Twitch Streamer Creates Backyard Carnival Using Twitch-Controlled Robots

Jerma985, a Twitch streamer known for doing unconventional streams on Twitch, hosted a backyard carnival stream on Saturday using robot ball launchers operated by his Twitch chat.

The carnival, which Jerma has been teasing for the last several months, was a 5 hour stream filled with carnival games, a K'NEX Ferris Wheel, a dunk tank, a claw game and...old lady clowns. You really have to see it to believe it.

The stream began with Jerma dressed as a ring leader and driving a Barbie jeep up to a massive carnival backdrop. Jerma then announced there would be 7 different carnival games all played collectively by chat.

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If you're familiar with Twitch Play Pokémon, you know how Twitch's democracy mode works: by typing either W, S, A, or D into chat, you can "vote" which input gets transmitted to the game. In this case, voting W, S, A, or D would command the robot to aim up, down, left, or right. Whichever command received the most votes would move the robot, which would then fire off the ball or ring at the carnival game, similar to the ball launcher at a batting cage.

There were some notable successes, despite the insurmountable challenge of getting 15,000 viewers to agree on which direction the canon should aim. At one point during the Lilly pad game chat managed to hit Jerma squarely in the face with a rubber frog. For the final game, Jerma sat in a dunk tank and taunted chat until they actually, unbelievably, managed to drop him into the water.

Jerma is probably best known for his youtube video "100+ FREE Jerma985 Green Screen Effects for Your Movie" which his viewers used to make hours and hours of hilarious videos which Jerma hosted on his channel. Though he does play games on stream, Jerma is always trying to find new and inventive ways to entertain viewers on his channel.

Jerma is one of the most brilliant entertainers on Twitch and it's great to see so many people tune in to see his carnival finally come to life. You can watch the entire stream bellow, or on his Twitch channel.

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