25 Fun Pictures Of Katara From Avatar: The Last Airbender

For some reason, the upcoming pictures are probably not what Nickelodeon had in mind when they greenlight Avatar: The Last Airbender. Still, everyone must eventually grow up, and children TV shows are no exception. The adventures of Aang and friends stands among the best cartoons created by the popular studio, spanning three seasons and a spin-0ff series. Ignoring the terrible live-action adaptation - which is not easy to do - Avatar is a crowning achievement in storytelling. Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino should be proud of what they were able to accomplish over the course of a few years.

While there is definitely a case to be made for Toph being Avatar's best girl, Katara receives the majority of the screentime. Introduced with her older brother Sokka, the water-bender helped bring Aang back to life and served as the Avatar's main love-interest for the majority of the show. Love or hate it, the digital age created an ideal landscape for creative individuals to share their passion with an enthusiastic audience.

Ok, let's get to this! Here are 25 jaw-dropping pictures of Katara (that Aang doesn’t want you to see).

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25 Soaked From Head To Toe

Via acaciathorn.deviantart.com

Born in the Southern Water Tribe and a master waterbender, Katara spends a great deal of her day playing with liquids. So, she is soaked more often than not, especially across the Deviant Art platform. Acaciathorn took that concept and ran with it, resulting in a Katara that is practically one with the sea. The swimsuit is a surprising choice, and pretty unique for the character. The artist really captured the bender's beauty, with special mention going to her hair and almost cathartic facial expression. She is in complete control of her emotions and the situation. Water is far from easy to draw, but there is really nothing negative to say about this creation. Apparently, this is not even the finished version!

24 Poetry In Motion

Via yukihyo.deviantart.com

Water and clothes go together like bread and butter, so Deviant Art is crammed with pictures of a soaked Katara. In this case, this type of fan-service creations actually fit the character. When not trying to ignore Aang's advancements, Katara could often be found playing in a puddle. YukiHyo created an almost angelic version of the waterbender, as she whispers to the sea. Honestly, this Katara seems to have a bit of Moana in her, especially with the way she is interacting with the water. For the most part, Avatar presents the elements as weapons rather than living beings; so, looking graceful was not that much of a concern. Now, how about wearing something underneath that shirt? Otherwise, Aang is not going to be able to concentrate for long enough to actually save the world.

23 The Best Of Both Worlds...

Via lauren-paikin.deviantart.com and comicvine.gamespot.com

Aspen Matthews is the protagonist of a comic book series called Fathom. Over the years, the marine biologist has gained a reputation as one of the hottest women in the medium. Lauren-Paikin took a quick glance at the cover of Michael Turner's Fathom #7 and figured that a change in personnel was in order. Katara stands in for Aspen, and she is more than capable of stacking up favorably against one of comics' leading ladies. As water plays an integral part in the lives of both heroines, this update makes quite a bit of sense. The costume toes the line between too far and fashionable, before landing just within the latter's perimeters. Small nitpick, but Katara seems to have lost her tan...

22 Behind The Red Curtain

Via 14-bis.deviantart.com

Spoiler alert - Katara ends up with Aang. Shockingly, not every fan approves of this pairing, with some preferring a touch of fire with their waterbender. For a short while, there was hope that Zuko and Katara would end up together. From a storytelling perspective, it made sense, as their matrimony could help reunite the feuding tribes after the events of the series. Sadly, the Avatar won out at the end, resulting in a few awkward romance scenes. Thankfully, Deviant Art exists to help and scratch any itch left by the original source material; so, here is what a typical night between Zuko and Katara might have been like. Honestly, we appreciate any occasion that allows for the waterbender to thrown on a Fire Nation outfit.

21 This Is Why Leg Days Should Never Be Missed At The Gym

Via genzoman.deviantart.com

Well, someone seems to be going through a second puberty. Say what you want about Genzoman's Katara, but does legs are exquisite. Sure, her body does not quite flow perfectly, as certain areas are way too large, but the artist highlights the waterbender's beauty. While the image's description does not specify, Katara must be older here than in the cartoon. She has matured into a rather exotic woman, although Genzoman also deserves props for the water effects. Only a handful of images can be described as dynamic, and this ranks among that elusive group. The way the water sways is intoxicating, as Katara dances in the middle, perfectly in sync with her element and life.

20 Katara Works And Plays Hard

Via cd007.deviantart.com

By the end of the series, Katara is arguably the best waterbender in the world. She is already considered a master, and her skills only improve as Avatar moves along. When she was a young girl, Katara's mother was killed during a Fire Nation raid, forcing the waterbender to quickly mature. She started to develop a more maternal instinct, as she struggled to keep her family together. After everything she went through, Katara earned the right to let her hair down and enjoy a little bit of fun in the sun. CD007's summertime Katara is cool, with the splashing water effects taking the overall picture to another level. The creator captured the character's appearance perfectly, and she would not look out of place on the front cover of a magazine showcasing the latest swimwear.

19 More Real Than The Live-Action Katara

Via rennerei.deviantart.com

There is around a 60-year time skip between the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, therefore, artists are allowed quite a bit of leeway on how to interpret the adult version of the original cast. It is difficult to pin down the exact age of Rennerei's Katara, although it seems to take place after the events of the series and comics. If push comes to shove, we would guess that she is a bit older. The shift towards a more realistic design works wonders for the character. Seriously, fans should turn to Deviant Art for (almost) live-action alternatives to cartoons. The artist has a keen eye for detail, with Katara's necklace and hair-style surviving the adaptation process unscathed.

18 Katara Joins The Dark Side

Via genzoman.deviantart.com

As shown during The Legend of Korra, the Fire Nation is not a naturally evil kingdom. Remove their power-hungry and psychotic leader, and they are a pretty decent bunch. While the four nations possess their own unique costumes, in the fashion world, the Fire Nation ranks supreme. Katara's water tribe outfit is rather dull, especially with those huge boots, and she looked better when not adhering to tradition. During the third season, Team Avatar was forced to hide in the Fire Nation, resulting in some new digs. Suffice to say, the color red brings out the best in Katara. Genzoman is an extremely talented artist, who excels in blending gorgeous characters with exquisite backgrounds. Katara's fiery appearance serves as a perfect juxtaposition with the cool water.

17 Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Via gainaspirit.deviantart.com

The Beach is an awesome episode, easily among the best Avatar: The Last Airbender has to offer. Sure, it can be a bit cheesy to see Zuko, Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai try to get along; but, this entry allowed the Fire Nation's princess to develop beyond the scope of a Saturday Morning villainess. A great story is not only dependent on a relatable hero, as the antagonist is just as crucial to the overall quality. A weak villain can make or break a series. The Beach showed a humane side to Azula, as she went from a scary monster to a sympathetic girl. Gainaspirit's Katara is up to no-good, as she pretends that she did not just burn down an entire factory. The design is exquisite, as the artist really captured the heroine's devil-may-care attitude. Actually, that does not sound like Katara.

16 Hula-Bending

Via https://blue-ten.deviantart.com

Blue-Ten tried something different with his fan-art, taking waterbending to an entirely new culture. This older Katara has spent a bit of time taking in Polynesian traditions, as she manipulates the element using the majestic hula dance. While it would have been cool for Avatar: The Last Airbender to incorporate traditions from the Pacific Ocean, the brand seemed to try and avoid any outright connections with the real world. Yes, the mythology holds many similarities to Buddhism, but none of the tribes are stand-ins for any country or culture. Disney's Zootopia did the same thing, as none of the races served as direct metaphors for our world. Blue-Ten's Deviant Art page is stacked with cool drawings of popular cartoon characters, and the embellishments are kept to a minimum.

15 Katara - Disney Princess

Via https://kundagi.deviantart.com

Disney knows how to create a timeless design.  Cinderella and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are approaching their hundredth birthday, yet the title characters remain fashionable and visually pleasing. The old hand-drawn style allowed these classics to age seamlessly, a trend that CG is having a hard time establishing. Unsurprisingly, there are many artists who love to re-create that old Disney magic, and Kundagi knocks it out of the park. This Katara is inspired by a string of pin-up posters of the Disney princesses, turning Katara into a larger than life beauty. Due to the different art style, it might not be readily apparent that this is Katara, but she does make for a rather charming princess. The art style is a mix of Ursa and Hakoda, resulting in a truly original blend.

14 And The Next Contestant Is...


Via al305sr.deviantart.com

Al305sr put together a pretty tantalizing serious of drawings for a swimsuit contest, with Katara being the sixth participant. With digital bragging rights up for grabs, the stakes could not be higher. While the attractive bender is definitely up for the challenge; the competition is fierce, with Kim Possible and Starfire landing among the favorites. Who deserves to be crowned as Queen of the Western cartoons? Katara brings to the table a devilish attitude and a perfectly sculpted body, developed through years of pseudo martial-arts. As a master of the elements, you would assume that this bender knows a thing or two about swimsuits. The two-piece outfit is the talk of the summer, and anyone worth their damn will be wearing it. Unfortunately, most people pale in comparison to this model.

13 Cool For the Summer

Via silviabrujas.deviantart.com

The waterbending Katara re-created using watercolors? That artistic decision seems almost too obvious, but here we are. SilviaBrujas' composition is gorgeous, there is no other way to put it. While this Katara is closer to a Disney princess than Nickelodeon's original, the magnificent coloring and her luscious hair are well worth the departure. Katara's white outfit is also awesome and would have fit in perfectly with the original show's design. When it comes to pictures demonstrating a playful Katara's mastery of her element, we have yet to discover the breaking point.

12 Ready To Have Your Blood Boiled?

Via divawolf.deviantart.com

Within Avatar: The Last Airbender's universe, bloodbending is considered a taboo practice. Very few benders are capable of using this advanced technique, with Katara being an exception. After mastering Hama's Southern Style, Aang's future wife was given a tutorial on how to manipulate someone's blood by accessing the water within the body. Katara hated and refused to learn the skill, but the bender had an innate talent for it. Divawolf's Katara barely shares a passing resemblance to Nickelodeon's character, and her attire seems to be inspired by Leia. To give credit where credit is due, the artists captured the almost terrifying power of bloodbending, as Katara prepares to introduce her target to a world of hurt.

11 Time For A Relaxing Bath

Via dinotiste.deviantart.com

While the focus of any fan-art is the character, the background should not be neglected. With such a huge canvas at your disposal, why leave 75% of the picture blank? There are no restrictions in place, so, just go wild! Dinotiste teleported Katara to a gorgeous waterfall, as she enjoys a well-earned break. This might be a small detail to focus on, but how awesome is the ripple effect in the water? These (seemingly) insignificant touches help to elevate the drawing to an entirely new level. While the environment is stunning, it does not overshadow Katara, who looks great in a white bikini. With her control over the water, washing must be a rather straightforward task, as there is not a single body part beyond her reach.

10 Like Some Wings With Your Katara?

Via fierymonk.deviantart.com

Nickelodeon and Hooters? Wow, this combination should really not work, but somehow it just clicks. Besides her bending, Katara repeatedly proved to be a rather agile athlete. Due to her lack of skill in close combat, she honed her acrobatic talents to try and avoid getting into disadvantageous situations. With her obvious good looks, Katara would make for a fantastic waitress, as she expertly avoids the wandering hands of a small portion of the establishment's clientele. Fierymonk's weird blend was not something that most people asked for, but we are glad that it exists. The design is simplistic but effective, although including the restaurant as a background would have been really cool. Anyway, anyone else suddenly has an inkling for an order of wings?

9 The Harshest Critic

Via 028ken.deviantart.com

We tend to be our harshest critics, and this is especially true when it comes to AngryAngryAsian's drawing of Katara. The author explains that he is not impressed with this image, saying that it looks nothing like Avatar. While the style is not a carbon-copy of the cartoon's animation, there is no way that fans will not recognize Katara. Her facial features are quite close to perfection, while the bending is enchanting. The darker aesthetic suits the heroine, and fan-art exists for unique interpretations of beloved characters. Dude, go easy on yourself, as your Katara is a keeper. Hopefully, the author returns to the franchise, as we would love to see his versions of Azula and Toph. As always, Katara steals the show.

8 Back To The Future (Avatar Style)

Via nobullet.deviantart.com

Besides Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, there are a few comics set in between the events of the two series. As one of the franchise's most popular characters, Katara often makes an appearance, so fans have a general idea of how the older version of Sokka's sister would look like. While she is not a straight-out adult in these comics, falling just shy of her 18th birthday, the signs indicate that she is going to be a real beauty. Entitled "Future Katara," NoBullet imagines what is in store for the beloved heroine. Katara has always possessed a rather mature personality, so, this just seems like a case of the physical body finally catching up to the mind. In this universe, apparently, pants are only an accessory. Just let it all hang, Katara.

7 Surf's Up


Iceboarding is the closest Katara gets to straight up surfing. To be fair, with the Fire Nation's tyrannical rule and the pending arrival of Sozin's Comet, Team Avatar probably has more important things on their mind than catching some gnarly waves. Thankfully, Drunken-Novice is here to help. Focusing on Katara, damn! She looks awesome in this piece. The swimsuit brings the best out of her features, while the chaotic hairstyle highlights a wild and free side to the character. In the description, the author expressed a lack of confidence in the environment, but the water came out looking pretty good. With the falling snow and cold weather, Drunken-Novice's Katara makes us yearn for Summer.

6 Color Is Overrated...

Via jandruff.deviantart.com

It is incredible that a solitary person with a pen and paper can successfully capture the spirit of the cartoon, while an entire Hollywood production team failed to properly adapt a single act of bending. The combat style is reminiscent of a dance, with the elements surviving as an extension of the performer's body. Katara does not perform a ritual to summon the water gods, as that is not how bending in Avatar: The Last Airbender works. Jandruff goes for a classical black n' white aesthetic, as Katara sticks to what she knows best. The sketch does not push the envelope; but, every once-in-awhile, a bit of simple goes a long way. Maybe due to the lack of color, but this is one bender we refuse to anger.

5 Runaway Bender

Via cranberryzee.deviantart.com

CranberryZee has a relatively unique art style, as her creations tend to be rather traditional. At times, they seem inspired by Chinese paintings, although that might just be a consequence of our uncultured perspective. Her Deviant Art portfolio contains many famous faces depicted in a foreign light. For those interested in falling down this particular rabbit hole, here is a linkAvatar: The Last Airbender is steeped in Asian mythology, so this aesthetic is not a huge departure for the cast. Katara's scarce appearance is haunting, as the bender seems to have gone through a rather challenging period in her life. Still, there is a mature beauty to be found here.

4 A Viral Sensation

Via rossdraws.deviantart.com

RossDraws has a pretty interesting YouTube channel, where he draws himself as various famous characters. Yes, before you ask, this Katara is technically a guy. Be honest, if that was not pointed out, would you have been able to tell? The creation process is fascinating to watch, so, here is the video related to Katara. The final piece is gorgeous, especially with the way she (or he) manipulates the raging sea. With the frozen spikes and Katara's terrifying eyes, there is an insane amount of detail to behold. Generally, the master bender looks beautiful while doing her thing; but, in this case, she is straight-up powerful. Aang does not wear the pants in this relationship.

3 Quiet Contemplation And A Seductive Gaze

Via circe-nausicca.deviantart.com

Korra might be the star of her own show, but nobody pulls off the color blue like Katara. Circe-Nausicca is a huge fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender, with her Deviant Art page serving as a creative shrine to the series. Chief Hakoda's daughter stands among the greatest waterbenders of all time, and she acted as Aang's master. The faded-out palette gave birth to a genuinely gentle and calming piece of fan-art, and the aesthetic is a perfect match for Katara. She is rarely allowed to breathe throughout the three season story-line, but it is no wonder that she managed to capture the Avatar's heart. Circe-Nausicca instilled a sense of approachability into the design of Nickelodeon's heroine.

2 The (Not So) Little Mermaid

Via moonchildinthesky.deviantart.com

Maybe we are reading into things, but quite a few art pieces suggest that Katara is seen as somewhat of a Nickelodeon princess. The Little Mermaid hardly originated the visual style of the mermaid, but Ariel is the most popular example of that particular character design. MoonchildinTheSky superimposed that Disney aesthetic on Katara, resulting in a combination made in Heaven. As the master of water, the bender would not be out of place under the sea. The author loves the color blue, and it helps to exemplify that Katara is completely in synch with her surroundings. Honestly, maybe she was always a mermaid and we just never noticed. Apparently, Aang's charm transcends species.

1 What Dreams Are Made Of...

Via 028ken.deviantart.com

Due to the original design and compelling backstory, Acaciathorn's creepy Katara earns the top spot. The description goes into detail about what led to the bender's current state, explaining that she returned to the Swamp to learn more about botanical waterbending. Unbeknown to Katara, the area became infected by a poisonous sludge and is desperately seeking to defend itself against enterprises developing in the area. She really did not need to put this much effort into the storyline, but we appreciate the thought. Despite being covered in slime, Katara is still rather attractive. The night sky in the background adds an air of intrigue and mystery, as the Swamp slowly possess Katara's mind. A cool work of art deserves an interesting setting, and Acaciathorn did not fall short.

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