25 Cosplay Of Classic PlayStation Characters

The world of cosplay is as popular today as it has ever been, with cons and gatherings filled with fans who dedicate their time, talent, and money into looking as close to the in-game character of their choice as possible. Sometimes, the results are cringeworthy and other times the cosplay is so off the mark that it doesn't make much sense at all.

However, some are so good that they become sensations, pasted all over gaming and cosplay websites in addition to the internet at large. Even though cosplay wasn't as widespread when most of these characters were at the height of their popularity, it hasn't stopped some of the most crafty cosplayers from bringing classic PlayStation characters to life. These characters are from the days before analog sticks, when the back of the discs were black and "Kids To Adults" was an actual ESRB rating.

From platforming knights and dragons, to real in-game actresses, and bandicoots, there is no limit to the lengths some cosplayers will go to faithfully portray their favorite classic game characters. So grab your memory cards, get your controller (you get the MadCatz), and surf through your jewel cases, this is 25 Jaw-Dropping Cosplay Of Classic PlayStation Characters.

25 A Mitochondrial Beauty

Via: (priestess-shizuka)

The heroine of the oft-overlooked Parasite Eve series, this Aya Brea cosplay would be right at home in one of the trilogies excellently crafted stories. The Parasite Eve series was essentially Squaresoft's attempt at making a Resident Evil game; meaning that it relied on tank controls, fixed camera angles, and plenty of grotesque monsters to ventilate.

What sets the blonde NYPD officer from the likes of Jill sandwiches is that she is able to use mitochondrial powers. Essentially lighting things on fire and blasting enemies with telekinesis.

This cosplay is pretty faithful to the character that is being paid homage; Aya was usually getting smacked around by all types of horrifically deformed beasts in the course of her mitochondria fueled adventures. But for some reason, we're thinking she bought those jeans like that.

24 I Need A Higher Power Scope

Via: (alexblacklight)

Undoubtedly one of the most fun boss battles in the original cinematic simulator Metal Gear Solid, this Sniper Wolf cosplay is top of the line. With the authentic looking sniper rifle, meticulously crafted FOXHOUND patch, and snowy forest setting, we're betting this cosplayer is just waiting to line up the perfect shot on the next unsuspecting infiltrator (or red-haired female lead).

It's sad that not many boss battles have really ever captured the same magic as the infamous Sniper Wolf firefight, except of course the battle with The End in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Fun fact: if you equip a cardboard box and patiently wait in the cave filled with Sniper Wolf's wolves, they'll eventually pee on the box, marking Snake as one of their own and not attacking him for the rest of his mission.

23 So Accurate It's Disturbing

Via: (ryoko_demon)

This cosplay really pops for a number of reasons: the one that's really striking is how disturbing Coco Bandicoot would actually look in real life. Seriously, we never thought that cosplay would be this off-putting, especially for a seemingly innocent game about a bipedal marsupial that wears pants.

The amount of detail in this cosplay is also ridiculously over the top: the pink laptop with the exact same stickers as the one Coco uses in-game, the body paint, and overalls outfit, and the apple that mirrors the wumpa fruit that Crash is always's truly astounding.

Not to mention the pose and demeanor that is true to the actual Coco Bandicoot. Now all this photoshoot needs is a passed out Crash snoring away with Aku Aku floating in the background.

22 How Does She Fit In That After Drinking All That Blood?


Bloodrayne is an odd game; over the top violence and gore follow a busty female vampire as she dismembers and feeds on Nazi's. Yes, it is one of the best concepts ever put together for a game and yes, it was pretty fun to play.

This cosplayer's outfit is authentic to the very last thread and knot; the corset top, vampire pendant, the all is completely accurate; a perfect representation of the actual in-game vampire that made the Third Reich scared of the dark. The only addition this cosplay would need is some vampire teeth; considering they're about .75 cents at the Halloween store, there is no excuse for their absence in this otherwise excellent cosplay.

21 "Lets Ditch Sir Rust-A-Lot And Get Out Of Here!"

Via: (I-S-Mast)

Two of the main characters from the best (yes, it is the best), Final Fantasy game on the original PlayStation are highlighted in this excellent cosplay scene. The Garnet costume is spot on, the ties, gloves, and buckle are all true to the actual in-game princess turned vagrant, down to the tiniest detail.

The cosplayer playing the charming thief Zidane is no slouch either, that outfit is impeccable, down to the tail and every detail in the clothing and hair. Not only are the costumes seriously top shelf, but the scene is totally accurate to the game; Garnet stares on with a look of hope, while Zidane ogles her playfully in the background.

20 Where's Squall?

Via: (mayuyu0405)

This is a great cosplay for one of the most misunderstood JRPGs of all time, Riona from Final Fantasy VIII really comes alive with this photoshoot. From the flowing blue knit sweater/trenchcoat combo, to the buttoned-up under layer, this cosplay is paying homage to an overlooked gem.

Props to the photo shoot taking place in a field of flowers, where gamers first saw Riona in Final Fantasy VIII's opening cutscene. We'd really like to see a group shot of the whole gang with this Riona taking center stage, especially Squall with his gunblade. Alas, we're only getting Riona the time around, but it is one of the best cosplays of the character out there.

19 The Authentic Jill Sandwich


You can't mention the original PlayStation and its solid lineup of games without mentioning the beginning of the survival horror genre and its steamy lead lady. Resident Evil sparked one of the most popular genres in video games and with good reason; the game is still creepy all these years later, from the limited ammo to the fixed camera that hides pesky zombies, the game is a masterpiece in every sense of the word.

This cosplay is special because, as some of the more astute readers out there may have noticed, the cosplayer in this photoshoot is none other than Julia Voth, the actress who actually plays Jill Valentine in the games. The idea for her to cosplay her most iconic role was a fan's idea, we wish would could track that fan down and shake their hand for the excellent results.

18 A Deadly Duo


Two of the most recognizable PlayStation exclusive characters of all time (well Lara used to be at least), this mashup is something that a lot of gamers wouldn't mind seeing put into an actual game. Even though this is the updated version of both characters (Lara from the remake and Nate from the third installment), these are still two Sony staples that you can't help but bring up when talking about PlayStation.

Both costumes are perfect down to the most intricate detail, with the actual cosplayers looking pretty similar to their in-game characters, and the props and costumes look like they were lifted from a movie set. Bonus points for Lara's ice pick and Nate's stockless AK; it adds to a really satisfying team up that should be done more often.

17 "You Left The Safety On Rookie"

Via: (meryl-sama)

Well, she's not doing sit-ups in her cell, but we'll take this excellent Meryl cosplay that really gives the red-headed rookie the face time that she deserves. Although she's carrying a Desert Eagle (which she doesn't use until Sons Of Liberty), the outfit is reminiscent of the Meryl that gamers were introduced to in the original Metal Gear Solid. 

It must have been seriously cold sneaking around Shadow Mosses in a tank top, but this Meryl cosplay is so hot, she could melt her way through any snow storm that may blanket the secret nuclear disposal site. Maybe she should pair up with the Sniper Wolf cosplay for some seriously nostalgia-inducing photo sessions.

16 "Ain't Nothing Fair, You Know That"

Via: (ageeksaga)

While not necessarily a "classic" PlayStation game, Red Dead Redemption is such a good game that it deserves to be mentioned on every list about video games, ever. The John Marston in this cosplay is so well done, from the facial hair down to the satchel for collecting wild flowers, some serious time went into making this outfit as close to the actual game as possible.

Not to leave out Bonnie; the outfit, expression, and minor details are done so well that we're totally expecting some well-written dialogue to transpire between the two. Honestly, if any reader out there wants to argue the semantics of Red Dead Redemption being classified as a classic PlayStation game, we can have a gold old fashioned standoff; it won't stop the game from being great.

15 Goddess Of War

Via: (fotomike)

This gender-bending cosplay is awesome in every sense of the word; the details on the body paint and props make this female Kratos even more fearsome than the actual in-game god of war. Those Blades of Athena are so well made that it wouldn't really surprise us if they could cut through all types of mythical creatures with ease.

It's really impressive that the body paint is as spot on as it is, especially including the scar and lips. Bonus points for the Blades of Athena having actual chains wrapped around Kratos's arms, and the enraged expression that is so fitting for the vengeful Spartan.

14 Would The Real Tifa Lockhart Please Stand Up?

Via: (Madison Kate)

What would a classic PlayStation character cosplay lineup be without at least one Tifa Lockhart? Hailing from one of the most popular games ever made, this Tifa would be right at home covering Cloud's back in his battle against Sephiroth. We also wouldn't mind seeing her get in a slapping match atop a zeppelin as well, or having her whip up one of her patented slum approved cocktails.

Notice the random spot of armor on her right arm, the suspenders, and eerily accurate hair; all the minute details really bring this cosplay together. In addition, Madison Kate is a complete smoke show, so she could claim that she was Tifa while wearing a burlap sack and most would be alright with it.

13 A Wolf In A God's Clothing

Via: (rolan666)

Somehow, this cosplayer took a divine white wolf and made it into a somewhat steamy cosplay. Not only is the costume really well done, notice the cartoony looking tufts of wolf fur on the cosplayer's elbows that look like they were pulled right from the game and the weapon on her back. Another place this cosplay shines is the actual photo manipulation done post-shoot that really speaks to the tone of the game as well.

With the costume accentuating the Amaterasu fur, wind effects, and paint designs, this cosplay is seriously excellent. The ink stains and Okami logo in the top corner also make it an outstanding tribute to Sony's Zelda killer.

12 Please Remaster Me!


One of the most underrated series deserving of a remake, this Onimusha cosplay may not look like much, but for those that have played the game, it speaks volumes. Onimusha is basically Resident Evil with Samurai and Japanese demons; in short, it's awesome. The original title was also the first PlayStation 2 game to sell over a million copies, meaning that we really, really need a remaster.

This Samanosuke costume in on point, featuring his trademark armor, sword, and Oni gauntlet. The actual armor could probably be recycled for any other cosplay that featured Samurai warriors, but as far as the game goes, it's identical to the protagonist's plate that he wears to take down the evil lord Nobunaga.

11 Helllooooo Nurse!


One of the creepiest games ever made, the original Silent Hill tapped into all the fears you never knew you had and made you run through them with a handgun and limited visibility. One of the most famous horrors from the series are the nurses, found wandering the halls of Alchemilla Hospital in the first game. They are one of the main enemy types in pretty much every Silent Hill and made appearances in the movie of the same name.

This cosplay is so well put together, some gamers may have mistaken it for a teaser for an upcoming game (just kidding, Konami already ruined that). The setting is sufficiently creepy, the outfit and face makeup are dead on, and the blood covered caution sign all make this one of the best Silent Hill cosplays out there.

10 Somebody Has A Sweet Tooth


There never really has been another set of games that has matched up to the Twisted Metal series; sure, you had your Vigilante 8s and the like, but aside from the superior car combat, the Twisted Metal series had soul. The characters were caught in between a rock and a hard place before being offered the chance by Calypso for their wishes to come true by participating in a vehicular combat tournament. The contestants were never good people, they all had some sort of serious emotional, usually violent, hang-ups that made their wishes disgusting, to say the least.

This is never truer than with the series most recognizable character, Sweet Tooth. Appearing in every Twisted Metal tournament, the serial killer clown is a legitimately frightening character, brought to life by this excellent, not to mention buff, cosplay.

9 "What Is A Man?" (adrian-farenheights)

This is easily one of the best cosplays we have ever seen; from the supreme game choice, to every piece of stitching and thread that went into that costume, this one is really supreme. Bonus points for the super creepy/seductive contacts, and the lovely locks that rival the actual Alucard's.

The level of detail that went into putting this cosplay together must have been insane, taking into account all the tiny details that they lifted from Symphony Of The Night's cover and Alucard's in-game sprite. The plastic bat she's holding is also a nice touch, and the fact that she's gorgeous helps as well. This is one bloodsucker that most gamers wouldn't mind getting close to, even if they may come out a few gallons lighter.

8 You Could Have Just Used The Front Door

Via: Michelle Monique Photography

Tekken is one of the greatest fighting franchises that was ever made, giving birth to some of the most memorable fighters to ever grace a fighting game. Although the series is famous for fighters with Jaguar masks or insect/cyborg ninja masters, the series also featured quite a few cuties on the fighting circuit that rival even the ladies of the Dead Or Alive series.

Lili is no exception to this observation, she kicks butt in a tight white dress with the greatest of ease, sending her opponents spinning to a quick K.O. This cosplay is excellent not only because of the expert craftsmanship for the outfit and actual character design, but also because of the post photoshoot details that were added in. There is nothing quite as cool as an angry chick jump kicking her way through a window.

7 Time To Fry Some Sheep


I'm sure gamers never really though that the purple dragon could get this sensual; and besides the obvious assets inherent in this cosplay, the costume is really well designed. With a suit of shiny purple scales, the perfect points on the wings, and the picturesque horns, teeth, and claws, few cosplayers have ever done Spyro this well.

This cosplay is so good that the cosplayer doesn't even need to be on all fours in order to really sell the Spyro angle, even walking around on two legs would have most gamers immediately know who she is. Now all she needs is some BBQ'd sheep to bounce around with her to really bring it all home.

6 Misadventures In Cosplay

Via: (Laurarenamuehl)

Some gamers may be questioning exactly what character they're looking at right now, as they may not have been the most in tune with Mega Man's foray onto the original PlayStation. The purple dress wearing bad girl seen above is nonother than Tron Bonne, the villain from the Mega Man Legends series who was so well received that she got her own spinoff title, The Misadventures Of Tron Bonne. 

The game was an odd mishmash of third-person exploration and mini-games, as players helped Tron Bonne raise an army of yellow minions to help her wreak havoc. The cosplayer above definitely has it all going on, from the skull earrings to the dress, high heels, and white bangles around her ankles.

5 There Is No Way This Fatal Frame Cosplay Wouldn't Be Creepy


For the uninitiated, the Fatal Frame series is terrifying to the point of being nightmare inducing. The series follows a cast of teenage girls that all come into possession of the camera obscura; a camera capable of detecting and defeating ghosts by taking pictures of them. Although it sounds childish in concept, the ghosts in question have a habit of looking grotesque and popping out of walls and ceilings in order to scare every last turd out of gamers.

The cosplay above is of the two sisters from Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly, where they are attacked by the restless spirits of an abandoned village in hopes of using the siblings for a sacrifice.

4 About To Get MediEvil On You


A true original PlayStation classic, the original MediEvil follows the adventures of undead knight Sir Daniel Fortesque, as he attempts to save his kingdom of Gallowmere from invasion by evil sorcerer Zarok. Gameplay is third person hack and slash action, with a focus on dark humor and unique visuals, as influenced by the extremely accurate cosplay featured above.

Not only are the armor, sword, and shield faithful reproductions that would make any cosplayer proud, the mask is exceptional in a lot of ways. The facial expression, teeth length, and coloring are all spot on, but what makes the mask really stand out is the addition of the smiling purple worm in Dan's eye socket.



This is really top of the line stuff — we had to double check that we weren't posting a graphically updated screenshot of the original game before adding this one to the list. Notice all the intricate details of the sneaking suit; the shadowing on the suit, the pouches and attachments on the belt, the headband and really is accurate to the point of being eerie.

Apart from the actual outfit used for this cosplay, the props are great; that stinger could definitely take down a Hind D (A Hind D?), and that is a real cigarette. Now all this cosplayer needs is some lasers getting caught in the smoke from that cig, and we'd think Kojima announced a remaster.

2 Girls May Sigh

Via: (leonchirocosplayart)

How about a little Dante for the ladies, eh? While this cosplayer is most likely trying to pull off the reimagined Dante (the inferior one), it's hard to argue with those abs. Is the shirt bite completely necessary? Not at all, but hey, if we had those abs we'd probably walk around perpetually shirt biting as well.

Aside from the cheese grater that dude chiseled into his stomach, the cosplay outfit is pretty well — the red leather jacket and fingerless gloves are trademark Devil May Cry fodder. It's really a shame that he isn't holding Ebony and Ivory though, it seems like everyone will have to put up with lame finger guns instead.

1 You Probably Remember Her Better Than Niko

Via: (Kristen Cantrell)

This is one of the most original, and sadly recognizable, cosplays that has ever existed. For any gamer that played Grand Theft Auto IV, the load screen was an inescapable acquaintance, a montage of excellent game related art that primed gamers while Liberty City came together for their destructive enjoyment.

This cosplay is easily dismissible as being too easy or whatnot, but it's actually incredibly intricate when you get down to the details of it. The cosplayer is dolled up and posed exactly like the loading screen that so many gamers have burned into their memories, to the point that it's hard to not have flashbacks of all that time waiting for the game to boot up.

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