Jack “CouRage” Dunlop Leaves Twitch For... YouTube?

Jack “CouRageJD” Dunlop, a prominent Fortnite player who is mainly known for his Twitch streams, has moved to – not Mixer – but YouTube. Following the footsteps of both Ninja and Shroud, CouRage made the announcement through a creative video short, released on his Twitter.

In the video, CouRage uses comedy to lead into his announcement, poking fun at Dude Perfect, ASMR streams, and cooking shows along the way. He talks to his roommates (Nadeshot and Valkyrae) about his desire to seek out a new way to make interesting content, fearing stagnancy. For CouRage, it seems that YouTube is the answer.

Unlike with Ninja, Twitch decided to keep things classy (as they did for Shroud) and give CouRage a cordial send off in the comments of the announcement tweet. Based on their brief exchange, there is no bad blood between the streamer and Twitch this time around.

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CouRage first made a name for himself not as a streamer, but as a commentator, interning for Major League Gaming back in 2014. It was only later in his career that he decided to switch to content creation as a full-time Twitch streamer for Optic Gaming, focusing heavily on Fortnite. Now, CouRage is a content creator for 100Thieves and has just made his debut stream on YouTube.

The internet has been speculating about who else would be leaving Twitch for Mixer after Shroud and Ninja made the leap, but YouTube has been an underrated option, flying under most peoples' radar. There are a few reason why CouRage's decision to move to YouTube might actually be a great move.


First of all, YouTube is already heavily frequented by Twitch users; Big Twitch streamers always pair their streams with extra YouTube content, so centralizing everything into one place might not be a bad idea. Secondly, YouTube might not be known for its streaming audience, but its overall presence on the internet is massive– bigger than Twitch's by a long-shot. If CouRage can pull a good amount of his loyal Twitch viewers as well as YouTube regulars, he may be in a for an even more successful career on the new platform.

Source: Twitter

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