16 Jaw-Dropping The Walking Dead Cosplay

Cosplaying has become one of the most popular ventures for many members of fandoms all across the globe, and there is no better example of this costumed-phenomenon than the wildly popular Walking Dead franchise.

Whether it is the comics, shows, or games, there is seemingly no end to Robert Kirkman’s masterful zombie opera. It is universally beloved.

On top of this, the fans do not just simply dress up as some of their favorite Walking Dead characters, but they also do it in a creative fashion. These pictures are so awe-inspiring that even those who are not fans of the series can appreciate the pageantry that went into them.

Zombified or not, even Walkers will stop in their tracks to appreciate the best Walking Dead cosplay images that have us both intimidated and awe-struck by the outstanding realism that was brought into the fray with these images.

Some of these look so real you would think that they came from an actual zombie apocalypse, and while we might be wishing we could see these up-close, we are definitely relieved that they are not from Alexandria itself.

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16 A Walker With A Story

pinterest - Carlie Benes

Now this walker here looks like an extra straight off the set of the show, and the makeup/costume work here is right in-tune with the aesthetics of the show. The shirt is ripped characteristically as if this walker just got out of a skirmish with a survivor or just roamed around the woods for too long. The gray color tone also gives way to the bleak outlook of the Walking Dead narrative. A picture says a thousand words, and with this one, we're left wonder what the character's backstory is (especially since she looks like she was just recently turned into a walker). Surely, it would be a difficult thing to put a bullet in this (almost) innocent looking zombie that is just looking for a bite to eat.

15 Rick & Michonne In The Flesh!


This Rick and Michonne couple decided to really give it their all to portray their characters in all their glory. They even got a little plastic baby doll to hold, no doubt an infant Judith Grimes to get that trio that fandoms salivate over. Michonne might look like she is having a good time in costume, but the person playing as Rick is all business. He looks like he is straight out of a bloody fight with some of the Governor's goons. These two really got the right details when it comes to the hair, as Rick's hair is loosely slicked back with out-of-place waves coming down his forehead and Michonne's trademark flowing dreadlocks. Rick's sherpa trucker jacket with grimy dirt and weathered suede are just perfect details to his great costume. It might be a picture taken at a convention, but it looks like they have not been there for long and just needed a place for refuge.

14 The Governor Gets Glamourous

flickr: Estrada

The Governor was a slick villain that was as charming as he was devious. Here, this gorgeous gal donned the outfit and swapped the gender to give a new depth to the character. Ultimately, she's the perfect mix of scary and stunning, with a spunky pose and a fierce face to boot. The eye patch goes so well with her flowing brunette hair, and there is a cold, calculative look on her face that makes us think twice about checking her out. Although there is a sense of allure with her half-buttoned shirt that perfectly highlights her physique. Then there is the addition of her black fingernail polish and tattoo — both of which cover her deadly intentions. We would definitely not want to be stuck in an interrogation room with her!

13 Laurie Is Not Playing Around

Manny Llanura Photography

Laurie is far from a fan-favorite and thus does not normally see a lot of cosplay as Rick's ex-wife, and now deceased mother of Judith was a bit of a jerk. However, this fan really went to great lengths to capture the pregnant Laurie that we saw give birth outside of the prison that they escaped out of. There is a look of stubborn preparation in her eyes, and wielding that pistol with one hand on her pregnant belly is a symbolic gesture of her willingness to keep her child safe. This cosplayer also got that look of sweat, blood, and dirt that is synonymous with her attire as Laurie is never one to stray from getting her hands dirty. That is what makes this photo so strong, as she properly captured the essence of Laurie but still has that playful nature that comes along with cosplaying at conventions.

12 Maggie, Is That You?

Manny Llanura Photography

There are definitely a few bonus points that one can receive if they already resemble the character in the first place, but this Maggie cosplay looks like a lost twin of actress Lauren Cohen. If that was not enough to already give it away, this costume is so detailed that it seems like the cosplayer literally recreated all the stains on her henley that she has on the show. Her props are on point too, as she has that rifle she carries around and that brown leather holster is great additions to this already fantastic cosplay. At this point, her similarities to the character as just a face she probably could have dressed in normal clothes and followed a Glenn cosplayer around. However, it is the entire pageantry of this costume that places this as a truly jaw-dropping cosplay that makes us wipe our eyes to make sure it is not the real Maggie!

11 A New Hot Take On Daryl Dixon

Estrada Photography

Norman Reedus has been the subject of delight for many female fans who love that Daryl Dixon action on the show, and we have a feeling a few unaware males are about to get the attraction. This gender-swapped Daryl looks unbelievable — and that huge crossbow does not look like a toy by any means. Her costume is not exactly what Daryl wears, however, but rather a stylish take on the character by adding some chic attitude. Judging by her ear necklace, it is clear that she is portraying the Daryl that was hallucinating his brother Merle early in the series. This is even further appropriate because she has a dreamy smile with some alluring eyes that draw us in. The iPhone in her left hand might be a bit of a turnoff for those that desire complete accuracy in their cosplay but this beauty gets a pass from us for her fashionable presence.

10 Where Do We Press Start?


The Walking Dead Telltale Game series is an absolute landmark in video game history, and completely changed the way that we looked at the way games are played, released, and marketed. This cosplay of Clementine is eerily similar to the point where if viewers of the image were to squint, they would no doubt be tricked into thinking this is a screenshot from the interactive drama. The wrinkle lines on her clothes that replicate the comic-book style cel-shading graphics of the game are almost unsettlingly accurate. With a little bit of Photoshop, this cosplayer could probably replace Clementine in a few screenshots and gamers would not be able to notice. Her weathered, folded hat and pig-tails seem to be exactly in dimension with how they are in the game. She even got that spunky pose just right, we are just wondering what crucial decision she is about to make.

9 Rick Grimes Gets Hot

via twitter.com

This gender-swap is a welcome one, to say the least. It gives a fresh take on a character that is not typically known for being overly attractive. Here, this beautiful woman dons the attire of Rick Grimes in spectacularly stylistic fashion and makes it seem like he should have been a gorgeous gal in the first place! The setting —and her expression— are not exactly the dreary kind of imagery we are used to on The Walking Dead, but it does not stop us from appreciating the picture in all its glory. The uniform fits so snug, and the added color brings a new dimension to the amazing character. The only real dilemma with this ensemble is that it doesn't quite jibe with the aesthetic of the show. However, her pose and expression do evoke the character — this is a leader we'd follow to the ends of the earth.

8 Watch Where You Point That!


Andrea is easily one of the most notable characters of the series for her stone cold demeanor and lack of reliance on any faction or group of survivors. That feeling of independence is captured perfectly by this cosplayer who completely and totally nails the character. Sure, she might not have ever wielded a crossbow on the show, but the rest of the outfit fits right in with Andrea's no-nonsense allure. The messy placement of the bloody bandage on her left arm seems like it was taped up by herself after a run-in with some walkers, just the way she would in the series. Plus that slight smile makes it seems like she's hiding plenty of secrets behind that pretty face. Andrea is an amazing manipulator — so it makes perfect sense that she would look so dastardly here.

7 Has Negan Ever Looked This Good?


Arguably the most infamous villain on the show, Negan gets a lot of love (or hate, depending on who you are talking to). Particularly for his brutal tendencies — and an affinity for a barbed-wire wrapped bat. Here we have a gender-swapped cosplay that makes us want to know why Negan was not written as a woman in the first place. The gray curls on this beautiful woman add a layer of fashionable fear. Sure, her bat could be a tad larger, her essence of evil is captured perfectly in this breathtaking photo. The picture is also right in tune with the desolate themes that The Walking Dead is well known for. The woods in the background provide a perfect backdrop for this outfit.

6 Seriously Similar


Michonne is definitely a fan-favorite character as a powerful woman in a world of damsels in distress, and her look on The Walking Dead has inspired many to don her stylish leather and katana combo. This one right here is a perfect example of getting her signature sultry expression spot-on, along with a costume that is almost a complete replica of the one on the show. The zombie character in the background also adds a small hint of comedy the excellent cosplay. This woman seems to be right at home as the Michonne character (even if his arms are not cut off like they are on the show). We are hoping that the katana that she is holding is not as serious as she looks!

5 Is That The Set From The Show?


This replica of the now infamous hospital setting from the first season of the show is spot-on, and we have to rub our eyes to make sure it is not an image from the actual set. The amount of detail that went into recreating the lighting and getting the warning graffiti to be just right is flat-out outstanding. From the trash that is spread out and littered on the floor, to the broken ceiling with hanging light fixtures, these cosplayers sure went out of their way to give an accurate depiction. The walker situated next to the locked door and the nameless army soldier is the icing on top of this creepy cake. Oh, and those hands that are behind the door look like they are ready to burst out any minute!

4 Michonne Gets Fabulous


We have seen a plethora of accurate representations of The Walking Dead characters, but this Michonne puts a glamorous twist on the already chic chick. The outfit is on point, for sure and gets it down to the skin-tight jeans with the studded belt but it the fashion here goes beyond just her beautiful looks. See, this cosplayer has that model look, using her eyes to convey a portrayal of seductive power. And this is not like the other Michonne we saw, where the zombie slave was a laughing dude with a playful smile. This time it is a hunky dude with a six-pack and creepy cool makeup that looks like he was zombified right after walking the catwalk. Then the finishing touch is how she shows her pearly whites with some fierce attitude that both mimmicks, but also respects the nature of Michonne. Well done.

3 Could Be From The Show!


This Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon duo look about as serious as the tone of the AMC television series itself. The look of weathered disdain on their dirty faces is perfect, and it almost comes off as a promotional image for the show. The two here do not actually hold a striking resemblance to the characters physically, but the way they played this cosplay on camera is just how Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus portray their characters. Then the editor of the image did a fantastic job with the color grading to get that musty, warm color palette that is seen so often on the show. Moreover, the setting of gravel, a rusty old truck, and that looming sunset, just add so much the apocalyptic aesthetic of the image. Those costumes are no joke, either, and they look dirty enough to have been worn for months.

2 The Whole Crew Came Together


This collective of the famous characters from the series, including: Abraham, Rosita, Beth, Daryl, and Maggie is a neat ensemble. They\ really went all out to coordinate. Not only are the costumes on point and replicate the actual show (including that Maggie we saw earlier), but they all have the right facial expressions to convey their characters. The mean mug on Abraham excellent, but deducive eyes of Rosita show their lack of faith in others. Beth and Daryl look like they are ready to kill something at a moment's notice, and Maggie looks like she is trying to figure out her crew. Getting just one of these cosplays right is a tall task in of itself, but getting the whole gang together for a picture like this? Now that is a feat that deserves to be on this list, and we are hoping to see more ensembles like this when it comes to dressing up as our favorites.

1 Wow. Just Wow.


Every aspect of this photo is absolutely breathtaking, and the effort that went into recreating that signature "The Walking Dead" look is beyond commendable. The person cosplaying as Michonne here is absolutely perfect in the role and looks just as ferocious as she looks in the comics and television series, with a dangerously sinister scowl. Then the cinematography of the shot is gorgeous, and the image is professional quality at its finest. It even surpasses some of the screenshots from actual show! The woods, the costume, and the camera work all work in perfect unison to create one of the best Walking Dead cosplays that have ever touched the internet. It does not even look like she is posing, it looks like she is hunting for walkers in this desolate woodland.

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