Woman Tries To Sell IRL Streamer Some Cocaine

On November 17, PENTA streamed while getting some drinks in Austin, and was approached by a woman with a strange request.

A Twitch streamer was broadcasting an IRL stream to fans when a woman called him over to talk, while persistently requesting him to stop recording. Her reason for asking? She wanted to sell him some cocaine.

Twitch partner PENTA is predominantly known for his GTA roleplays and IRL (in-real-life) streams. IRL streams can be tricky to navigate, as the streamer has little control over the natural elements that can make up an interesting and entertaining broadcast. However, during one recent nighttime stream, a bold yet undoubtedly awkward encounter with a stranger made for a notably hilarious moment in what normally would've been a chill and lowkey stream.

On November 17, PENTA streamed while getting some drinks in Austin, Texas, chatting with fans and showcasing the scenery. As he began walking outside, a woman noticed him and began engaging with him, posing an odd request.

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“You’re not recording now, right?” asked the woman from off-camera. "Right now? Yeah, it's live," PENTA replied. "No." the woman rebutted sharply.

After a back and forth between the two, with the woman continuing her pursuit to request PENTA to turn off his camera and PENTA growing more and more confused.

"Do you want me to leave?" PENTA asked the woman as he approached her. "No, I want you to turn it off," the woman replied. "I mean, can we not talk with it on?" PENTA tried again, acknowledging his viewers.

When the woman refused again, PENTA compromised, offering the woman to whisper her mysterious demand into his ear, where it wouldn't be heard on camera. Though her words were inaudible in the stream, PENTA's non-whispered reply of, "No, I don't need any coke. Thank you..." confirmed just exactly what she was selling and why she had been acting so secretive.

Upon refusing her offer, PENTA quickly walked away from the woman. Once he was a safe distance away, he looked into the camera, speechless, with simply a look of disbelief on his face and some bemused laughs and sighs for his viewers.

Though PENTA's stream continued for a while even after the strange encounter, it's safe to say that this exchange may have been the highlight of his broadcast.

Source: Livestream Fails

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