Kevin Smith To Debut Jay and Silent Bob Reboot At SDCC 2019

Filmmaker Kevin Smith is a regular fixture at Comic-Con, and this year is no exception. As well as being on board the IMDB boat, he’s also bringing the trailer for his upcoming Saban Films movie, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

In a post on Facebook, Smith revealed that the trailer is 2 min 30 seconds. He said that the sneak peek represents the “fun and feels” of the movie. Accompanying his post are two photos of him with Bradley David, who was involved with making the trailer. You can see in the second image that they met when David was cosplaying as Jay - surely the sign of a true fan.

Each year, Smith takes over Hall H to present his staple"An Evening With Kevin Smith" panel. This year, the panel takes place on Saturday July 20, from 7:15pm – 9:00pm, and is on the schedule as "Kevin Smith Reboots Hall H!"

At the panel, Smith will be bringing the world premiere of the trailer, as well as a Hall-H-only sneak preview of the movie-within-a-movie, Bluntman V Chronic. He will be joined by Jason Mewes, along with other unannounced cast members and guests.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot's synopsis echoes Smith’s 2001 comedy, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. It will be the 8th film in the View Askewniverse.

Previously, the stoner duo went on a road trip to Hollywood to try and stop a movie based on them from being produced. In the reboot, they will go to try and stop a rebooted movie from being made.

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During a Q&A following one of his Fat Man on Batman podcasts, Smith describes it as “literally the same f---ing movie all over again. It’s a movie that makes fun of sequels and remakes and reboots while being all three at the same time.”

Smith has been cataloguing the process of making the Reboot over on his Facebook page.  He's shared regular posts that chronicle both pre and post-production, editing, and guest stars, including many from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. There’s even set to be a cameo from Jason Mewes' daughter, Logan.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is due to be released on October 15 2019.

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