15 Jaw-Dropping Cosplay Mashups That Make NO Sense

Every time I think I'm done with cosplay articles, I keep finding awesome things people keep doing with it. So of course, then I have to write another article. And if you guys really like it, then I get to do it again, and I don't hesitate to do so, because I truly love cosplay. I am a cosplay fan. I enjoy good cosplay.

Sometimes though, you guys. Sometimes you find incredible cosplay. In this case, I'm talking about the wild, wonderful world of cosplay mashups. You've seen them so many times. From the entire line of Disney Princesses dressing up as their own version of Slave Leia to the dozens of different Boba Fetts out there, taking one character and mixing it with another creates a whole new look that in many cases is much greater than the original. When done expertly, it becomes cosplay that shatters the bounds of traditional thinking and takes the medium to a new level.

Granted, usually, that level is some silly pun. But the end result is hilarious, and even if it's not meant to be the living embodiment of some dad joke, it's still excellent cosplay that deserves its own time in the spotlight. So allow me to do that, however brief it may be and however small the light I can give is, for these fifteen awesome cosplays that will blow your mind and make your day. I know they made mine.

15 Well, Their Voices Are Kinda High-Pitched And Annoying...

via popsugar.com

To be honest, there are some entries on this list that actually don't make sense. Some of them, however, definitely do. This is not one of those.

However, that doesn't stop it from being really, really cool.  You have to admit, it takes an awful lot of creativity to combine Minnie Mouse, the matron saint of your Mom's one friend who's wayyy too into Disney, and R2-D2, the patron saint of beeping and booping. Even better? The look works! It honestly looks like Minnie is dressed up as R2 for some con, and how cool is that? Her boyfriend owns Star Wars now anyway, so why not? Let it all hang out, Min! You do you!

14 Horns And A Killer Color Scheme

via DeviantArt (ranmax1986)

There are actually a lot of these out there, believe it or not. I guess the logic here is that Darth Maul with his hood off has a ton of horns that kind of make him look like the top of a Predator's head, I guess? That and the face paint he has (or is it skin? I don't know) has a tribal, almost camoflauge-y feel to it.

Regardless of what the decision is here, I gotta say, it works. I don't know why it happened, I just know it works. The red and black works so well, and the Predator's dreadlocks work with pretty much anything. Younger convention-goers might now even realize something's "off" — that's kinda sad isn't it?

13 Behold, Mcjolnir!

via NerdBastards.com

Oh man.

What do we have here? Is that... Thor mixed with Ronald McDonald, of all people?


Everything about this is ingenious and hilarious in equal measure. From the bright red facial hair to the intricately-matched suit colored to Ronald McDonald's iconic standards. He's even got a life-size Mjolnir analog stylized to look like a Chicken McNuggets box (Mcjolnir)! It puts the Ronald McDonald Sephiroth to shame, which is something I never thought I'd see topped, let alone actually tried again.

If you can't see why that's funny, I don't think I can hang out with you. Like we were ever going to in the first place. I mean, have you even gotten the email I sent you?

12 Does That Mean He's Rechargeable?

via gametyrant

Iron Man is a cosplay a lot of people like to mashup. I've got two of them on this list, and we're starting with this guy, who I've affectionately named Li-Iron. You know, like batteries? Lithium Ion? Li-On?

No? I'll see myself out.

Corny, semi-intentional puns aside, this look incorporates a full armor style cosplay with the classic green and yellow (well, gold) aspect of Link's outfit from Legend of Zelda. The Triforce-shaped arc reactor cutout is a great touch in the armor itself, just like the Master Sword wrist blade and obligatory Hylian Shield.

But let's not let that take away from the greatness of the Iron Man build as well. It's picture perfect, from his faceplate to the accent pieces. Honestly, seeing something like this, it's no wonder why there's a ton of people crossing up Iron Man - he's got a design and a look that screams for color swapping.

11 His Scanner Only Reads Chimichangas

via Dorkly

I really like Deadpool mashup cosplays. In my mind, it's a tribute to the character itself, who would definitely be attending cons and nerd events (in costume!) to soak in the experiences and garner accolades from preening fans. I could just imagine a panel hosted by him at Comic-Con - it would start out amazing and finish with either DP getting bored and tormenting the showrunners for his amusement, or possibly killing a heckler. I guess it all depends on which version of Deadpool from which writer I'm basing this on. It might also help if I'd ever read a single Deadpool comic as well.

But then again, the people who made X-Men Origins: Wolverine definitely never read one and they still made a movie with Deadpool in it.

10 She's Got Seven Little Slave Leias Just Out of Frame

via 3stoogiez.com / Amber Arden

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Internet, I proudly present to you: SNOW-ba Fett! Not only does cosplayer Amber Arden look amazing in this outfit, but it's expertly tailored by Arden down to the smallest detail. The color scheme is classic Snow White, as is her hair and makeup and cloak, but the selective armor plating and iconic helmet (complete with adorable little bow) give the outfit the unmistakable Boba Fett feel. She's thought of everything here - even her radio antenna on her helmet matches her bodysuit!

We're known for covering a lot of "mature" cosplay looks on this site, but there's a lot to be said for well-crafted and witty cosplays like this one. You don't see it happen too often, but when it does, it really works beautifully.


via Pinterest

Again, no idea where this came from, but I love every inch of it. Just with a little thought, the striped outfit from Jack Skellington fits perfectly with the loud, gaudy suits that the Joker is known for. Sure, the skeleman gloves might be a big cop-outish, but after making such a detailed helmet and bow tie, I think we can give this dude a pass.

This cosplay works on so many levels, and no, I can't name them all. But like a permanent smile carved into my face, I can sure feel them. I'm also definitely thinking about the final evolution of this mashup - throwing all the eff's out the window and incorporating Beetlejuice into this look.

Ghost with the most, indeed.

8 Good, Bad - I'm the Guy With The Pikachu.

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Oh right, because the main character's name in both the Evil Dead and Pokémon series is named Ash. I get it. It's a simple line of logic with not much else to support it, but it's given us a blood-stained Pikachu holding a tiny shotgun.

And that is a treasure more dear than a thousand lifetimes of logic classes.

I mean, I guess the rest of the outfit is cool. Here's a lesson, kids - if you want people to appreciate the whole cosplay, make sure your fascinator isn't too fascinating, ya feel me?

I'm kidding, of course - I love the chainsaw hand complete with brand-loyal decal. I just hope that thing was manufactured in Grand Rapids, Michigan (or whatever the Kanto Equivalent is - I'm guessing Celadon City?). Remember, when catching them all - shop smart; shop S-Mart!


via 3Stoogiez.com

It's hard to tell in this photo, but these nearly-fluorescent Chewbaccas with color-coordinated weaponry are supposed to also be mashed up with the Care Bears! Because Chewy looks like a giant teddy bear or something, I guess. Then they decided to take a Charlie's Angels-style pose for the camera.

Dude, I'm not even judging. I honestly think it looks great, even if it was just cotton-candy colored Chewies. Can you imagine the Care Bear Stare you'd get from this group? It's probably the only stare that would end up ripping the arms out of its target's sockets. Chew on that crap, Darkheart. I don't think you'll be messing with the Care Bear Crew anytime soon.

6 I Guess We Can Call Her... Red Arrow?

via Pinterest

Brave was a really great yet underrated Pixar flick. Thankfully, it netted us a bunch of really great Merida cosplays, so I guess the initial underwhelming box office take isn't that big of a deal. However, once this gets in the hands of a clever cosplayer like this one, integrating Merida with another famous archer from the DC universe, the look gets taken to the next level.

Bringing these two together make perfect sense, and the subdued green color palette that she uses to channel Green Arrow is a perfect contrast for her fiery red hair. It's great. The Celtic touches on the bow and the basic compound design provide a cooler look than what she would have had if she tried to make a replica of the TV version.

5 Metal Inside AND Out

via Costumewall.com (Dadpool)

See this guy, everyone? This guy, who goes by Dadpool on Facebook, is doing it effing right. Our second Iron Man mashup, this one kills every single aspect that we should expect in a good mashup cosplay - astonishing build quality, a beautiful paint job and finish, and an amazing joke to tie it all together.

We all know that Iron Man is, well, a man encased in iron. And Wolverine is a man that's, well, encased in Adamantium on the inside. So what we're seeing here is an Iron Man on an Iron Alloy Man with a side of Iron, Man. It's absolutely flawless. Bravo, Dadpool - we'd give you a gold medal, but it'd just get melted by the arc reactor's exhaust.

4 Not Pictured: A Raspberry Beret

via Twitter (PurpleRainger)

When I first saw this, I couldn't stop laughing. It was honestly the most brilliant Power Rangers cosplay I've seen, and it easily ranks as one of my favorite cosplays of all time, let alone on this list.

For those of you who have never heard of Prince (no judgment, I barely knew of his music before he died and still don't know much), his most famous song is "Purple Rain." And here we have the Purple Rain-ger. Complete with his beautiful purple axe, hair detail, and lace gloves with a killer manicure.

I can just imagine that his morpher's probably a dove. And his zord doesn't merge with the other ones because he thinks they aren't as talented as he is.

3 Poe-sitively Brilliant.

via imgur (Beth Grimes)

I graduated college with a degree in English, Magna Cum Laude. The short stories of Edgar Allen Poe was a major player in bringing me into this field in the first place. I love Poe so much - he's like H.P Lovecraft without all the racism. Then when I watched The Force Awakens, and was introduced to Mr. MacGuffin himself, Poe Dameron, I really couldn't care less about him.

Enter Beth Grimes and her Edgar Allen Poe Dameron cosplay. I don't think I've bever seen a cosplay more tailored to my personal tastes in my life. This is so great, and I just want to say this right now: Beth, if you're reading this, thank you so much for doing this amazing cosplay.

2 Strong to the Finish, In the Name of the Moon!

via Moviepilot (Rannie Rodil)

You know there had to be something amazing to trump Edgar Allen Poe Dameron, and here it is. Cosplayer Rannie Rodil and makeup artist Cig Neutron make for a team that is 100% amazing. Neutron's artistry makes for a pretty jarring effect, seen in Popeye's disturbingly accurate face. Couple that with Rodil's tailoring, and you've got a brilliant outfit that takes a simple pun and turns it into something awesome.

There's something to be said about taking a model with as much natural beauty as Rodil and covering it up with a horrendously wonderful prosthetic like Popeye's. I don't know what that might be, but I know it's not negative.


via madartlab.com (Seelix)

There are so many great cosplays on this list, but this one just spoke to me. I don't know why - maybe it's the beautiful details cosplayer Seelix put in on the pauldrons, the arm attachment, and the belt. Maybe it's the awesome pink dress she's got going on under her belts and weathered pantaloons. It could even be just the streaked eyeliner between her eyes. I just know that this is seriously one of the best cosplays I've ever seen.

There's not even a joke to be found here - I mean, the name sounds cute, but there's no pun to be found. It's really just a great combination of styles that shouldn't work, but somehow work so brilliantly. Congratulations, Seelix - you've won cosplay forever.

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