The Internet's Most Hilarious Reactions To The Smash Bros Reveal

You’ve probably already gotten the memo, but… Super Smash Bros. Switch was revealed yesterday. The internet, being the internet, felt all kinds of ways about this news. The internet, also being the internet, was darn well not afraid to share those thoughts and feelings with us.

In true Nintendo fashion, March’s Direct ended with a beautiful bait and Switch. Just when we thought we were done, with WarioWare Gold on 3DS, Hyrule Warriors Switch’s release date and the Splatoon 2 paid campaign DLC, a devious little piece of bonus footage revealed that Smash Bros. was on the way, and that Splatoon characters are going to be some of the first new additions to the roster we’re going to see.

How was this revelation first brought to us? With a simple image of the Smash Bros. logo reflected in a Inkling’s eye, that’s how. Naturally, within about .74 nanoseconds, this image was an official meme:

@ohjefframos kicks this party off the right way, with a simple but brilliant example of gamer mentality. Rule #1 of which is, never be happy with anything. Ever. Every recent Direct has seen a public outcry for Smash Bros. news, and outrage when there hasn’t been any. Now that there has, where’s our freaking Animal Crossing though?

Meanwhile, @MidnyghtMint saw their opportunity and ran that bad boy straight to the end zone. Is there ever an inappropriate moment to deploy that classic steamed hams scene from The Simpsons? You’re darn right there isn’t. Guile’s theme may go with everything, but steamed hams… well, goes with everything too. They’re right, you know. Even the briefest glimpse of gameplay would have been super sweet.

Next up, we have @fourhman, taking a philosophical approach to the news. As exciting as it is that the Switch is getting a new Smash Bros. title, this poses a dilemma: what's the subtitle going to be? Melee and Brawl have already been taken, after all. Super Smash Bros. Fisticuffs is the way to go, surely?

Leave it to artist and graphic designer @Stevingesus to rain on our parade, though. As big a deal as Smash Bros. is for Nintendo fans, there'll always be those who really aren't about that life at all. You'll find them sitting, slack-jawed, wondering why the entire internet is on fire about it all.

Finally, we've got another artist, @miesmud, asking the real questions. The super brief reveal brings up all kinds of questions, from possible subtitles to the enhanced-port-or-brand-new-game thing, but we're missing the big picture here. The only thing that really matters is, what the heck is Inkling Kirby going to look like?

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