New Japanese Daemon X Machina Gameplay Trailer Shows Epic Mech-Fighting Action

Marvelous has garnered a lot of fans over the past few weeks thanks to their commitment to incorporating consumer feedback, and now they have produced a game trailer which showcases recent improvements in beautiful detail.

Marvelous First Studio is well known for its involvement in the Rune Factory franchise, but they have also created many rail shooters and platformers over the years, giving them the experience and skills necessary to create Daemon X Machina. The game itself has been in production for just over two years, and during that time the studio has asked for input on the game through various Beta testing phases, even going so far as to release trailers which showcase the immediate impact user feedback has had on the game. With the release date fast approaching, Marvelous has decided to release a full-fledged gameplay trailer in Japanese, showing consumers an interactive environment along with a dynamic combat system.

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Given the cost of games these days, it's certainly refreshing to see a studio not only put in the effort to make a great game, but to also ask for and incorporate user feedback. If the game is successful, it could change the way that game studios interact with fans and we may see a new era where studios go back to only releasing a game when their consumers are truly satisfied.

The gameplay trailer can be found on Marvelous's official YouTube channel and from the onset, you are greeted with a game that looks a bit different than the one that was showcased previously. The detail of each mech is extensive and the studio has done a great job of using dynamic lighting and motion blur to make it feel as if you are truly soaring through the air at incredible speeds. Additionally, Marvelous made good on their promise of giving users an interactive environment, with players being able to use objects like cars to damage enemies. Furthermore, you will have the ability to fight on the ground using various tools at your disposal while outside of your mech. Daemon X Machina will be released on the Nintendo Switch starting on September 13th.

It's always good to see a company keep customers updated on its progress with projects, and Marvelous has done that well. They have managed to address all major flaws within the game and produced a gameplay trailer which touches on every aspect that the game has to offer. This, coupled with smooth gameplay video, seems to indicate that the game has been beautifully optimized for the Switch and should do well upon its release.

If Daemon X Machina lives up to the expectations, Marvelous will have a strong consumer base for future titles. In an era where publishers push out games that aren't even finished, it's nice to see a studio have the confidence to invest more time and money to get it right.

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