"Livable, But Not Killable": What Happens When John Romero Designs Your House

At PDXCON 2019, TheGamer managed to sit down with Brenda and John Romero of Romero Games to talk about their upcoming Empire Of Sin. While Empire Of Sin shows a tremendous amount of promise - it's a turn-based tactical combat game set during Prohibition - we ended up discussing the Romeros' recent renovations on their home.

Of the experience, Brenda Romero had this to say: "The interesting thing is... when a level designer designs your house."

"We moved the stairs," added John.

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The couple had been looking for a home in Galway for about two years when they finally found what they were looking for: what Brenda described as "a super-level fixer-upper. There is nothing in that house that has not been changed."

To set the stage a bit more, this entire interview took place in a room at PDXCON set aside to resemble a speakeasy. The lights were low and red; we sat in comfortable leather seats while a whiskey bar was being set up and a stage for a jazz band was being assembled.

So what does happen when a legendary level designer designs your house?

"You can take an entire loop around the whole house. There's no camping points. There’s no… it would be an amazing level," says Brenda. "I even had to explain to the architect: this is what he does for a living. He has very strong opinions about level design."

On that note, when asked if their home could ever end up becoming a map or a level in a future Romero Games property, John had this to say:

"I would never do that. I always create new things."

Brenda, meanwhile, had different reasoning in mind.

“Our level - I mean our house… it’s his design style for a house, it is not his design style for a level. I think the big difference is it wouldn't be a level because - nobody can fire at you from the second floor.

So it’s liveable, but not killable.”

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