Jay Ingram Leaves EA's Star Wars Team To Join Anthem

Electronic Arts' handling of the Star Wars franchise has been largely unpopular with fans. The upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order seems to hold a lot of promise for the company, however, though fans may be justified in being wary of the game. Despite EA's intentions to turn the ship around, EA community manager Jay Ingram is leaving the Star Wars team to work on the EA Access and Anthem teams.

Jay Ingram posted this on Twitter, where he expressed gratitude for being the community manager for EA and its fanbase. His tweet can be seen below.

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Ingram stated that, with Gamescom behind him, it's time to move on to new projects. He also posted a related gif of Luke Skywalker stating, "No one's ever really gone." This is in reference to a teaser of the upcoming Episode XI, where Luke iterates those very words. It is, of course, also in reference to Ingram's eventual re-emergence and his continued work on other content.

Right now, it seems that EA is truly trying to atone for the outcry received over various Star Wars-related debacles. Between the first Star Wars Battlefront's lack of content and Star Wars Battlefront II's abusive use of microtransactions, EA has largely mishandled the Star Wars franchise. However, by continually adding new content to Star Wars Battlefront II and now working on an all-new single-player Star Wars game with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Orderit seems that EA may be on its road to recovery.

The news of Jay Ingram leaving likely has many wondering why, though it is very unlikely due to EA, since he is transferring within the organization. Further, moving to the Anthem team is also something that has some scratching their heads, including some commenters on Twitter who questioned the decision, with one even calling it a "downgrade." If anything, Ingram can hopefully rejuvenate the Anthem community and mobilize it like it hasn't been so far. In the meantime, it is still a waiting game to see if Anthem can be redeemed in the vein of Fallout 76, which has been at least partially salvaged.

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