Inside Xbox Will Return To Give Sony State Of Play Some Competition

An hour-long episode of Inside Xbox will be aired on September 24 at 3pm PT, just after Sony's State of Play broadcast.

An hour-long episode of Inside Xbox will be aired on September 24 at 3pm PT, two hours after the start of Sony’s State of Play. The timing of Microsoft’s broadcast is sure to inspire some friendly competition with Sony.

The episode will provide new details on Project xCloud, X019, Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds, an interview with actor Jon Bernthal about his involvement in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and updates on other games like Hitman 2, Afterparty, Code Vein, DayZ, and more.

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Updates for the games listed above are sure to be well received by fans, but most important will be the new information about Project xCloud. Microsoft has been developing their own streaming technology for some time now and it is being tested among employees.

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Project xCloud aims to provide instant streaming of its entire game catalogue, consisting of over 3,500 titles from their three generations of Xbox consoles. The goal is to stream to smart devices including PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. Microsoft has not spoken about Project xCloud for some time, but as we approach therelease of Google Stadia in November, we can expect to hear more from Microsoft.

The new episode of Inside Xbox will also reveal the next set of games to be added to the Xbox Game Pass. This is a newer subscription-based service for PC users that charges a monthly fee to access a broad range of games in the Microsoft catalogue, including new titles like Gears 5. Although the service has only been live for a short while, all signs are pointing to subscription service being a smash hit among consumers.

As technology for streaming improves, and developers place a greater emphasis on digital downloads of their games over the sale of physical titles, both the Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud look to be the future of gaming. This is especially true with the changing landscape of ownership of digital games.

Unlike physical releases of games, digital purchases are not “owned” in the same way. A consumer cannot sell a digital game as it is attached to their user account. As digital downloads continue to grow in popularity among consumers who do not care about collecting a physical game, subscription services will grow in popularity.

Be sure to tune in for Microsoft’s presentation, and Sony’s as well, since there is bound to be new information on some of the best upcoming games for 2019.

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