25 Amazing Cosplays By Kristen Hughey That Prove She's Better Than Jessica Nigri

If you are familiar with the world of cosplay, then you know the name Jessica Nigri. She has become one of the most popular cosplayers, not only stateside, but the entire planet! She started out doing a simple Pikachu cosplay. It went viral and now she’s at where she is now. Even though she’s the poster girl for cosplay, she’s not the only one making high quality costumes.

Kristen Hughey is a cosplayer from New York and is considered to be one of the top 10 most recognizable cosplayers. She is also a Twitch streamer and makes YouTube videos. She hasn’t been too active on Twitch lately, but she mainly streamed League of Legends and Overwatch when she was on. A lot of her YouTube videos were Q&A videos or how she made the costumes that she wore. She has dressed as a lot of really popular characters over the years. Ranging from Street Fighters characters to obscure DC Comic characters. And yes, she has a Suicide Squad Harley Quinn cosplay, but it’s one of the better ones I’ve seen.

It kinda seems like people compare all female cosplayers to Jessica and that’s understandable since she's so popular, but most people in the community are friends. Kristen and Jessica follow each other on Twitter and Instagram and from what I gathered, they're friends. Having said all that, we have a list of 25 pictures of Kristen that shows she’s just as good as Jessica Nigri, if not a tad better!

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25 Green Is All Of A Sudden My Favorite Color

via: adventuresinpoortaste.com, lamwin.deviantart.com

Jade is a bit of a fan-favorite character in Mortal Kombat. She first appeared in Mortal Kombat II and was one of the only ranged characters. Kristen did a cosplay of her one year and she knocked it out with it! She looks almost exactly like the character and even went as far as to put in green contacts since Jade does have green eyes. She even had the pole that Jade uses for combat. It might just look like a simple pole to a lot of people, but that’s what the character uses in game. There are other versions of it in later games but the original Jade just used a simple pole. Kristen’s costume was so spot on here and it had to be hard to make cause she even had the chains and stuff around her waist.

24 2 Guns… Handguns

via: jmnettlesjr.deviantart.com, nicobass.deviantart.com

Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider franchise is having a bit of a resurgence lately. The two recent video games and a new movie coming in 2018, and Square Enix (the developer) recently announced that a new game will be announced in 2018 as well! So it’s no surprise that the cosplay world has had some people dress as Lara Croft and guess what… Kristen has dressed as Lara Croft before, shocking right? Hers is more old-school Lara with the sleeveless shirt and really short shorts. That is a costume in the newer games, but not the base one anymore. Kristen did go full out, though, and has two holsters and two fake guns. She even went with the pigtails look from the original PlayStation games. She has the fingerless gloves to boot.

23 Get That Woman A Shield

via: geeksaresy.net, undertheradarmag.com

Marvel movies are arguably at their peak right now with Avengers: Infinity War Part I coming out next year and Disney just buying 20th Century Fox so they can use the X-Men and Fantastic Four in movies now. People have been cosplaying Marvel characters since the movies started up 10 years ago, and yes, that includes Kristen. She dressed as Captain America once and went with the original look. Kristen wore a similar suit to Cap in Captain America: The First Avenger when he was first starting out. She just has more of a solider helmet over a full-on mask. She did go with his current shield, mainly because it’s more recognizable than his first shield. Her female take on him worked well and it ended up being one of her most popular cosplays.

22 Is She Your Main?

via: imgur.com, streetfighter.wikia.com

This post is more for me in that I usually play as Cammy when I play Street Fighter. I’m not very good, but I can hold my own with her. She made her first appearance in Street Fighter II and has been in every game since then. Kristen dressed as her once and, as usual, it was an incredible cosplay. She had the one piece green top and even had a red hat exactly like the one Cammy wears! She had her hair in a long singular strand just like the character and had the blonde hair. Her hair is naturally blonde, so she didn’t really have to do much there, but seeing as she does so much with her hair to match characters it’s worth mentioning. She literally looked like a living version of Cammy.

21 Didn’t She Dump Aaron Rodgers?

via: pinterest.com, pinterest.com

X-Men: Apocalypse wasn’t that well-received when it came out, but that didn’t stop people from cosplaying as Psylocke. It was the first time the character had appeared on the big screen and Olivia Munn played her well. Kristen joined in as dressing as her as well. She had the full movie look with the one piece and purple hair. There are some edits of her using Psylocke’s powers that look awesome! She had the red belt with the black X on it and it looks just like hers in the movie! Psylocke was a villain in the movie but she hasn’t always been a bad guy in the traditional comics. Along with all the others who were bad in the movie.

She only has a few pictures of her as Psylocke but she did a great job with it and if that character comes back in any of the movies it would be cool for her to pull this back out.

20 “I’m Going To Break The Wheel”

via: kristenhughey.storenvy.com

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular pieces of entertainment on the planet. Daenerys Targaryen became one of the biggest characters after the first season and a ton of people started cosplaying as her at conventions. Kristen did a few different versions of her. She has one of her more traditional clothes from the first season where she looks pretty basic there with a tan dress. There's another that is from more recent seasons with her in a blue dress and a fake dragon. She has the gold piece around her waist and it looks very cool! Her best one though is from the final scene of the first season. The season ends with her clothes burned off and baby dragons around her. Kristen did a photoshoot with this look and it looks straight out of the show, dragons and all!

19 How Did You Deal With Tidus’ Awful Laugh?

via: pinterest.com, characterprofile.wikia.com

Final Fantasy X is one of the most popular games in the series and many people have done many cosplays of the characters. Yuna and Rikku are the main ones you see, but Kristen decided to go a different route when she did this game. She dressed as a female version of Auron. Auron is a character that is a part of the story literally from beginning to end. He’s often the voice of reason when dealing with some of the stupid decisions that Tidus makes. His costume is a bit demanding since there is a lot going on, but she pulled it off! She had the entire clothes set including the jug on her side. Her hairstyle and the glasses really make the costume. She’s one of the only cosplayers I’ve seen do a female version of this character.

18 RKO Out OF Nowhere!

via: pinterest.com, streetfighter.wikia.com

Kristen continued her Street Fighter characters around when Street Fighter V came out by dressing as R.Mika. R. Mika was first introduced in Street Fighter Alpha 3 but was brought back with Street Fighter V. She’s more a wrestling character, and you can tell that by her outfit. Kristen’s cosplay looked almost exactly like the character in the game. She had the wrestling attire with the lucha mask and everything. The costume is pretty…revealing to say the least. So I can't imagine she would be too comfortable sitting down wearing it. But for the character to be able to pull off some of the moves she does she would need to wear something like that. Kristen had the pigtails going again and the long white boots.

17 Am I In Your Head?

via: pinterest.com, suckerpunch.wikia.com

Sucker Punch came out in 2011 and had pretty mixed reactions. People can say whatever they want about the story, but no one can deny the movie has gorgeous visuals and the character designs were great! The main character is Babydoll and Kristen did a cosplay of her that was spot on! If you haven't seen the movie then you might just think she is just dressed as a girl in a school uniform. The huge swords might make you think otherwise. This cosplay has more to do with Kristen looking like Emily Browning than anything, 'cause Kristen has blonde hair and looks just like her with the pigtails. The costume is simple, but sometimes simple is all you need for something like that. She did have a fake gun as well. She did have the cool details on the gun and that had to be hard to pull off.

16 Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

via: elitecosplay.com, disney.wikia.com

It kinda seems like Frozen completely took over the world for a few years, or ya know… it still kinda feels like that movie is just as popular. Kristen did a photo shoot dressed as Elsa that was really impressive! She looks just like her with the blue dress on and the way she did her hair. The added effects of the snow in some of the pictures just added to it and gives the pictures a kind of magical vibe to them. She actually looks like she could be at Disney Land with how detailed the dress is, and the white shoes look great too. It would have been cool to add an ice effect to her hands in one of the pictures. I would love to see her tackle some other Disney characters after seeing her Elsa.

15 Cerulean Gym Leader

via: pinterest.com, pokemon.wikia.com

Pokémon games have been insanely popular since the first ones came out in the late 90s. The cosplay for the games usually focus on the actual Pokémon themselves or Ash. If you go to a convention the odds of running into a Pikachu is very high. The gym leader Misty is also a pretty popular choice as well. Kristen’s cosplay of Misty was pretty high quality. She had the yellow shirt and red suspenders going with the short jean shorts. In one of the pictures she posed with a Togepi, which fits in line with the tv show. To top the whole outfit off, she had on the red and white sneakers that she wears in the show. I’ve seen a few cosplayers pull off a female Ash and would love to see that from her if she ever wants to do another Pokémon themed cosplay.

14 Rooby Roo!

via: kristenhughey.storenvy.com, twitter.com

I was never a very big Scooby-Doo person, but cosplayers have taken a different approach with some of the characters. It seems like Velma is a popular cosplay and I’m totally fine with that! I guess since Velma was the smart nerdy character on the show it’s only natural for people to turn the cosplays into a different version. Velma’s outfit is pretty simple with just a orange sweater and red skirt. Kristen pulls off Velma very well! She has her hair just like her from the cartoon, or the movies if you wanna go that route… I’d probably just stick to the show but you do you. Jessica Nigri has done Velma before, but she went with underwear instead of the traditional skirt. Some may say going with less clothes is more and is a better cosplay, but I would go with Kristen’s for sticking to the traditional skirt.

13 My Plants Are My Children

via: sharemycosplay.com, nerdninja.com

So this is another selfish entry because I’m a huge Batman fan! Kristen did a few cosplays of Poison Ivy and all of them looked great! She had more of bikini look for one of them but the bikini looked to be made of leaves and it was very cool! Another one was a more traditional green one piece made of leaves. The bright red hair is a must when doing a Poison Ivy cosplay and hers looks great. The additions of white and green flowers in her hair just added to the awesome! In one of the pictures she doesn’t have the bottom part of her bikini on and a plant is covering up her umm… ya know… bottom part. It’s one of my favorite cosplays she has done but, like I said, I’m a big Batman person and Ivy is one of my favorite villains.

12 Back Up

via: jmnettlesjr.deviantart.com, jessicanigri.storenvy.com

This is another cosplay that we can take a second to compare Kristen’s to Jessica’s. They’ve both done Rogue from X-Men and they were both pretty different versions of the character. Kristen took the angle of her in the yellow coat and pink clothes and Jessica took the approach of her yellow and green look from the animated series. I grew up with the animated series, so seeing Jessica in that outfit was really cool. But I gotta give credit to Kristen for going with a less-known look for the character. That seems to be a thing with Kristen’s choices, going a bit different so she can stand out more. Now that Disney owns the rights to the X-Men I would love to see either version of the character that they show with these cosplays. I’d go with Kristen’s version just to have something different, though.

11 “I’ve Got The Magic Stick”

via: pinterest.com, comiccrossroads.wikia.com

So this is a great example of Kristen stepping outside the boundaries and doing a cosplay of a lesser-known character. Hardcore DC Comic fans know who Zatanna is but the casual person who just keeps up with the movies has no clue! She has to be given credit for going with a character like that and it shows she does have knowledge and cares about the material that she cosplays. Her costume is basically a female magician with a black top hat. She had a cool photoshoot where magic is being unleashed out of her hat and it looks like a scene straight out of the comics. It has been rumored that she would appear in the current DC movies, but after Justice League didn’t perform well at the box office they may have to change things up a bit.

10 “Tonight, A Comedian Died In New York”

via: geeksxgirls.com, pinterest.com

I know that we’ve already had one Zack Snyder movie on this list but I guess Kristen and I have a common love of Snyder movies! Watchmen came out in 2009 and it was basically the graphic novel brought to life, blue penis and all! Kristen did a cosplay as Silk Spectre from the flashback scenes. In the movie they show some of the characters in flashbacks when they used to be heroes and then shows them in modern times, modern times being the 80s in this movie. Kristen’s cosplay here was awesome since it was the flashback outfit. She had the yellow and black dress with that unique hairstyle from the movie. Kristen has the same body type as Carla Gugino who played the character, so that just makes the cosplay that much more authentic looking.

9 “This, Is God”

via: twitter.com, deathbattlefanon.wikia.com

1, 2, Kristen is coming for you… dressed as Freddy! That was bad, sorry. But for real, dressing as a female Freddy seems to be a huge thing now and I’m not complaining! I think every cosplayer has done a Freddy at this point so we’ll just stick to Kristen’s costume with this post. She has the ripped sweater! And the iconic hat and glove. She went with the traditional four claws on the glove instead of the New Nightmare version with five. She went with the short jean shorts as well. I really like the female Freddy, and honestly it would be cool if they just went ahead and tried a movie out with it. The last movie wasn’t great, but having a female version as the lead would be a shakeup I would think could be interesting.

8 Gotta Get Those E-Tanks And… Missile Upgrades

via imgur.com, desktopbackgrounds.org

Doing a Samus cosplay can be a very difficult thing to pull off. It really depends on which version you want to do. Kristen chose to go the path of Metroid: Zero Mission suit Samus, which is basically just a skintight suit. Having said that, to look like Samus you need to be in insane shape and she definitely is. Because Samus has a military background and literally fights aliens in space! The cool thing about this cosplay is how stripped she looks. Because in in the game you are getting your armor back as you play through the game and that’s how she looks. She has a fake gun instead of her traditional hand cannon on her arm. I actually prefer this kind of Samus cosplay over a full Samus suit because this kind of cosplay is actually rarer than than seeing a full suit.

7 You’ll Want To Cross Her Path

via: kristenhughey.storenvy.com, rebrn.com

Black Cat has been around just about as long as Spider-Man has been a comic and a lot of people have done cosplays of her over the years. This is actually one of those times that Kristen’s cosplay is much better than Jessica Nigri’s. Jessica decided to have her own take on the character and focus more on a sensual side. She still had the leather and the mask but she’s basically wearing a one piece. Kristen took the more traditional look and I love the traditional look of Cat. The full leather zip-up looks so great and so does the white fur on her arms. Black Cat already has a great look because of her suit being zipped down, and Jessica’s just kinda took it too far to me.

6 “A Storm Is Coming, Mr. Wayne”

via: kristenhughey.storenvy.com, arkhamcity.wikia.com

When you google Kristen Hughey one of the first pictures that comes up is her dressed as Catwoman, and there’s a good reason for that! Her Catwoman is one of the most impressive cosplays I’ve ever seen. And that’s saying a lot because pretty much every female cosplayer has a Catwoman. She went with the Catwoman from Batman: Arkham City and it’s one of my favorite takes on the character. She has the goggles and whip to go along with the skin tight black suit. It looks great on her! Pulling off a Catwoman can be tough because of how uncomfortable the costume must be, especially if it’s at a convention and you have to walk around all day in it. This was the cosplay that I discovered her with.

5 Last Dance

via: pinterest.com, alpha.wallhaven.cc

This is another cosplay that really works for her because of how she naturally looks. When she dressed as Mary Jane from Spider-Man it was crazy how much she looked like she was just ripped out of the comics. The outfit she wore was super simple, but her red hair really made it for me. Kirsten Dunst had the look pretty down in the Sam Raimi movies but honestly, Kristen looks even more like Mary Jane than she did. She did a photoshoot and it has her sorting though laundry and Spider-Man’s suit is in the basket and it’s pretty cool. The reason she did the laundry pose was because there is a statue that you can get that has Mary Jane doing the same thing so it was cool of her to choose that.

4 “Hold Onto Your Lug Nuts, It’s Time For An Overhaul!

via kristenhughey.storenvy.com, dualshockers.com

When Final Fantasy XV came out last year the internet was set on fire with Cindy. There has always been a Cid in all of the Final Fantasy games and FFXV decided to go with the first female version of the character. They also made her outfit pretty… revealing, to say the least. There were so many cosplays of her after that and Kristen decided to get in on that Cindy action! Cindy is a mechanic in the game so she has a tool belt around her waist and a red mechanic hat. Her top is basically a bra and a cut off yellow jacket. Kristen literally looked like a real life version of the character and it was incredible! She even had the writing from the game on her hat and jacket. It’s one of highest quality cosplays I’ve ever seen and it’s really impressive she pulled it off.

3 Mista J

via kristenhughey.storenvy.com, rocketqueenimaging.deviantart.com

So hey, guess what? Do you remember when Suicide Squad came out and every girl on the planet dressed as Harley Quinn? Good times. Well Kristen drank the kool-aid and did a cosplay of her as well but it was very high quality. She had everything from the baseball bat to the “Daddy’s Lil Monster” cut off shirt. She even went as far as to have the tattoos she had in the movie. It was cliché but she looked great doing it. The main reason I wanted to put Harley on this list was also for her other Harley cosplay. She did one based on Harley from the Injustice games. She had the goggles and the red and black bra with the brown jacket. I loved how she looked in those games.

2 “Nerf This!”

via: imgrum.org, kristenhughey.storenvy.com

When Overwatch came out it kind of set the gaming world on fire and pretty much every character has been cosplayed at this point. One of the most popular characters is D.Va and Kristen chose to cosplay as her. D.Va is a professional gamer who uses a mech in the game. Once the mech blows up she can run around with a gun in a jumpsuit. Kristen’s D.Va costume was amazing! Her suit looked exactly like hers from the game and she even had the headset on. She had the pink gun and the face paint as well. She actually had another version of D.Va in a bikini. I mainly play as D.Va in Overwatch so this is my personal favorite cosplay she has done.

1 “If Anyone Can Fill Superman’s Boots… It’s You”

via: pinterest.com, pinterest.com

To me, Kristen’s best cosplay is her Supergirl cosplay. Supergirl has been having a resurgence lately with the tv show being a hit and her being in Injustice 2. There are also rumors about her being in one of the DC movies sometime soon. You can tell by looking at Kristen’s costume that it was made and not bought because of how great it fits. Everything about the costume is on point, from the logo to the cape. Since her hair is naturally blonde it helps since Supergirl has blonde hair and her abs are on point! She just has this natural glow of confidence about her in this cosplay, like she was made to do it. There are some really cool edits with her flying through the city and it looks great!

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