters because of her lower strength and attack stats she doesn’t quite have the firepower to make an impact on the fighters with a decent defence.

25 Wonder Woman

Via NetherRealm Studios

Wonder Woman is one of DC's most well known and popular superheroes, and has had her own TV series and is now the focal point of her own blockbuster movie. Wonder Woman just released to rave reviews, and is certainly the highpoint of the DCU (so far). Hopefully, characters like The Flash and Aquaman will make for equally strong source material.

Wonder Woman's strength and health stats are very good, but she's surprisingly slow, leaving her open against the higher tiered speed characters. It can also be a little hard for beginners to get a grasp on beginning a combo chain as they aren't as easy to pull off in comparison to other characters.

24 Bane

Via NetherRealm Studios

Bane is known to DC fans as "the man who broke The Bat," and was a previous member of Superman's Regime. However, Bane was betrayed by the Regime and was pursued continuously by Batman. Determined to get revenge against both Batman and The Regime, Bane's ultimate ambitions are to rule unchallenged over Gotham City.

Bane is a very strong character with good health and ability stats, but his defende seriously lets him down. He's especially vulnerable because his attacks are so slow and easy to avoid, leaving him open to exploitation from quicker characters.

23 Swamp Thing

Via NetherRealm Studios

Swamp Thing is considered a "living elemental" who protects all plant life (also known as "The Green") on Earth. Upon finding out that his precious Earth is in danger Swamp Thing joined the other heroes in order to protect "The Green" from Brainiac and all those who are a danger to it.

Although Swamp Thing is big and strong he isn't quite the tank that Bane or Atrocitus are. His health and ability statistics are also some of the lowest in the game, but some of his more powerful moves aim low, often catching the unsuspecting opponent off-guard. Additionally, Swamp Thing is very slow and can often feel stiff during gameplay, faster opponents who are able to stay close should be able to exploit his weaknesses very quickly.

22 Green Arrow

Via NetherRealm Studios

Green Arrow is a lot like Batman in that he's completely human and that he has to rely on his wits, equipment, and weapons. He's also a master archer with  superhuman-like skills with a bow. The character has become very popular with mainstream fans with the success of the TV show Arrow.

Green Arrow, has some decent abilities, especially when it comes to keeping distance between you and your opponent. Unfortunately, the character is forced into pulling off chain attacks when opponents close the distance, which can be difficult to execute. He also suffers from very low health and defense, which making him one of the more vulnerable characters in the game.

21 Green Lantern

Via NetherRealm Studios

After joining the Sinestro Corps in the previous Injustice game, Green Lanter, whose real name is Hal Jordan, was rehabilitated by The Guardians Of The Oa. He returned to earth redeem himself in the eyes of the other heroes and help stop Brainiac's invasions on Earth.

Green Lantern has very low health, but he also has strong defense and decent strength statistics which are useful in battle. However, just like the comic books, his power comes from his ring, and is the source of his powerful combination chains, which are a must if you want gain the upper hand. The issue with Green Lantern's combo chains are, that if the chain is broken, it can take a while for him to recover his Meter Burn and start again, he's also notoriously difficult for newer players to get to grips with.

20 Aquaman

Via Injusticeonline.com

Aquaman is the King Of Atlantis, and since the events of the previous game he intended to keep the Kingdom of Atlantis independent from the rest of the world. The character will soon be appearing in the new Justice League film with Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, and Superman. He will also be getting his own film entitled Aquaman which is due to be released in 2018, and it stars Jason Momoa.

Aquaman has solid stats with his second tier strength, and top tier ability and defense stats in the right hands he can be a force to be reckoned with. Aquaman's fighting style seems to be better suited to seasoned, but also patient gamers, who enjoy fighting defensively, which is an absolute must because his health stats are some of the lowest in the game.

19 Superman

Via NetherRealm Studios

Next to Batman, Superman is one of DC's most well-known and popular characters. He's seen huge success in comic book form, television shows, and of course the movies — the 1980 Superman 2 is still considered one of the greatest superhero films of all time. Injustice 2 follows the story of a much darker iteration of Superman than fans will be used to. Superman's change of personality is the result of him being driven to contempt and bitterness after getting tricked by the Joker into killing Lois Lane —who was also pregnant with his child— and destroying Metropolis.

Surprisingly, Superman's starting strength stats are only second tier when compared to the likes of Bane, Gorilla Grod, and even Scarecrow. He has top-tier defense, but his ability stats are middling, and his health stats are bottom tier. As a result, you are forced to fight defensively with him, while trying to take advantage of his flying powers. Superman is a surprisingly slow character and literally feels floaty. Although his moves can cause a variety of damage, he is easily countered and is open to some of the faster characters in the game.

18 Poison Ivy

Via NetherRealm Studios

Poison Ivy, was formally known as Dr. Pamela Isley and was a botanical biochemist who had ambitions to make the world a safe place for plant life to flourish. During her time as a doctor, she was experimented on and injected with toxins. The toxins granted her the ability to produce mind-controlling pheromones and gave her the ability to control plants.

In the game, Poison Ivy is at her best when she is keeping her opponents at a distance, this helps protect her lower health statistics. She has good combo chains but they can be a little difficult to pull off, and if they fail she's completely vulnerable to close range fighters that can take advantage of her low-tiered health.

17 Blue Beetle

Via NetherRealm Studios

Fans of the animated DC series called Young Justice will be familiar with the Blue Beetle character. Jaime Reyes gained his powers because one day when he was out with his mother in Texas he stumbled across an artifact/being known as the Scarab. The Scarab then granted Jaime Reyes with the Blue Beetle super powers.

Blue Beetle is a decent all-around fighter with a good amount of speed, top-tier ability stats, and a variety of good moves. His combo chains can hit fast and hard from mid-range, but his strength stats are middling and can be difficult to pull off for newer players.

16 Firestorm

Via NetherRealm Studios

The Firestorm character has gained some recent popularity through his appearance as a regular character on DC's Legends of Tomorrow television. Firestorm is the joining of two minds in one body, the young Jason Rusch and Professor Martin Stein, the full extent of their power is still unknown.

In Injustice 2, Firestorm has good second-tier strength and ability stats, maximum defenses, but he also has bottom-tier health statistics. Firestorm has some devastating long range attacks and abilities that can keep an opponent guessing, but his combo chains can be difficult to pull off even for some experienced players. That being said, don't ignore Firestorm — he can still surpise you.

15 The Joker

Via XboxManiac.eu

The Joker is Batman's most well known and greatest nemesis. This version of The Joker is responsible for the destruction of Metropolis and the complete breakdown of the Batman and Superman's friendship. In Injustice 2 he only appears when Harley Quinn is hallucinating as a result of being intoxicated by Poison Ivy's gas.

Despite The Joker not being one of the strongest characters in the game, he has the ability to close the distance very well with a variety of combos. Even his special move can be chained with Meter Burn combos. However, his weak defensive stats can leave him vulnerable to some of the big hitters in the game.

14 Gorrilla Grodd

Via Gamequiche

Gorilla Grodd is a super-intelligent telepathic Gorilla who gained his power after an alien spaceship crashed into is home in Africa. The ship's pilot granted Grodd and his tribe with intelligence, with Grodd also gaining the powers of telepathic and telekinetic powers.

Grodd is an extremely powerful character. He is surprisingly explosive and he's much quicker than other power characters like Bane or Atrocitus, and his ability to close the distance on long-range characters can be very useful. He does have very low defense, but most of his Meter Boosts will launch his opponents into the air for potential combos. If you're a pro at managing space, you'll be well equipped to deal with Grodd.

13 Robin

Via NetherRealm Studios

Bruce Wayne's son, Damian, is the currently in the suit of Robin. He was raised and trained by his mother Talia al' Ghul in the League of Assassins. Damian Wayne was always at odds with his father's code of no killing, and in Injustice 2 he sides with Superman's Regime.

Robin is one of the better mid to close range fighters in the game, and he's able to land devastating combo chains. His middle-tier statistics allow for a balanced fighter but not a superior one. Additionally, against fast fighters like The Flash, Black Canary, or Catwoman his combos are easily countered. Still, Robin is a tough opponent and really fun fighter.

12 Harley Quinn

Via NetherRealm Studios

Harley Quinn is a former criminal psychiatrist. She practiced the position until The Joker got inside her head and seduced her into becoming his sidekick. Injustice 2 sees Harley switch over to Batman's side so she can get revenge on Superman for killing her puddin'. The Harley Quinn character has seen her popularity increase since she was a central character in DC's Suicide Squad — which no doubt led to her definite inclusion in Injustice 2.

Although Harley doesn't excel greatly in one particular statistic, she's very a well balanced, especially if you learn her set-ups to unleash massive combo chains. Harley is only at a disadvantage if her opponents can close the gap and capitalize on her slow combo set ups.

11 Scarecrow

Via NetherRealm Studios

Scarecrow was formally known as Dr. Jonathan Crane a psychologist and a professor of psychology at Gotham University. However, his sadistic nature and obsession with fear led to him being fired from his teaching position after firing a gun in a classroom and injuring a student. He quickly took revenge on the professors responsible for his termination, and became a career criminal. He joined with Gorilla Grodd's Society so he could spread fear on a global scale.

Scarecrow is visually impressive, and one of the strongest characters in the game, his Normal moves can cause a lot of damage and have the longest range in the game. Unfortunately, these moves have a slow recovery time, and characters able to close the distance will severely punish him and easily break through his low defense stats.

10 Cyborg

Via NetherRealm Studios

After losing his friends in the destruction of Metropolis, Cyborg's anger turned his loyalties towards Superman and The Regime. Still loyal to Superman, he reluctantly joins Batman and others to combat the invasion of Brainiac.

Cyborg has a lot of useful moves and is capable of working well in both close and long range with his high ability stats. His charge move is capable of stopping a combo chain dead in its tracks, and he has the power back up all of his moves for massive damage. Some of his combo chains start with a long power move which can be countered with quicker characters, without the correct and precise timing.

9 Brainiac

Via Injusticeonline

Brainiac is an intelligent being with megalomaniac aspirations of absorbing all the universes knowledge so he can become ultimate supreme being. In the Injustice 2 timeline, he was responsible for destroying Superman and Supergirl's homeworld of Krypton. He arrives on earth to finish what he started by destroying the last of the living Kryptonians, and to add humanity's knowledge to his collection.

Brainiac is a powerful character with good defense, strength, and top tier ability stats. However, his health statistics are on lower side. However, he makes up for this by being a powerful long range fighter. He's a character that's difficult to master, so he's not suited to newer players, but for those who enjoy fighting on the outside will do well with Brainiac.

8 Black Adam

Via RankedBoost

Black Adam has been known to be both a super villain and an anti hero in the DC universe. He's an Ancient Egyptian prince that was given incredible powers by the wizard Shazam. After his defeat during the events in the previous game, he and the other remnants of The Regime remained hidden from Batman in Kahndaq.

Black Adam has high tiered strength and top tier abilities and defenses, he does however, have low tier health but his ability to hit opponents with a barrage of close and long range combos and powerful attacks make him a force to reckoned with.

7 Dr. Fate

Via NetherRealm Studios

Kent Nelson is a powerful sorcerer that has the ability to see the world's fate. Although, his Helmet compels him to maintain the world's fate for the sake of Order, his ever present humanity causes him to intervene. Dr. Fate is also one of the founding members of Justice Society Of America.

Dr. Fate has some of the most visually impressive move sets in the game, he has the ability to hit his opponents from all angles. His moves and combos can prevent his opponents from using environmental attacks, and he can use unblockable moves by using his Glyphs and landing them correctly. His strength lies in keeping the distance as like many other fighters long ranged fighters he has a low-tiered defense.

6 Captain Cold

Via NetherRealm Studios

Captain Cold is seeking revenge for the murder of his sister at the hands of Superman's Regime, and he has joined Gorilla Grodd's Society thinking it is his best means of getting back at the remaining Regime members. The Captain Cold character has become more popular in recent years as he is seen on television shows like The Flash and DC's Legends Of Tomorrow.

Captain Cold isn't a combo heavy character, but the moves he has at his disposal are extremely effective. His ability to set up traps and hit his opponents with overheads and unblockable can cause many issues for the opposition. He has low defense, so using mid to long range attacks will definitely help keep him protected.

5 Batman

Via NetherRealm Studios

Batman is one of the most recognizable superheroes of all time. He has many successful live-action and animated movies attached to his name. Additionally, he's the protagonist in one of the best superhero video game franchises in modern times with the Arkham series. Batman is leading the fight against Gorilla Grodd's Society, when he discovers a much larger threat in the form of Brainiac is planning to invade earth.

Batman has low-tier strength and defense, but his combo chains at long and close ranges can cause massive amounts of damage. The character does need quite a bit of mastering in the practice mode, but the payoff is definitely worthwhile as he can make good use of his martial arts and gadgets.

4 The Flash

Via NetherRealm Studios

The Flash is one of the most popular DC superheroes today. He has a popular television series and is about to appear in the new upcoming Justice League film. After defecting from The Regime, The Flash (also known as Barry Allen) retired from the hero lifestyle, until a greater threat arrived on earth.

Obviously, The Flash is the fastest character in the game, he's able to close the distance very easily and can hit his opponents with confusing combo chains and attacks. He has an anti-air special attack with incredible range, which also works as a combo starter. Additionally, The Flash's Super Move is the most damaging in the game, The Flash is an easy pick-up-and-play type of character.

3 Darkseid

Via NetherRealm Studios

Darkseid is the Lord of Apokolips and is one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe. The character is so influential that artist-writer Jim Starlin admitted that his creation of Marvel's supervillain Thanos was influenced by Darkseid. Darkseid has limitless strength, invincibility, and commands an army of Parademons.

Darkseid is easily one of the most powerful characters in the game, nearly every move he does has a huge impact, this includes his normal moves. His combos and his special moves are easy to learn, with his Omega Beams being able to hit his opponents from all angles. The only thing that lets Darkseid down is his slow speed and low defense statistics.

2 Supergirl

Via NetherRealm Studios

Supergirl was originally sent to Earth at the same time as her infant cousin Kal-El (Superman) to guide and protect him. Unfortunately, her ship was knocked off course and she drifted in space in a cryogenic state. By the time she landed on Earth, Kal-El had grown into Superman, but he had been imprisoned by Batman. Trained by Wonder Woman and Black Adam in preparation for the return of the Regime, she was determined to fight Superman's enemies and fight by his side.

Supergirl's versatility makes her a great character for newcomers and her combo chains and special moves are easy to learn too. Her Meter Burn version of the frost breath is a great way to get a chain going. In addition to this, her Super Move does a great deal of damage.

1 Deadshot

Via NetherRealm Studios

Deadshot is a new character for Injustice, and he has already proved to be a go-to character for newcomers and veterans alike. Despite his unsavory way of life, Deadshot will go to any lengths to protect his ex-wife and daughter. In the events of Injustice 2, he's under the control of Gorilla Grodd who has placed an explosive device in his neck, forcing the assassin to do Grodd's bidding.

Deadshot's combo chains utilize his weaponry and are very easy to pull off. A simple 1, 2, 3 combo chain can end with multiple shots. He has good range and can handle himself in close quarters too. Additionally, he's lethal when getting an opponent cornered with his ability to keep ranges and pin enemies down with multiple shots.

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