Japanese Pokémon GO Player Is First To Catch 1 Million Pokémon

A Japanese Pokémon GO player became the first ever to catch 1 Million Pokémon in the game, setting an astonishing record.

Whichever Pokémon game a fan plays, they always know what needs to be done to the Pokémon within that game - Gotta Catch 'Em All! The iconic slogan has been part of the Pokémon community for a very long time, urging players to try their best and catch as many Pokémon as they possibly could. Now, it seems that one particular player has managed to accomplish a version of the famous goal in Pokémon GO.

According to a post on the Pokémon subreddit page, a Japanese player by the name of Kyarorina has managed to catch one million Pokémon in Pokémon GO, becoming the first person in the world to accomplish such a task. Although Kyarorina does not have any social media accounts, the information comes from Pokémon YouTuber REVERSAL who first shared the information on Reddit.

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via: Reddit

According to REVERSAL's Twitter post earlier this year, he had the opportunity to meet with Kyarorina when he traveled to Japan, and was able to verify some of the information (as well as stay in touch with him later on). At that time, Kyarorina had caught 607,000 Pokémon.

On top of catching one million Pokémon, the Japanese player also has over 185 million Stardust and over 197,000 Rattata Candy in his possession. In Pokémon GO, Stardust is used to increase the levels and CP values of one's Pokémon, while Candy is used for powering up and evolving Pokémon. Needless to say, an accomplishment like that is very impressive.

To put things in perspective, in order for a Pokémon GO player to catch one million Pokémon, they would need to catch a little over 800 Pokémon per day since the game's launch (Pokémon GO came out in July 2016). Although it's unclear what method(s) Kyarorina used to accomplish such a task, he did manage to hit the daily cap while also trading 100 Pokémon a day (while also maintaining a daytime job!).

It is uncertain if Kyarorina will try to accomplish any other world record tasks, but it's fair to say that as time moves on, his Pokémon GO collection will continue to grow.

Source: Reddit

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