International Dog Day: The Goodest Boys In Gaming

A tribute to some of the goodest boys in gaming, the brave canines who brave war zones, turn-based battles, and smash stages for their masters.

Today is August 26th, also known as National Dog Day. It's a day for remembering all of the poor little pups who need to be rescued, and are sitting in a shelter waiting for a new home. We also celebrate the good boys and girls in our lives, as well as those who do important jobs. Important jobs like giving Mega Man higher jumps, watching Solid Snake's back, or being used as ammunition in Rinoa's attack.

I asked some of TheGamer staff to talk about who they think are the best boys in gaming and got some... interesting responses. It's all good, though, because these gaming boys are some of the goodest.

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Sergio Solorzano - Angelo (Final Fantasy VIII)

Squall may be the best looking guy in the room, but he's not the best guy. That honor goes to Angelo, Rinoa's trusty canine pal. This guy is so good that he lets his master use him as a living bullet in the Angelo Cannon attack. And thanks to the upcoming FFVII remaster, he's gotten an upgrade in the looks department as well!

Eric Switzer - DD (Metal Gear)

via: Youtube (cyri)

DDog wears tactical armor and runs around with a knife in his mouth cutting dude's throats. The fact that anyone WOULDN'T choose DD as goodest boy is absurd. I've personally tried to teach seven dogs this technique and not a single one had that dexterity or bloodlust to do what DD does one hundred times a day.

Sam Skopp - Greater Dog - (Undertale)

via: Youtube (Tremux)

Undertale may have a few good boys in it, but one of them is just a bit Greater than the others. Greater Dog's massive suit of armor is as intimidating as it is cute as heck, plus he has his own battle theme, which, spoiler alert, is also cute as heck.

Whitney Meers - Rush (Mega Man)

via: Smash Wiki

If a dog is man's best friend, then it seems only logical that a robot dog should be a robot man's best friend. Mega Man's pooch has abilities that go far beyond "sit," "stay" and "roll over." With his Rush Coil, the pup gives his Mega-pal a jump boost, and with his transformation to Rush Jet, the doggo provides a mode of flying transportation for his buddy in blue. I'm sorry to have to say it, Fido, but chasing tennis balls just isn't nearly as cool.

Michael Walters - Chop (GTA V)

via: IGN

Chop is the loyalest of good boys and a great partner for Franklin. From playing catch and performing tricks, to hunting down enemy gang members, Chop has many talents and always gets the job done. Redefining the stigma surrounding Rottweilers, Chop is a true example of man’s best friend, and a great partner in crime.

Jamie Latour - Dog (Half-Life 2)

via: Valve

Sure your dog may be able to play fetch, but can they can play fetch with a car? Yeah didn't think so. What Dog lacks in cuddliness, he more than makes up for in raw strength, and the ability to take down enemy dropships. Dog isn't just man's best friend, he's also the Combine's worst enemy. I'd take him over a Corgi any day of the week, especially after looking at that adorable face.

Here's to the greatest dogs in gaming! Be sure to give your real life boy, girl, or bot some pets today.

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