Jaegerrmeister Takes The Prize For Messiest Twitch Streamer Room - Hasn't Cleaned Since 2005

Streamers and dirty rooms seem to be quite the thing now, but absolutely nothing on that front compares to what you're about to see.

As of late, Twitch subscribers have been subjected to some pretty cruel viewing, with some streamers letting them in on varyingly disgusting setups.

A streamer known as "Jaegerrmeister" has taken disgusting to another level, however, having revealed that he hasn't cleaned his room since 2005 - that's right, not once.

Dirty rooms are pretty much the norm for gamers and that's pretty understandable. Who has time for cleaning up a room when there are games to be played? Of course, one takes a broom and probably a mop to it every once in a while. And, if not that, at least the trash is taken out.

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Not here, though. Jaegerrmeister allowed his viewers a tour of his repulsive bedroom during a June 3rd broadcast and they were left quite shocked to see just how distasteful it looked.

Multiple trash bags, food wrappers, Amazon boxes, bowls, disposable plates and whatever else you could imagine appeared in the background. On a positive note, though, the stream was actually part of a cleanup campaign as he undertook a mission to tidy up his room for the first time in 14 years.

Dexerto, who's usually the first to name and shame foul streamers, tuned into the stream and asked what everyone was thinking: how did it come to this?

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"Wait, Dexerto? Am I gonna have a f***ing Dexerto article about me? What the f**k?" he asked before answering the question. "Basically, I moved into this house in like 2004, 2005, and I didn't clean it. Now it's this bad."

After realizing that popular World of Warcraft streamer "Asmongold" was watching, he panned over to the corner to show even more trash.

"That's about a two meters deep of trash," he declared. "There it is, boys."

He also revealed having two garbage bags filled with urine and a pot of moldy mac and cheese that may or may not have had feces in it. Fortunately, he didn't show much of that on stream.

Jaegerrmeister would also admit that he thinks he could have a mental disorder, also disclosing that the reason for his cleanup was because it was his birthday.

“I'd like to advise anyone who doesn't already play WoW to avoid the game at all costs, else they have a room like mine," he told Dexerto in a private message.

We imagine he's probably still cleaning up. After all, it takes more than a day to clean a 14-year mess.

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